The Secret To Happiness IV

Warning: Sex.

Some may say this happened awfully quickly, but that's nothing. I put instant coffee in a microwave oven once and almost went back in time. But seriously, no one is really that far from having great sex at any given moment. It's only ever the mood that's missing.

The truth is that once a woman is in a truly good mood, past the point of no return, it's impossible to say no to her. Especially if her friends are encouraging her. In fact, social pressure is one of the strongest emotional forces in our lives. So powerful that if you can be open to it, you can feel everything that happens to someone else as if it's actually happening to you. For this reason it's very important that we surround ourselves with people that not only encourage us, but also just generally make us happy.

"Take his shirt off," Brianna said as she unbuttoned my pants. Alaina moved behind me as Brianna, in her eagerness, tried to pull my pants, boxers, and shoes off all at once. I gave her a hand by kicking my shoes off, but she was quickly giggling at the fact that everything had pretty much tied it's self in a knot at my ankles.

Alaina had significantly less trouble pulling my shirt off over my head, but was wearing Jeans herself, so she took the moment to get out of them. About the time Brianna finally got my bottom half free, Alaina pulled my top half down onto the bed and positioned her pussy right over my mouth, facing Brianna. I heard the girls giggle with excitement as I felt Brianna's hand on my cock, stroking it only a couple of times quickly before I felt her climb on to me and slide her hot, dripping pussy onto the head.

I reached up and grabbed Alaina's hips, pulling her down onto my face. My mouth opened and my tongue slid up her warm slippery lips to her clit. I heard the girls moan together as I realized they both felt a cock inside, and someone licking their clit, sharing the emotions in their bodies.

I felt Brianna's skirt on my stomach as she began to rock back and forth and I realized in her hurry to get on top of me, she hadn't even bothered to take it off. Alaina wasn't having it though, I felt her hands stretch across my chest and stomach and lift the dress so that she could more clearly see Brianna ride my cock.

Brianna let me slide slightly out of her as she rocked forward, then pressed herself down, letting me fill her. As she took me all the way in she rocked backward, sliding her clit across my pelvic area as my dick stiffened against her g-spot. Her pussy contracted slightly and she slid up, rubbing the top of my cock against the heat of her insides. She slid forwards again, feeling my cock sliding across her wet lips, feeling it's width. Then back down again, completing a circular motion with her hips that grew faster and more determined with each repetition.

My heart pounded in my chest and a warm tingling made it's way up my stomach as I heard the girls moan. My own breathing quickened as every inch of my skin seemed to come to life every place I felt their bodies against mine. Excitement is contagious and theirs was beginning to drip down my body.

I slid my tongue down the front of Alaina's slit, starting at her clit and continuing down until I parted her wet lips. I darted in and out of her opening and she shook above me, her body leaning forwards towards Brianna involuntarily as the butterflies in her stomach tightened. She leaned forward, her head against Brianna's breasts as her eyes watched Brianna ride my hardness closer and closer to an orgasm.

I licked quick stroking motions on her opening and moved slowly up her pussy towards her clit in fast light licks. I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her ass right where it met her back. When I reached her clit I just kept doing it, flicking the swollen head of it with my tongue. It was Alaina then, that started the chain reaction.

Her pussy suddenly pressed hard against my mouth as her moans got louder. Brianna's pussy contracted around my dick, suddenly incredibly tight around the shaft as she slid backwards hard, digging my head into her sweet spot.

The moans became screams as both girls felt the tingling inside suddenly rush up into them, a rush of pleasure that sent shivers down their spines. Then the first solid contraction of bliss tightened within. They felt full and empty, tightening around my cock and wishing it was inside at the same time. Their clits both vibrated under my flicking tongue, making them lean forward and grab onto each other for support.

Then the explosion came, a release of wetness dripped down my balls and I could visibly see Alaina's pussy contracting as the stimulation became too much for her and she pulled her pussy up, hovering above my face twitching. For a long moment I just enjoyed what I was seeing right in front of me, and feeling around my dick, as the girls tried to catch their breaths through physical aftershocks of pleasure.

I tapped Alaina's ass twice lightly, and she understood perfectly, slowly climbing off of me on shaky legs. She kneeled next to me, her face a bright red as she gently let her hair fall in front of her face to hide her still needy expression.

Brianna's eyes were closed and she twitched every couple of seconds, her hands on the bed on either side of me for support. I sat up and gently helped her get off, turning her around and sitting her down on the bed next to her room mate. I stood, my cock still hard at about eye level with them, which they tried to pretend not to stare at.

I looked at them both in turn, my hand stroking my wet cock as I smiled, "Now girls, neither of you even bothered to take your tops off."

They looked at each other quickly and giggled together, then back at me, both trying to explain themselves at the same time.

"Well I don't normally. . ."

"I'm wearing a dress so. . .

I didn't let them, "Gigglegasm."

Mid sentence both girls lost their train of thought, bowled over by laughter. Brianna fell back wards onto the bed and Alaina fell forward over her knees. But again the giggles became moans, Alaina's bare ass floating up into the air as she bent over and buried her face in the covers and Brianna actually rubbing her clit as she spread her legs on the bed.

"Now, what I mean to say girls, is that I'm not going to let you stop laughing until they are off, Gigglegasm"

Shrill ticklish screams went up from the bed as they both squirmed with laughing pleasure. Brianna tugged at her dress as her back arched and another orgasm hit her hard. Alaina got her shirt off in one swift motion, but the bra underneath posed a significant problem as she couldn't seem to stop herself from humping the air long enough to actually reach behind and unclasp it. Brianna slid her skirt off and tore her shirt off over her head.


The laughter was full of moans from the very beginning now, as both girls plunged one hand between their legs and used the other to try to unclasp their bras. Almost simultaneously the bras came off and both girls quickly brought themselves to screaming orgasms with their fingers.

"Much better," I said, climbing onto the bed behind a trembling Alaina. She spread her lips with her fingers and I slid into her heat from behind effortlessly. I told Brianna to spread her legs for her friend, and without hesitation Alaina began to lick as I slid my cock slowly into her welcoming pussy.

Alaina let out a long, low moan, then licked Brianna's clit, and Brianna twitched and let out a short breathless noise. I slid out of Alaina slowly, the back in hard and fast, beginning to fuck her faster and faster with each thrust.

And with that Alaina was gone, she stopped being able to lick because her long low moans were interrupted only by deep shuddering contractions of her pussy and quick gasps for air. Brianna watched her friend with a smile, her fingers on her pussy now as Alaina seemed to melt into the bed, only her ass left sticking up behind her. I fucked her hard and deep and with each thrust a little contraction shuddered through her body followed closely by a gasp for air.

Then Brianna began to moan, looking me in the eyes over the shuddering mess of her room mate. I could see in her eyes she wanted to be bent over too as her moans grew higher and higher in pitch. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her fingers went wild, and beneath me Alaina's entire body went rigid, her orgasm so strong it seemed to seize her body.

She didn't make a noise as Brianna actually screamed loud enough for the both of them. Alaina's pussy contracted deep around my cock as she seemed to hold her breath. Then there was a rush of wetness that made the sex sound loud and messy, I felt the heat flood around my cock and Alaina's whole body shuddered before going completely limp. I watched Brianna's orgasm shiver through her body and then slowly slid out of her friend.

Alaina laid there, ass in the air breathing fast and shallow, her body shaking with little spasms every couple of seconds. Brianna laughed, "Oh god, what did you do to her? I think you may have killed her with your cock."

"Well, if that's the case, we can't have any witnesses, come here so I can finish you off too." I stood up, Brianna standing with me, I bent her over the bed, her amazing ass looking even better then it had on the stairs.

I slid between her legs first, caressing her clit with the tip of my head, then sliding back across her slit I opened her and slid inside. I pressed in until my body pressed her soft ass perfectly. She moaned immediately, turning her head to look back at me with hungry eyes. But as I began to slide in and out slowly, she buried her face in the bed, her back arching and her pussy tightening.

Brianna's butt pressed up into the air, like Alaina's still was in front of her, her round cheeks a perfect shape for my hands to grab her hips. My cock throbbed, so hard it almost hurt as I began to pound Brianna from behind.

I watched her ass bounce perfectly in waves of pleasure with each thrust. Feeling her insides tighten and my cock stiffen with each thrust. I could feel the tingling in my own stomach as her moans told me how close she was. My own breathing filled with grunts of pleasure.

I felt my cock go rigid, so hard it seemed to fill every inch of her. Each thrust bounced with a rush of pleasure. On the bed Alaina raised her head deliriously and looked over towards us with confused exhaustion. Her eyes went wide as Brianna began to cum.

Brianna screamed, Alaina grabbed her pussy and fell forward looking at Brianna, her ass humping the air as if she could feel everything happening to her room mate. My cock flexed even more, a rush of pleasure went through my stomach, and then it burst into her in spurts, waves, floods of pleasure. For what seemed like an eternity I pumped into her from behind, her legs going weaker and weaker beneath me until I had filled her with every bit of my orgasm.

I slid out and she fell to her knees on the ground. Full of tingling exhaustion I helped her onto the bed, my dick still throbbing and dripping between my legs. I laid down, helping each of them lay in my arms next to me, and we all were asleep before we even knew it.

I got a Do Not Disturb sign for the door the next morning. It said "Do Not Disturb." It's time we go with Don't Disturb. It's been Do Not for too long. We need to embrace the contraction. Don't Disturb. Do not psyches you out. "Do" -- all right I get to disturb this guy. "Not" -- shit! I need to read faster!

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Jokes quoted from my two favorite comedians: Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedrom.