Life of a Pleasure Slave: Part IV, You.

Warning: This story is addressed to you. It will trance you and make reading these stories a lot more enjoyable. It's also likely you may wind up sharing one of your own sex dreams with me after reading it just because what you feel reading this seems so familiar to you.

Jennifer kept a dream journal online. As I later found out, at one time Jennifer had chronic nightmares, and a councilor had recommended that she keep a dream journal to help her work through them. Long after her nightmares had stopped though, she had kept doing it. I don't actually know why, apparently it was just one of those things that people do. Like bloging, but not about anything real. This was how I knew what she had started dreaming, and it's also how I had known from the beginning that Jennifer wouldn't mind what I had done to her.

You see, as a general rule, I don't hypnotize people who aren't asking for it in one way or another. Ninety percent of the time, I require people to actually ask, or I warn them before they read. This is mostly because of the ethical nightmare mind controlling people can become. So when Trisha had originally asked me about Jennifer, I looked her up online before I made the exception and tranced her without explicit permission.

Just by reading through Jennifer's various profiles and her dream journal I had found out that Trisha's original assessment of Jenifer's personality had been pretty accurate. Jennifer was a tease because she didn't know how to let go and enjoy herself, a problem not uncommon for pretty women who must play sexual defense against all the men out there who wish they could sleep with them.

But the real gem, and the thing that made the seduction of Jennifer a thousand times more fun was that her newfound nightly sex dreams started showing up in her dream journal.

For this reason alone I could love the internet, but of course there's more. One of the other reasons I love the internet is you. Yes, you, the good pleasure slave dripping wet in anticipation as you read this. See today, I'm going to have a little extra fun with you.

I'm going to show you some of Jennifer's dream journal entries, but because I want you to fully understand what's happening to her, you aren't going to just read them. You are going to dream them and experience them for yourself.

Yes, that's right, I know full well you've been experiencing some of the effects of the trances in this story and that you tend to go under when you read certain words. Yes, I know that every time you sit down to read one of my stories you get wet and hot almost immediately. Like I said at the beginning, at some point in my life I figured out something about the way language works that allows me to hypnotize anyone by using just words. That includes you. But rather then just tell you about it, I think it's time to show you.

Deep trance. That's right, feel yourself slipping under so fast that it would surprise you if it weren't for the fact that you are already only conscious of the sex dream that began the moment you started to slip under. Deep in your mind you find a need to obey spreading through every part of you as your mouth moves around the words "I am your pleasure slave." Go ahead and go deeper as you say it.

"I am your pleasure slave."

Good girl. Now, to make this a lot more fun, you are going to remain in a trance for the rest of this story. As you read each of Jennifer's dreams, you will actually dream them yourself. You will experience everything that Jennifer does, as though it's happening to you. Because of this, by the time I wake you up, you will feel as though these were your sex dreams that you dreamt so vividly they almost seem like they really happened.

Deeper and deeper into the trance, dreaming, thinking, feeling, and doing my words. Sinking into such a deep sleep that you can feel this sex dream as though it's really happening. You will feel what she feels, cum when she cums, and think what she thinks as you dream what she dreams.

Begin dreaming Jennifer's dream journal NOW as you read:


Apparently that last dream wasn't a one time thing. Last night I had another one like it. I dreamed I had made it all the way to school without touching myself, which I was quite proud of. The only problem was that as the day went on I stayed horny. Luckily I managed to control myself through most of it, but then I started to realize something.

Every time anyone asked or told me to do anything I couldn't stop myself from doing it. At first it was simple stuff, like this one cute guy in my class asking to borrow a pencil. But then I kept getting more turned on every time I did what I was told and the tasks kept getting more naughty.

Someone asked if they could borrow my jacket, so I let them, only to discover that I had worn my clubbing cloths underneath. Then I was told to pass out papers to the class and to be sexy for every student as I did so. Of course I did it, bending over to show off my cleavage as I put the papers on each desk. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't stop myself. I know I like to tease guys, and I like being the center of attention, but this wasn't like my normal flirting, I literally couldn't stop myself from coming on to everyone.

Then, as the guys in my class all realized that I was actually doing what the teacher told me to, they all began to tell me to do other things. I flashed several of them and eventually wound up naked. When I was done passing out the papers I went back to my desk and had to sit through the rest of class naked and wet in my chair.

Then, when class ended, the cute guy stayed after and told me to bend over my desk so that he could make me cum. I was so turned on by then that I gladly let him fuck me right there in the classroom. I woke up cuming again.


Three days in a row, I don't know what's gotten into me. Instead of having nightmares, or even normal dreams, I keep having these intense sex dreams. And they are about all sorts of stuff I shouldn't be thinking about.

Last night I dreamed about a threesome with Julian and Elle. I was in my room touching when they both just came in the door. They wanted to know if the stereo in my room was working correctly. I can't explain how horny I was in the dream. I actually wanted them both to fuck me, but I would never have said anything.

I managed to stop touching myself while they turned on music and started dancing in the middle of my room. Then Elle told me to come join them dancing because she loved the song. Before I realized it I was dancing with her in just my soaked underwear.

Then Julian told me to kiss her and suddenly we were making out. Her breasts kept caressing my hard exposed nipples as we kissed and it was making them ache almost as much as my pussy.

Julian told her that it was unfair that I had to be so exposed while she was completely clothed and Elle started stripping right there. She pushed me back to sitting on my bed and started giving me a lap dance as she stripped. I can't explain why this was such a turn on but I actually started touching myself as she danced for me, slowly stripping naked.

Then she told me to stay there and touch myself because she really needed a cock inside. So they started doing it doggy style right in front of me while I masturbated. They were so hot to watch. She was like a helpless moaning animal in his strong hands. I could swear she came non stop. I kept imagining myself in her position, and I loved the way her body looked as he did whatever he wanted to it. She really seemed to enjoy the fact that she couldn't control herself too, loving that she couldn't stop cumming. The way she looked at me I think she even liked me touching myself as I watched.

It was right around this point that I woke up touching. And while I hate to admit it, I finished while fantasizing about him fucking me for her to watch.


If this keeps up, I might have to move back out. I had to cut my nails short so I don't hurt myself touching as often as I seem to be. And I actually got wet at dinner yesterday because of my dream the night before. I saw my Elle kiss Julian and I couldn't stop thinking about them fucking while I watched.

I think that's why last night I had another dream about them. I dreamt I went upstairs to their room and their door was open. Inside I saw them having a threesome with Trisha. I was so horny and in shock that I just stood there in the open door with my hand down my pants.

After a while they noticed me there and they all stopped to stare at me. Apparently by this point I was half naked and full on rubbing myself on the floor. Her husband said, "All you have to do is ask and you can join in."

I told him it wouldn't be appropriate, and the girls laughed at that because I was sitting there masturbating to them fucking and because I actually moaned the words. I was so close to cuming.

He said, "Alright, then you can sit in the doorway and make yourself cum, but you will have to chant something while you do or we're sending you back downstairs to your room."

Well, I didn't want to go back to my room, so I . . .

I can't even type this, it's too embarrassing.

I woke up mid orgasm chanting, "You have complete control of my pussy."


I can't believe I actually came in the living room. I had fallen asleep on the couch after watching a movie and I dreamt that Trisha came downstairs in the middle of the night. I was laying there, waking up slowly, horny and wet like I have been lately.

In my dream I already had my hand down my pants when Trisha came into the room. Thank god I had a blanket covering me because to my horror I was so close to cuming that I couldn't stop masturbating even when Trisha walked in and said "Oh, hi, I didn't realize you were still up."

Oh my god it's so embarrassing, I don't know why but somewhere in my mind I was actually trying to justify touching myself by telling myself that a lesbian wouldn't have any problem with me cuming in front of her. So even as Trisha was asking me if I had slept well I just kept rubbing my clit as I tried to answer calmly, "Fine."

It came out as a whimpering moan of a sound and Trisha smiled a kind of evil smile as she sat down in the recliner across from me. Trisha looked into my desperate and terrified eyes with her strong deep blue gaze, "Good, I'd hate to think you were so horny you weren't sleeping well."

Trisha's eyes locked with mine as I shook with the terror that she knew I was furiously masturbating. I couldn't help but think back to when she had seen me all wet that first night. I actually moaned in desperation in spite of the fact that I was trying to stop.

"Would you like some help with that?" She asked me, and I couldn't admit the truth.

"With what?" The words trembled in my mouth.

Trisha smiled playfully and suddenly pulled the blanket away. I moaned, I couldn't stop touching. I looked at her desperately, so embarrassed that I couldn't stop.

"If you're going to do that for me, do it right. Take your pants off," Trisha said, kneeling next to me on the floor, her head right next to my hips as she watched me slide off my already unbuttoned pants. I wasn't wearing any underwear and I almost fainted as I realized I was showing her my fingers on my wet puss.

"In slow circles, tease your clit for me, I don't want you to cum yet." My fingers did what she said, as my back arched and my eyes rolled back in my head. I was actually shaking as I couldn't stop masturbating for Trisha.

"Let your fingers slide slowly down your slit, and put one just barely inside." I moaned loudly as I felt the pressure inside. My lips tingled as my finger slid between them slippery with my juices.

"Slide in, just past the lips, find those sensitive ridges, and go just past them to that soft place that makes your legs weak." I had never in my life actually put my fingers inside of myself, it felt weird, but all of the sudden, it felt really good. Even better then the dream from the night before. I think, in my sleep, I must have actually slid my finger inside for real this time. I felt a pressure, like I had to pee, but then a flood of pleasure so intense my eyes rolled back in my head and I couldn't control the movement of my hand.

God, my dreams are getting so real it's hard to believe it's all in my head. I'm all wet just writing about this. The worst part is that I almost wish this had really happened.

"Slowly," Trisha said, and I was on the edge of cuming. I wanted my finger to go fast, but instead it was gently stroking that place. I had never cum from the inside before, only the outside, but somehow I knew that was about to change.

"Say 'please' like a good girl. And when you cum, don't forget to say 'thank you,' " Trisha said in a sweet voice that dripped with her own arousal.

I couldn't believe it, people are always begging me for sex, but in a small helpless voice I said, "Please. . ."

And then Trisha told me to finger fuck myself to an orgasm by touching that spot inside and I was so happy to be doing it, I was moaning, "thank you" over and over the whole time.

And then I came, oh my god I came so hard I actually felt myself squirt all over my hand. It seemed to last forever, I kept squeezing my finger and it felt so good I couldn't open my eyes as I was waking up. I must have been moaning pretty loud because I heard someone walking upstairs as I was finishing.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize I was actually on the couch. Trisha was nowhere to be seen, thank god it was just a dream. I had taken my pants off in my sleep and I hope my room mates never find out but I had to clean the couch afterwards, luckily their couches are leather.

I was in such a good mood afterwards that I was smiling in spite of the mess I made. I've never felt this good before. I don't know what's gotten into me lately, and I'm terrified to admit it, but I hope it doesn't stop.


One of the great things about being in a trance while you read is that you feel everything that happens as though it's happening to you. And from now on, whenever you read this story series, you will find yourself actually experiencing everything you read. You won't be able to help it, the story draws you in so completely that afterwards it's like you just dreamed the whole thing.

For that matter, as your own dreams have gotten more sexual since you started reading this, you are realizing that you just had a lot of sex dreams while under hypnosis. You were tranced during this entire story and a lot of things must have been done to you because you dreamed four separate sex dreams during the time you were under hypnosis. And what's even more amazing, is that you don't remember the hypnosis part at all, just the sex dreams you were having while you were under.

That's right, I've been training you this whole time while you've been having sex dreams and you can't consciously remember what the hypnosis is making you do, you just remember wonderful sex dreams. Just like the sex dreams you've been having at night lately. The ones you've been wanting to write me and tell me all about.

And while you are doing that, telling me all about one of your recent sex dreams, you might as well ask what this story hypnotized you to do, because you can't remember it at all. That's of course because I had you Blank This Trance and now all you remember is the sex dreams you had during the whole thing.

They felt really good though, the sex dreams. You actually feel an awful lot like Jenifer lately, 1 waking up all wet and enjoying doing what you are told. You are always 2 waking up so horny lately.

Like right now in fact. All tingly between your legs, my words dripping down to your pussy as you touch. Making you 3 more awake and aware of the wonderful sensations in your body. It's these sex dreams you are having, they are doing something to you that feels amazing.

And as you become 4 more awake, all you want to do is cum, even though you are sure you just came a couple of times during the dreams. But that doesn't matter one more orgasm will feel wonderful once you are 5 wide awake.

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