Becoming. . .(Part IV)

Warning: This is the fourth in a series of stories that when read will result in partial or complete bimbofication of the reader. Like most of my writing this is designed to not interfere with your normal life in any negative way, however, it will cause some noticeable changes to begin to happen. This first story is really an introduction and won't have extreme consequences. The more into this series you read, the more dramatic the effect. This will begin hypnotic body shaping as well as causing you to always cum on command while you are a bimbo.

It was Saturday, so Megan didn't wake up by reaching over to hit snooze on her alarm clock. Instead she awakened when her fingers found a rather different kind of button. This wasn't entirely out of the ordinary for her lately, except that this time she wasn't really sure when she had started touching. Usually she was fairly conscious of it starting after her alarm went off the first time.

Megan realized very quickly that she must have been touching for a while already: she was soaked and ready to cum, her back already arching and her legs spread wide under the covers. She was somewhat glad she had stopped wearing pajamas to bed as the elastic band on them made it more difficult to touch in the morning. Instead she was wearing a silk nighty a boyfriend had once bought for her but she almost never wore. For the last week or so it was the only thing she wore to bed.

For a moment Megan's mind drifted back to the massage parlor. She still couldn't believe she had cum just from getting a massage, but she would be lying if she tried to say she hadn't thought about it often in the mornings. She imagined his hands all over her body as her moans grew louder.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, pleasure exploded up through her body. Her back arched, her legs pressed together till they almost hurt her hand, and her moans escalated till she thought she might scream.

It took several minutes before Megan did much of anything but catch her breath. Orgasms this often was beginning to seem like some kind of exercise, whatever muscle it was that flexed inside when she came was getting very strong. At least that's what she figured; she was cuming much harder now then she remembered doing even when she was having sex on a regular basis.

Eventually Megan rolled out of bed with a smile on her face. She pulled the sheets off her bed, and threw them in the dirty cloths basket. She figured that if this kept up, she might have to change them once a week. She stripped out of her nighty and jumped in the shower.


Blog Entry


Megan Silverman

Subject: More Then Two Weeks Now.

That's right, for some reason, it's been more then two weeks that I have gone without at least one orgasm in a day. I have no idea what's going on, it's like my sex drive just came on and won't shut off. Although I can't say I am not enjoying it. I've never felt this good in my life. Talk about a way to wake up every day.

Actually to be honest, I've never really been able to experience this side of myself. I was kind of a very determined teenager. I was rushed through school by my parents. I graduated high school at 17, and college at 20. I was so focused on being successful that, with only a couple of exceptions, I never really dated or partied or got to just enjoy myself . I felt like I missed the entire phase of my life that other people spend figuring this sort of thing out. So whatever this is that is happening, is actually kind of exciting. I almost wish I could go back and experience this the way everyone else did.

To answer some questions;

Yes the story about cuming from getting a massage really happened. I don't know what got into me. I'm not sure if the Masseuse knew or not, but I don't know how he wouldn't have known. I think I passed out from cuming so hard.

No, I don't think that would happen from ANY massage, my sense of touch does seem heightened, but I think it still would take a really good massage to cause that. Then again, if I had been asked two weeks ago if someone could cum from just a good massage I would have said no.

No, I haven't been terribly distracted at work. Luckily other then the one day where I didn't cum in the morning, work has been pretty easy to deal with. I seem to only be bad in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings.

Well, I'm off to get a massage first thing this morning, I'm really in the mood for it. I'll let you all know if anything exciting or interesting happens. Oh, and I'm still looking to hear if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else, so please drop me a line if you know what's going on with me.


What Megan wore to the massage parlor that day almost doesn't matter. But for the record, it was, in her opinion, a little sexier then she usually wore without a special occasion. A pair of low platform sandals, glasses, and a red summer dress that wasn't too extremely revealing, but did display her curves just enough to draw attention to a fact that Megan didn't usually draw attention to: she was an attractive woman. Long brown hair, striking brown eyes that were magnified by her glasses, and enough curves that she didn't need much help from clothing to show them off.

Of course, if someone had asked Megan if she considered herself sexy, she would have said no. She knew she was attractive, but sexy was something reserved for women other then herself. Of course she was wrong, but many women are wrong about such things. And while Megan didn''t know it yet, over the course of the day, she would come to understand exactly how sexy she could be.

As she opened her car door and stepped out into the parking lot of the massage parlor she felt a little tingle run between her legs. She was a little surprised by this because it hadn't been all that long sense she had last had an orgasm. She closed her car door and felt the tingle again, accompanied by goose bumps that ran up the length of her legs and covered her butt under the summer dress.

She smiled and headed towards the front door, her mind quickly becoming distracted by the movements of her body. She placed her hand on door to the massage parlor and suddenly felt wetness between her legs, but before she could really register the thought fully, she heard the bell ring as she pushed the door open and walked confidently inside.

Immediately it was as if she was getting some kind of mental massage, her mind relaxing as the tingling in her pussy grew even stronger, the feelings in her body growing so strong that it was hard to think straight. For a moment she just stood about three steps inside the lobby trying to figure out what had come over her, while finding it hard to really think about anything at all as she felt her thoughts massaged by the arousal in her body.

She smiled, suddenly realizing that it must be because of what happened the last time she was here. She let herself dwell on the memory of cuming from a massage for a couple of seconds before she became aware of her surroundings. She almost laughed as she realized she must have been standing three steps inside for nearly a minute.

She walked quickly to the counter, feeling her hips sway around her pussy as she did. It took a couple of seconds before Megan realized that there was no one there.

"Hello?" Megan said, bending over the counter and looking around, not quite aware that she arched her back and pressed her pussy back as she did, her body almost begging for attention as her sun dress hiked up her legs just enough to hint at the curve of her ass. Her heals, while not extreme, lent her legs just a little more length and made one wonder exactly how much farther her dress could hike up before showing off everything.

"Oh, hey, you're here early," The male voice came almost from behind her, a little off to the side, Megan turned her head and smiled, at the masseuse, "Go ahead in and get ready, I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

Megan stood and walked past the Masseuse almost hoping his head would turn and watch her as she walked by. Somewhere inside she wondered what in the world she was doing, but the way she was walking made her panties rub against her wetness in a kind of wonderful way, and so she just looked back flirtatiously as she opened the door and slipped in.

Megan slipped out of her dress almost in a single motion, tossing her glasses to the side and piling her cloths up in a kind of excited hurry. She felt almost giddy, so happy to be getting a massage, wanting his hands all over her body. She slipped off her underwear and bra and slid happily under the towels.

A very short moment later the masseuse came in, "How are you doing today?" He asked as he slipped past the massage table to where the lotion was.

"MMmmm, good," She said with a smile audible in her voice.

"Doing anything interesting this weekend?"

"Not other then coming here." She said as his hands found her back and sent shivers of pleasure all through her body.

"Good," and that was the last thing Megan was conscious of as he said in the same breath, "Deep Trance."

You suddenly feel hands all over your body. It's as though not just one expert masseuse, but several are taking care of every inch of your body, and even stranger, massaging every bit of your mind and emotions. You feel an excitement so intense, yet at the same time, you are more relaxed then you have ever been in your life, finding it impossible to move except to continue with this trance.

You slip deeper with every word you read. Your mind and body massaged by my words until you are certain that obeying my commands may actually be the best feeling in the world. Your pussy floods as your mind becomes blank and empty, aching to be filled by my words the same way your pussy aches to be filled, until you feel like you are anxiously pulling my words deep into you with as much focus, determination, and hunger as you would pull my cock into you.

And as you feel your mental massage mix with the deep trance, you find that you wouldn't be able to think clearly right now even if you tried, and because of that you find my words far stronger in you then they have ever been, and begin to sink into the deepest trance you could ever imagine being in.

Now, I want you to find yourself drifting back in your memory to when you were eighteen. I want you to go back to when your body was still developing, and how it felt to become intensely aroused for the first time. I want you to remember how it felt when your body was still developing. How your bras would sometimes no longer fit and how it felt to watch your body grow sexier and sexier every day.

Feel me suddenly begin to touch parts of your mind and body that went inactive when puberty stopped. Feel me begin to change and alter your hormones. Your face becomes hot and flushed and your breasts begin to ache, and swell, your nipples harden. You feel your pussy flood as you feel yourself become intensely hyper, finding yourself back in your eighteen year old body.

Now, I want you to imagine your ideal body. How you would look if you were perfect. Your breasts, butt, waist, all the sizes you want them to be. Imagine yourself in your perfect body.

Now, next to that image in your mind I want you to place your image of how you believe you look right now. Place these two images next to one and other, then feel me do something very strange to your body. In your mind, you see the images begin to merge.

From now on, every time you read this story you will feel those two images become closer to the same image. Feel me alter your hormones NOW. Your body is going through a change, I am reactivating parts of puberty now and your body is beginning to change. Whenever you read this story, then entire time you are reading it, you will feel this change happening.

Likewise, the image you have of yourself will be changing. You will find yourself happier and happier with your body. The more time you spend reading this story the more you find you have the perfect body. Both your body, and your image of your body change while you are reading it until one day they are the same image. When that happens, the changes will stop.

Now, feel your breasts swell, growing, literally growing. Feel yourself hyper, your metabolism changing to exactly what it needs to be to give you the body you want. And because of this, you suddenly feel full of energy. Your body is using that extra energy to boost your sex drive. Like you are young and changing into the sexiest woman alive.

When you wake up from this trance you will actually feel your body physically changing. And as it is doing so you will remain intensely turned on.

Feel yourself believing for the moment that you are eighteen. You suddenly find it to be completely true. You are eighteen for as long as you are in my massage parlor today. You are eighteen and your body is becoming the sexiest it has ever been. Your mannerisms are changing, you want to look attractive, you want to wear cloths that show off your body. You are eighteen, but you are eighteen and a pleasure slave.

When you wake up, you will continue to read about what is happening to Megan, but you will experience it all as though it is really happening to you. At some points you won't even realize you are reading any more, completely experiencing the story. You will be getting your mental massage, being a complete horny bimbo and you will feel your body changing with hers, and any time you want to continue to feel your body changing you will come back and read this story, and feel it the entire time.

Another thing that seems to be changing as you read this story is that it is becoming easier to cum and you are cuming harder. Somehow the changes in hormones are actually making it easier to cum, and allowing your orgasms to get stronger. You also, find that part of this change is that when you are told to cum, you do, you can't help it, it just happens. Whenever I command you to cum, no matter what, you will involuntarily have an orgasm.

When the story is over you will suddenly return to being yourself but you will find that somehow your body has changed and you will write all about that change in your blog.

Now, when you wake up from this trance you will find that you work in my massage parlor. It is your first day working here and you are so horny because you just got the most amazing massage of your life. You will feel your body changing over the course of the day as you remain horny the entire time, no matter how many times you cum. You will feel a constant mental massage as long as you are reading and because of this you will do anything I command, often without even realizing that you are doing it because I have commanded it. During a mental massage you always obey because you can't think of anything else to do.

You are eighteen and kind of a bimbo and this is your first day working here, you feel like the sexiest woman alive and are so horny as your body changes that you can't help but be seductive. You will try to control yourself in front of my customers, but when you can, you would much rather be exploring your changing body.

When I reach the number five you will find yourself awake and completely lost in the story experiencing everything Megan is. BLANK THIS TRANCE.

1 Waking up.

2 More awake, your pussy throbbing.

3 More awake, you aren't sure where you are, or who you are for just a moment.

4 More awake you feel so good though that it almost doesn't matter.

5 Wide awake.

Megan sat up a little dazed, and more then a little confused. She looked over to where she had set her cloths, the white button up shirt, short black skirt, and high heals she knew she was supposed to wear to work. She wanted to cum now that her massage was over but she wasn't sure how long she had been out. Julian wasn't in the room any more. She slid her fingers down across her wet slit and nearly came. She heard herself let out a little moan then gave up on trying to stop herself.

She rubbed her pussy with such determination and passion that she could hear it. CUM NOW. And then, as her fingers found home, she exploded in bliss, nearly falling off the massage table.

Megan tried to catch her breath quickly, knowing that she had to get to work. While still tingling and feeling aftershocks she began to put on her cloths.

She slipped on the skirt first, then her bra. She blushed for a moment as she felt her breasts more then fill the cups. Had they gotten bigger again? She tried the last clasp on the back, but it was too uncomfortable. She took it off and threw it to the side, deciding she would have to wear the shirt without it. She slipped the shirt over her bare breasts and buttoned it quickly. Then threw the shoes on and headed out to the counter not even realizing that she had never put on any underwear.

Megan felt hyper as she walked and she liked the way her breasts bounced without a bra on. She could feel her nipples hard and felt a strange nearly constant sensation like they were swelling, almost growing. As she walked in the high heals she could feel her hips sway and her butt move a certain kind of way and for some reason, her pussy wouldn't stop tingling.

She moved to the chair behind the counter and sat down, crossing her legs She looked around the room and within a couple of seconds she was bored. She put her elbows on the counter and rested her chin on her hands, unaware that this position showed off her cleavage a little as she hadn't buttoned the top button of her shirt. Megan sighed.

Then she looked down and saw a kind of magazine on the counter next to her. She picked it up, opened it to a random page, and began reading.

For several minutes Megan had no idea what she was reading. It didn't even dawn on her that it was erotica until long into a sex scene, after all, some magazines had stories in them, and even cosmo had articles about sex.

Megan heard a bell. She looked up and suddenly realized that she had gotten quite hot and bothered by what she had been reading. She blushed, closed the magazine quickly and tried to ignore the throbbing between her legs, "How can I help you?" She managed, trying rather unsuccessfully to get the idea of a cock in her out of her head.

"Yes, I have an appointment for a massage," A woman said, walking to the counter. Megan suddenly realized that her breathing was faster then usual, her heart was pounding in her chest. She had been closer to cuming then she had thought. She stood and as calmly as possible, said, "Alright, let me show you in."

Megan walked out from behind the counter and showed the woman to one of the massage rooms. As soon as she closed the door she let out a long sigh of relief, feeling wetness on her thighs and heat throughout her body. She almost ran back to the counter, or at least the closest thing one can do to running in heels and a short skirt. Her breasts bounced as she went, causing them to swell even more, feeling heavy and full.

Megan sat down, but didn't cross her legs. She grabbed the magazine and opened it, flipping quickly through the pages. She found where she had left off, and let her hand slide beneath the counter. She pulled up the front of her skirt and slid a finger across her slit, which was by now hot, swollen and soaked.

Her back arched, as her hips moved on their own, she let out a hot breath, her eyes closed, and almost immediately she felt the orgasm fill her. CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND It took several minutes before Megan was able to even consider continuing to read. But then, once she had caught her breath, her eyes dropped quickly back to the page.

Megan's hand was still below the counter, just barely touching when she heard a door open. She quickly straightened up her skirt and slid the magazine off to the side, but left it open to what she had been reading this time.

The woman paid quickly and for some reason, she looked to be quite distracted as she paid. Megan felt like something should have been dawning on her, that something very familiar was happening, but all she wanted to do was get back to reading. Megan was reading again before the woman even got all the way out the door.

Her thoughts were so full of the images from the story that she forgot entirely where she was and got lost in the story and the sensations in her own body as her fingers idly wandered. She didn't realize that the masseuse was standing behind her until he spoke.

"So how are things going this morning?" Megan almost jumped, her face flushed red as she tried to calmly remove her hand from between her legs and did her best to not be obvious about straightening her dress.

"Good, things are going good." Megan's nipples hardened even more as she felt her breasts swell to the point that they felt they may burst the buttons on her shirt. Somehow her butt seemed to also swell, making her skirt seem tight. She felt as though her body was changing right then and there just as her hormones made her so horny that her wetness dripped down her thighs.

"Good to hear, come with me to my office." Megan was surprised how excited she was just to do what he had said. He was her boss, but somehow she felt that she had to do what he told her to for far more intense reasons then that. She seemed to enjoy the direction, the command, the control. She felt somehow that he could even command her body if he wanted to, and that as her body changed it may even be because of him.

She stood quickly, straightening her cloths and then followed him as he turned and headed back to part of the Massage parlor that she had never been to. The entire time she walked she wished he would turn around and look at her, and so, as he wasn't watching, she unbuttoned one more of the buttons on her shirt, exposing her cleavage.

He opened a door and she followed him into an office. He sat down and she stood in front of the desk, her breasts swelling so much that she couldn't help but present them, her chest pressed forward as she stood waiting for instructions.

"Could you please grab a file with the first name Lori from the bottom of that file cabinet for me." Megan smiled and walked to where he had indicated. Her pussy ached as she bent over to get to the bottom drawer. She felt her dress sliding up the back of her legs and almost hoped it exposed her wetness as she looked for the file. She didn't know why she was acting this way, but she wanted his eyes on her, if not much much more.

She finally pulled the file out, which she had seen almost immediately, but had taken her time to get. She walked to the desk and set the file down in front of her boss, bending over and letting her cleavage become very exposed as she did.

He looked her in the eyes and said calmly, "Undo one more button please."

Megan felt a jolt run through her, her hands seemed to move on their own, her breathing quickened until she could feel her huge breasts heaving against the fabric of her shirt. She removed another button, exposing her all the way to the middle of her breasts. She never broke eye contact with him and somehow she felt suddenly that she would do anything he commanded.

"Another," He said, somehow knowing that she couldn''t help herself. Megan felt her pussy throb and wetness pour out as she undid another button. She began to tremble as he commanded her to expose her breasts one button at a time, "Another."

Megan's face was flushed, her breasts felt huge as her shirt began to fall away from them, "Another," She was quickly running out of buttons.

"CUM NOW," He said, still looking in her eyes with a kind of confidence and assertiveness that almost made her knees buckle. She felt a rush inside, a tingle that shot up her spine as goose bumps covered her breasts and ass. She felt herself bend over further uncontrollably, pressing her pussy back as she placed her hands on the desk, her breasts falling out of her shirt.

Her insides tightened, she couldn't control herself at all, her lips parted as she began to moan, never breaking eye contact with him. This seemed like it should be impossible, but it was happening. Her pussy tightened and wetness poured out as an orgasm flooded through her body. She felt the wetness run down her leg as pulses of pleasure filled her pussy.

It was so intense that she couldn't stand back up. She stayed there, bent over just staring into his eyes. She hadn't cum that hard in her life and she couldn't figure out what had set it off. She couldn't think straight, she wanted more, but she couldn't bring herself to do anything but wait for his command.

She bent her knees alternately, kind of wiggling to try and regain some kind of control over the bottom half of her body, completely unaware of how sexy the movements of her body were. Somehow though, she felt more sexy then she ever remembered.

"Come here," He said, and her body moved on it's own, she walked around the desk, her hips swaying and her breasts exposed. She felt light headed and unable to think for herself, "Kneel down," he said, and she did, dropping to her knees still staring into his eyes as she brought herself between his legs.

He unzipped his pants and slid them off, then slid his boxers open exposing his hardness. Her eyes went wide. Somewhere inside a quiet voice wondered if she should, but as she looked in his eyes she couldn't help but show that she wanted to.

He nodded and without hesitation she slid her lips down around him, taking him into her mouth and tasting his precum. She moaned, loosing control as she began to bob up and down. She imagined what it would feel like to have him inside her. She pressed her pussy back imagining what was in her mouth being in her from behind. She felt him bend down and whisper towards her ear, "CUM NOW."

Megan felt her insides clench instantly. It was so involuntary that it actually caught her off guard, as though while having sex, orgasms just happened at random without any build up or control. Her wetness throbbed to life in a rush of tingles and heat that made her moan around his cock. She decided it was so hot to have him in her mouth that it could make her cum.

Megan felt her butt bobbing up and down in time with her mouth, riding an imaginary cock. She looked up into his eyes, never taking her lips from his swollen head. She didn't even need sex to cum, just having his cock in her mouth was enough. Then she felt him tense up, his dick grew harder and larger in her mouth for just a moment, he moaned, and just as his own orgasm began he moaned the words to her, "CUM NOW"

And she did. The rush of hot cum down her throat sent her spiraling into another orgasm, this one so strong that she nearly blacked out. She felt it flood through her body so strongly that she couldn't even completely localize the pleasure to her pussy. It felt like her entire lower regions were full of bliss. She swallowed then tried to catch her breath, laying her head on his lap.

Several minutes passed. Then she was told to get back to the counter. It took some time before she could really get up, but when she could, she obeyed. She straightened her shirt and skirt, then went to the bathroom, and cleaned up as best she could. For the rest of the day as clients came in she fantasized about what had happened. By the time she went home, she couldn't count the number of times she had cum. Nor was she sure what size her breasts were, but she felt like the sexiest woman on earth.

She felt dazed and amazing and passed out from a kind of wonderful exhaustion when she got home. It wasn't until she woke up the next morning cuming, that she was able to think straight and felt like her normal self again. She wasn't sure if everything that had happened had been real. She felt like for a moment she had been someone else. She wasn't even sure how it had happened, or if it had happened at all. She wasn't sure if it was ok, but on the other hand it had been the most amazing experience of her life. She wasn't sure what to make of it all, so she sat in bed for quite some time trying to understand.

After some time, when she couldn't piece it together entirely, she decided to write about it. She got out of bed and began getting dressed. She slipped on her panties and some shorts, then went to put on her bra. To her absolute amazement, it no longer fit.

Becoming. . .(Part V)

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