Seven Things

Warning: This will cause you to feel like you are having sex whenever you hear a certain trigger. This effect works best if there is music on, so before you start reading, put on something you can dance to. Then, just enjoy the ride.

She wasn't entirely sure how the conversation had started. She was pretty sure he approached her, but how they had wound up in such easy conversation she wasn't sure of, especially here. Dance clubs were not notorious for interesting conversations.

For that matter, she couldn't remember a single time she had gone to a dance club and wound up in an interesting conversation, which was probably why she was so keen on letting it happen. It didn't hurt that he was cute either.

They had been talking for a while about how there was so much going on in the club, when he mentioned how hard it would be to keep track of it all, and then the conversation got interesting:

"Did you know that the conscious part of the human mind can only keep track of about seven different things at a time?" He asked, almost daring her to prove him wrong.

She smiled, and tried to pretend she wasn't nearly as interested as she actually was, "Oh?"

"Yes, seven on average. Though the actual number varies from person to person, it's pretty consistent. Consistent enough that we have seven digit phone numbers. The subconscious part of the human mind, on the other hand, keeps track of thousands of things at a time through the use of multiple independent processing cores. The net effect of this is that once you are trying to keep track of more then a certain number of things, you can't control what certain other parts of your mind and body are doing."

But what really caught her, was when he put her to the challenge.

"For the purpose of demonstration, try to keep track of these seven things as they occur, and see how many you can actually keep track of. In descending order:

7.) Right now you are paying attention to my words, a task that uses the linguistic centers of your brain. You'll notice that for the moment, just thinking about it makes it less automated. As this list progresses though, you'll focus more on the subject matter and less on the words themselves. By the time this list counts down, you will have let the subconscious take back over, absorbing the words naturally, simply experiencing the words almost like a dream. When this happens, you will find that you continue to do all seven things, but that you are simply doing them automatically.

6.) Speaking of lists counting down, the very fact that this list is numbered allows you to count the numbers down while you read. Try to pay attention to which number you are on as you go, making note of which one I say with each new section. This involves the cognitive and logic centers of the brain. You will experience a feeling of heaviness, sinking, or falling, when your subconscious takes over counting, because your subconscious communicates with the conscious mind through sensation.

5.) The heavy feeling that grows stronger with each number you read will soon be complimented by a relaxed feeling of light headedness as you take in a deep breath and hold it for just a moment before letting it out slowly. Focus for just a moment on your breathing, feeling the way the air enters your throat. Feel the air expand your chest, breath deeply into your abdomen, allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the sensations. Now consciously relax and slow your breathing, imagining the way it feels when you sleep. Try to maintain this state of relaxed breathing, conscious of each breath, as you engage the kinesthetic parts of your mind, bringing your body into the mix of things to keep track of. When you stop consciously controlling your breathing you will experience an intense sensation of light headed relaxation that will feel very much like dreaming because your breathing will continue the way it does when you sleep. After your breathing returns to moving on it's own, each time I remind you of your breathing, it will adjust to whatever I describe on it's own because your subconscious will be controlling it.

4.) Absorbing the falling numbers, you relax naturally as a story begins. Experience each word as you try to keep track of the plot unfolding. In a dance club not long ago a girl found herself enjoying a drink while talking to a man she knew.

The lights pulsed to the beat of the music. The entire room moved in so many ways that it was difficult to pick out a single dancer. Rather, it was almost like watching waves of sound wash over the room, animated by the people it moved through.

She could still taste the sweet flavor of her pink drink on her lips even though she had sat unmoving for quite some time. A little lemon, a little sweet, some fruit of some sort, and a light warmth from the cool liquid; it was the kind of drink she could finish easily before realizing how much alcohol was actually in it.

She brushed her hair away from her eyes, trying not to look at him, but at the crowd, afraid that she might just stare at him if she let herself.

The music was pretty good, that wasn't why she was sitting so still at the moment. In fact, if she weren't so focused on his words, she probably would have been dancing in her seat. She sat so still because she felt strangely like she was dreaming.

A desire briefly teased her imagination, the want to dance with him suddenly grew very intense. The thought drifted through her head: "When I get a chance, I will. Obey your desires tonight girl, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun dancing."

But for the moment she remained still in spite of her want to dance. What he was saying was so interesting that she was taking it in quite Deep.

Trance music pounded out a steady beat in the background but somehow his words were clear as day. The sound of his voice was soft and soothing, yet, somehow still exciting. She was relaxed and yet somehow entertained and smiling.

3.) Imagine the way dance music sounds, the persistent beat and high energy of it. Imagine dancing to the beat happily, enjoying the rhythm moving through your body. If you have music playing as you read, try to keep your attention on the way it sounds, if not, go ahead and hum a song in your head. Music engages the auditory and math centers of your brain and when you stop noticing it consciously, parts of your body will move to that beat, dancing on their own uncontrollably.

She sighed happily as her mind pondered his words. She felt the music's steady beat mix with the light intoxication of her drink. She felt delightfully light, almost as though she could float out of her chair and disappear into the music. She felt somehow unbound by the limitations of reality. Drifting and so light, that her head seemed full of lemon tasting clouds.

The music pulsed in shades of pink. The words felt light as a feather. Her thoughts sighed happily at the sight of dancing shadows dreaming in her mind. The vibrations filled with heavy relaxation the rhythmic beat marking out a downward spiral into the shadows.

The words felt like they were everywhere. The silhouettes of people looked like dancing thoughts on paper. She couldn't consciously keep track of it all so her mind went blank as her body grew heavy, and then, she felt something let go. Suddenly her light headedness went one way and her body went the other. Her body went limp and stared into space, her mind drifted away on the music, carried by his words into a dream of somewhere else.

2.) Picture a blank empty space that contains absolutly nothing but the music and words. Imagine that the words and music flow through this empty space like deep water in the ocean. The sounds of the music and the words as you repeat them in your mind move through the water like waves and tides in the dark. Each wave feels like a wave of pleasure as it flows through the darkness and the depths of the water. Now imagine for a moment that at first, the waves are just on the surface of the water. But as you look deep into the water you can see the vibrations going deeper and deeper into the depths of it.

Strangly, as the deep water moves on it's own, the vibrations moving deep within your mind and body, you realize that your vast subconscious is doing a lot even though your conscious mind is blank and empty. As you dive deeper you find the words and music go deeper and deeper with you. Any time you read or hear the words "Deep trance" you will come to this place where your mind is blank but the depths of the water move to the words you hear, and in this state, you will experience anything you read as though it is happening to you. You will remain in this state until you hear or read the words "wide awake."

The shadows grew until they were all she could see, she spiraled downward into the black. Somewhere her subconscious mind kept track of all sorts of things going on, but consciously all that existed for her was his dancing words.

She breathed deeply, feeling her chest rise and her belly expand with each breath. Strangely, she wasn't breathing in from her mouth, but was instead breathing in from deep in her belly, as though breathing in from between her legs and letting the breath fill her chest from below. She noticed a warm sensation between her legs, and let that spread into her belly with each breath. As it did, her breathing grew just slightly faster and more excited as butterflies filled her stomach.

1.) Compare the beat of the music to the way it feels when you are having sex, the way your pussy sometimes tightens and clenches around him when he's inside of you. Now focus on those muscles and try to tighten and release them. Once you have succeeded in moving those muscles, try to tighten and release them rhythmically, as though dancing to the beat of the music. Imagine for a moment that your pussy is so sensitive that you can feel any vibration you hear as though it were vibrating inside of you. Imagine for a moment that its like you have a vibrator inside that throbs and vibrates to the music as you continue to contract rhythmically. It has settings where the volume can be more or less then it is now. Try to continue throbbing consciously for as long as possible. When your focus wonders away from consciously doing this, you will find that it feels like the music is moving inside your pussy uncontrollably, as though you are having sex with the music. You will also find that your pussy's sensitivity to sound is based on the volume the vibrator is set at. Because of this, any time you hear or read the word "volume" followed by a number you will be reminded of this sensation and it will happen again. The number that follows the word "volume" is the intensity setting on the vibrator. A "volume" of one on the vibrator is what you feel right now, a "volume" of ten would be an orgasm with every beat. You will also notice that once you have stopped doing this consciously, you will no longer be in control of it. Your subconscious will respond to the word "volume" followed by a number without you even trying, in exactly the same way that you are still reading, counting down, breathing, following the story, and listening to the music without even trying. In fact it will do this so automatically that the only way to stop it is by reading or hearing the words "volume zero." Wide awake.

Somewhere in the comfortable warm darkness of unconsciousness her pussy tingled and throbbed. She wasn't sure when she had gotten aroused but the sensation was pleasant and seemed to move to the beat of the music and the sound of his voice. Some part of her seemed to dance in the darkness, and that part felt like a rhythm of pure pleasure. And then he was saying something and she realized her eyes had been staring into space. She felt herself come back to her body. People danced before her eyes to the rhythm of pleasure.

She suddenly became conscious of what he was saying, though at first it didn't make much sense to her, "Volume zero. So if you are in the mood to dance any time feel free to ask me. I'm going to grab another drink real quick."

He stood to go and she almost let him, but then she suddenly remembered her determination to dance with him when she got the chance. She stood and set her drink down excitedly calling out his name to get his attention. He turned and smiled, trying to hear her over the music, "I'm so sorry, I totally spaced out while you were talking, would you like to dance with me right now?"

Even as she said the words, she knew that she had just agreed to something much more exciting then normal dancing. She also knew it was just dancing and there was always a bit of sexual energy to it, just that somehow, this dance was going to be a lot more fun then most. He smiled and held out a hand, she took it and followed him onto the dance floor.

They made their way deep into the crowd, feeling the bodies move around them to the rhythm of the music. Like being lost in a sea of sound and movement, she felt somehow as though she were alone with him here. Comfortable, sexy and free, knowing that everyone around was too busy dancing themselves to notice anyone else.

As they began to dance, facing each other a few feet apart, she realized for the first time that for some reason she was a little wet. She noticed it mostly because of the movement of her own body. As she moved her hips to the beat of the music she could feel her lips swollen and moving with her legs and her panties seemed tight against her clit. She looked into his eyes, took a step towards him and put her arms around his neck. She let their bodies synchronize and press against each other lightly, teasing him with her breasts against his chest. She let his leg slide just slightly between hers so that if the desire struck her, she could grind on him a little bit. She smiled as his muscular arms dropped to her lower waist and teased the top of her hips and butt. He smelled good, a pleasant musk in his cologne that drew her close enough to him that she could hear his words. And then he leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Volume 1."

Something vibrated to life between her legs and she involuntarily felt herself press her hips hard against his leg. A gentle sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she pulsed to the rhythm of the music in his arms. It felt so good she actually was concerned she might stop dancing and just grind against him, but to her surprise, as her clit throbbed to the beat, she found it impossible to stop dancing. It was as though the music moved her pussy from the inside and in doing so, forced her hips to sway to the beat.

She felt her face getting hot, her breathing quickened, and not just because of the movement of dancing, but because of the excitement that seemed to be pulsing up through her body.

She tried to hide the pleasure she felt, as her clit seemed to vibrate against his leg, but her hips seemed to bump and grind on their own. She pressed her body hard against his, moving full into his arms and hiding her face on his shoulder. She had never been so turned on dancing before, and she tried hard to hide the fact that dancing with him felt the way foreplay did with most people. And then, he was saying, "Volume 2."

She smiled and gave up trying to understand or control what was happening as she distinctly felt the beat of the music deep within her pussy. It was as though he was inside of her throbbing to the beat. She felt the pressure of penetration, the need to move, and a growing hot wetness deep inside.

She pulled away from his arms and turned around, afraid she might just start humping his leg if she stayed pressed up against him. This had never been a concern for her before, but at that exact moment, she could feel herself bending over in front of him, not because she had decided to, but because she wanted to feel that throbbing deeper inside of her.

She bent over, shaking her ass to hide the fact that she could swear she was being fucked right there, in the middle of the dance floor. Part of her was saying that she should be embarrassed for being so turned on by just dancing, and part of her was so excited by it that she didn't care. She decided that she would just try to hide the pleasure she was feeling, after all, as long as she kept dancing, no one would ever know.

She could feel her pussy throb as her butt bounced up and down, she touched the ground and stretched all the way down through her stomach, feeling herself open up even more to the throbbing. And just as she had hoped, "Volume 3," she felt him slide even deeper inside her.

She felt her wet lips part, she felt the friction as somehow she felt his dick slide all the way inside, just barely tapping that spot that made her feel week in the knees. She felt herself backing up, pressing her ass against his body as she grinded against both the cock in her pussy and the hardness she distinctly felt in his pants. She felt his hands on her ass for a moment, sending shivers down her spine as the vibrations against her clit mixed with the thumping beat making her hips gyrate against him.

She looked back at his smiling face, only barely aware of the ravenous look on her own, then slowly she stood, each movement upward feeling the throbbing all the way in her stomach. It was as if she was possessed by the music as her body seemed to move in the sexiest ways, things she had never done herself, but that she had seen strippers do. Her hips rocked back and forth, grinding in a circle on the throbbing hardness between her legs as she fully stood up. And all the while, she felt the reward of pure pleasure pulsing inside to the beat of the music so intensely that she could feel her stomach just below her belly button tightening in waves.

She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling hot all over and realizing she was moaning from the way her pussy seemed to throb. Almost without trying her body pressed up against his, her hips against his, her legs straddling his, her breasts pressed up against his chest. And without any hesitation she began to dance against him as though any part of his body that touched her pussy felt as good as a dick inside. And strangely, as he said "Volume 4" that wasn't far from the truth.

It was as though the beat of the music slid up inside her and throbbed, then slid back out and vibrated. Then back in, filling her, and back out making her ache for more. Each beat of the bass felt as good as real sex. The tightening, throbbing and pulsing inside became so intense that she buried her face in his shoulder again to hide the pleasure she was feeling.

But even as she hid her face, her body said everything to him on it's own. Her hips rocked to the beat, teasing her wet panties against his leg in little dancing circles. She could feel his hard dick against her thigh, excited by her sensual motion against his body. Her breasts felt swollen and hot against his chest and yet, even in the heat, her nipples were as hard as though it were freezing outside.

As the beat pounded inside of her she began to feel her pussy responding to it uncontrollably. As she ground her wet pussy against his leg a particularly strong beat pounded against her g-spot and her pussy involuntarily twitched. A chill ran the entire length of her back and she moaned slightly into his ear as her hips shivered against him. It was in this moment she decided the term "dry" humping was a misnomer.

For a moment she let herself get lost in the gyrations of her hips, as though riding some invisible dick, but then his hands slid down to her ass and grabbed gently, pulling her body against his as he whispered "Volume 5."

What had been a teasing gyration became a full on grinding against his leg as something pounded her g-spot. She couldn't help but press up against him, her clit throbbing against his leg to the beat of the music. His body seemed to vibrate against hers wherever they touched and it sent tingles and chills down her spine.

She let her breasts bounce and press against his chest as she moved her body in closer to his. She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes with pure astonished lust, her hands locking behind his neck as she lost all control of everything happening below her belly button.

She felt the friction of sex, the impact of the beat against her deep inside, her clit vibrated to the music as though she were grinding against her best toy, not his leg. She tried to mouth the word, "How?" but was so lost in his eyes that she simply melted in his arms, her jaw dropped as her moans got lost somewhere in the music.

He, however, managed to mouth the words, "Volume 6."

Her insides flooded as they somehow began to throb in response to each beat. She felt her pussy contracting and suddenly realized that if this kept up, she was going to cum.

For a moment she forgot where she was. For a moment, she just held on tight, as she once again buried her face in his shoulder, this time, to hide what she was afraid might become screams of pleasure.

The beat pulsed, her pussy tightened, pressing her hips forwards against his leg as her stomach tightened, causing her to grind up against him. The beat released and she slid backwards, her back arching and rubbing her soaking panties against him. She came full circle as another beat made her pussy contract. The circular motion to the beat began to run away with it's self. She felt herself dance as though dancing were just another position for sex.

And then, as he whispered, "Volume 7," it happened.

The beat went beyond just feeling like a dick inside of her. Her pussy tightened all the way into the butterflies in her stomach. Her clit rubbed up against his body in just such a way that goose bumps ran the entire length of her back and covered her ass.

Then the one contraction gave way to another, even stronger one, as another beat filled her. She nearly screamed into his shoulder as she dug her nails into his back. And then another beat pressed even deeper into her, her pussy contracted in waves as a full blown orgasm washed over her right there in the middle of the dance floor.

She came for what seemed like an eternity as each beat seemed to hit her again and again. She could barely stand as she melted into his arms, her legs week as her body pulsed in overwhelming pleasure.

She didn't know how long it was before the orgasm finally stopped, only that another song had begin by the time he whispered, "Volume 0," in her ear.

For a while they just swayed to the beat as everyone around them danced, oblivious to the fact that she had just came so hard that she couldn't stand on her own. When she had caught her breath he whispered in her ear, "Yep, right around seven things."

She smiled and leaned back, looking in his eyes, "What on earth did you just do to me?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Are you kidding?"

"Then don't worry about it and any time you would like to dance don't hesitate to ask."

His smile made her smile and for a moment they just looked at each other as they danced. Her, trying to size him up, and him just smiling at her perplexed look. And then the song came to an end and he let her stand on her own, taking a step back, "Well, thank you for the dance, I think I'm going to go for that drink I was after before you distracted me," He said teasingly.

"No, thank you," She said, still feeling the wetness between her legs and almost wanting to ask him to dance again immediately, or to take him home on the spot, but deciding she might want some time to think before she committed to something that intense. She settled for now to know that she had just had an orgasm from dancing, and that was enough excitement for one night. Then the idea hit her, "But before you go," she said, "I've got seven numbers for you to remember."

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