Stories Continued. . .

There are two reasons for this second stories page.

One; The first page looked rather full.

Two; As an author and an amature hypnotist I have recently been expirimenting with placing hypnotic inductions, suggustions, and trigers inside of stories I have written. In most cases I use this teqnique to allow a reader to experience a story, not just read it, and I always let people know ahead of time what to expect so that they can make decisions accordingly.

Because of a basic belief that I shouldn't mess with people's heads without first asking them, I have been somewhat limited in what I can do. I am, however, interested in finding out exactly how strong of an effect is possible through text alone.

Hence this second section of my stories site. While some of the stories on my main site contain hypnotic elements, none of them are incredibly strong and none of them are without warning. EVERYTHING in this second section will contain not just hypnotic themes, but hypnotic text designed to interact with the reader. This gives me the chance to really push my limits as an author and your limits as a reader.

In every case there will still be a brief explaination of what effect a story should have so as to not catch anyone totally off guard. But please know before you proceed that stories in her may make you do things like cum on command, become turned on for long piriods of time, or turn you into a sex goddess.

It's far easier to type one warning, then to put one at the top of every story there.

On a third note; this section of my site is called the Pleasure Slave's Garden. I have set up some stories and files that, if a person chooses to follow them all the way through, will make them particularly succeptible to everything in this section by making them a "Pleasure Slave." Either way the stories her will still likely have an effect on you as a reader, although the pure inductions will be weaker on you if you are not a Pleasure Slave.

You do not have to become a Pleasure Slave to read the stories on this site, but it will definatly strengthen the effect. If you want to become a Pleasure Slave read Hypnotic Seduction all the way through in one or two sittings and just enjoy yourself, letting everything that starts to happen happen, then at the end, choose to become one.

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