The Party
Abby had never met Julian before, although she had kind of been aware of him. He had been in her college psychology class and that was about all she knew about him, because for the most part, he had been pretty quiet. But tonight he seemed to be pretty talkitive. Jennifer, one of Abby's friends, had apparently been hypnotised by him at a party once and had dragged him from a corner where he had been watching. She was talking about how he had made her giggle any time he said the word Cinimon, and now she wanted him to do a little show for everyone. Abby had never told anyone that she had an interest in hypnosis, it was something she generally kept to herself, much like her interest in Dom/Sub relationships and a great number of things. She felt that perhaps her imagination or her sex drive was slightly overactive and so she generally kept her thoughts on such things to herself. She had even once listened to an audio file that was supposed to make her horny, which had worked moderatly well. So when Jennifer convinced Julian to do a bit of a show, Abby found herself suddenly volentering to give it a shot. "Concentrate on that candle there, and the sound of my voice," He had said, "Not so much on the words I am saying, but rather on the sound of my voice. Let whatever part of your brain usually understands words, kind of just understand on it's own, without you really trying." And so Abby had looked at the candle for a while while Julian had talked. At first it seemed like not much was happening. The candle flickered and Julian had talked. He had a nice enough voice and it was soothing enough to make her feel relaxed even though people were watching. The candle flickered and danced as Abby watched. It was really quite pretty and bright and she found herself nearly ignoring what he was saying and just thinking about how much she liked candles. Then to her surprise, she said something out loud, "I Will Obey." She blinked for a moment, not sure exactly why she had said that, then remembered that Julian had told her to repeat after him. That seemed normal enough, and then he was talking again as she stared at the candle. Then he seemed to stop and say to wake up and Abby found herself less interested in the candle. Then he had looked at her and his expression was histerical as he asked her, "How are you doing?" Abby laughed. The question was so strange, "I'm fine," she answered with a giggle. "Really?"