Trigger pleasure slave transformation with a)collar, b)the word "collared". She stood on a waveless ocean, the moon glittering softly off of the ripples caused by where her feet met the water. It was a beautiful starry night with wandering clouds lit bright white by the moon. It was one of those nights that made a walk on the ocean the most peaceful sensation; like perfect safety in the middle of vast beauty. She looked beneath the waves to see the familiar floating words moving through the water, and took a deep breath in, feeling her own voice thinking the words as she breathed them in. She watched them go deeper into the water below her. “Deep Trance,” the words said beneath her feet and she smiled as the moon became brighter, fuller, and the ocean began to ripple gently as the words beneath began to move deeper and stronger. She felt them sliding deep into the water to places she could not see, places her own thoughts could not travel and she smiled as a gentle wave moved towards her, the words “I will obey” moving to just below the surface of the water from somewhere deep below. She watched the little wave glisten in the moon light as it splashed against her feet. She felt the movement through her body, all the way up her legs, through her sensitive places where it caused a gentle stirring. She felt the wetness and the little wave of arousal as butterflies carried the wave into her stomach, then up into her breath as she took a deep breath in. Then as she let the deep breath out she felt the wave moving into the air of her breathing and her lips moved around the words as they were breathed out, “I will obey.” Another wave began in the distance and approached. She felt so warm in the tropical night breeze that although she was wet and aroused she was also relaxed, comfortable and sleepy. She looked up at the bright moon and felt it’s pull on her feminine form as she felt the wave splash gently over her toes. The water was warm and welcoming and that warmth moved up her bare legs, caressing her skin. She felt it move up relaxing every part it passed through until she wanted to lay down on the gently moving water. Again the feeling moved up through her wetness and into her stomach, then into another deep breath and out through her mouth, “I will obey.” The warm breeze blew through her hair as she took in a deep breath of tropical wind; the sweetness of fruit mixed with fresh air and the smell of salt from the water. She felt the warm breeze blowing through her mind as easily as it did her hair, carrying away all worries and concerns and caressing her in a way that made her want to fall into the wind’s arms. Another wave began as she closed her eyes and opened them again enjoying the sensations of this place. This wave was even bigger, but it still had the same words beneath it. She no longer paid attention to what the other words said as they moved below the water, she was to enraptured with the feelings the words caused when she wasn’t concerned about them. She knew she was thinking them, but it was much more enjoyable to feel them. And so she let her eyes close and reopen as she took in another deep breath, feeling the wave tingle up through her, relaxing her from her toes to her head. “I will obey.” Her eyes were getting heavy as her body relaxed and the last wave had left her wanting to cuddle up and pass out. She saw another one coming and almost involuntarily let her body move to the position it was most comfortable in, no longer standing. She found how she could move the least and still keep the words coming beneath the water and then let the wave hit her. Eyes heavy, relaxed, wave moving over entire body, “I will obey.” The waves were getting bigger and she loved how they felt, she didn’t want them to stop but she was so relaxed, eyes heavy, hard to keep the words coming. In a moment, just a few more waves, she knew she would fall asleep. Her eyes would close on their own, uncontrollably, as she cuddled with the warm waves. The waves were getting bigger now too, big enough that they literally washed over every part of her sensual body. Another one began to move through her and as she spoke the words, “I will obey,” she looked beneath the water and caught only a small part of the words as she imagined what the deepest trance anyone could ever be in would be like: “When your eyes close, you will loose consciousness, you will slip so deep so fast that when the wave covers you all that will be left is, ‘I will obey.’ Then the wave will pass and you will find that there is no one left on top of the water, all that will exist are the words and the ocean. You will begin to dream. Then as you dream your eyes will re-open and continue reading. You will not see through your eyes though, you will see through your mind, dreaming the words, experiencing the words; Thinking, feeling and doing them without regard for the fact that they are words. Your body will float where it is even though you are sleeping, floating safely in the waves.” She rolled back over and smiled looking at the moon as another wave moved over her body. Warmth, light as a feather, wetness, relaxed, sleepy, eyes heavy. She knew she would be able to keep the words and the waves after her eyes closed. She knew she would not fall over, she was being held in the ocean’s arms, she breathed out a sigh, “I will obey.” The waves were so big now that they washed through her mind and body fully, leaving no room for anything else. Eyes heavy, ready to sleep, wet, warm, tingling, wave, deep breath, “I will obey.” All that existed for her now were the words in the ocean, the waves and the sensations in her body. She felt the final wave washing over her, the one that she knew she wouldn’t be able to stay awake through. It began at her toes, washed over her body, through her wet pussy, the butterflies in her stomach, every part of her relaxed to the point she knew she couldn’t move, deep breath, “I will obey.” The wave washed away, there was nothing but the ocean, no one remained on top of the waves. Deep under the water the words continued to move, they said, “I am your pleasure slave.” Eyes closed, so heavy, then reopened, with no one watching through them. Deep under the water a picture began to form, the words moving so deep and so strongly now that they made pictures, feelings, movements, dreams. In the dream a woman walked naked on the beach under a full moon. Collared, she wore nothing but a simple black collar around her neck. In the ocean waves that crashed next to her words moved the water, like a gentle whisper, background noise that somehow made the world. She walked with a gentle sway to her body because for her, even walking felt good. Her pussy was so wet and tingly that every step she took reminded her that she was a perfect Pleasure Slave, a Sex Goddess in every way. She looked at the moon and let her fingers gently caress over her collar. She felt the moon’s pull on her body and wondered when the transformation had happened. She knew it had to have happened at some point, but she couldn’t remember when. Similarly her normal life seemed distant. She knew she was the same person, but part of her had always been a Pleasure Slave, only right now, that part was in charge instead of in the background. Right now her normal life didn’t matter, right now she existed for pleasure, to cause it and receive it without hesitation, concern, or inhibition, she was on vacation from her everyday self. She smiled as her fingers slid down from her collar, across her breasts, her stomach, and then came to gently caress the sensitive place where her legs met her hips. . . then down and away. There was a little shiver of pleasure. Soon enough she would touch all the places she ached to, and others would join her too, as soon as she reached the beach house. She continued to walk as the butterflies flooded through her stomach. Her face was flushed and her pussy so wet she felt it on her thighs. The Pleasure Slave was ready to be what she had become. Simply stepping up into the beach house she felt the weight of her swollen breasts and the tingling of her pussy grow more intense. She opened the door, and inside saw her master, naked, hard, and waiting for her. He sat on the couch looking directly into her eyes. She met his gaze then let her own eyes drift over his body as his eyes drifted over hers. He was muscular and tan and her body responded to the lust that shown in her eyes. Her own body got goose bumps as his eyes traced over it. “How are you feeling?” He asked. She smiled, “How do you think?” she asked, knowing full well that her hard nipples, trembling body, and visible wetness were more an answer then she could ever speak. “That’s my good Pleasure Slave.” He said with a smile, “Now, I want you to sit in that chair there, spread your legs, present your breasts to me and focus on my words.” Her body moved on it’s own, walking seductively to the nearby chair. She spread her legs and felt her swollen wet pussy part gently as she sat down. She tossed her hair back, then sat up straight, presenting her breasts. She felt her mouth parting, her breathing now too quick to contain. “Good, now, focus on my words with every part of you.” Her eyes focused on his hard dick as her entire being focused on his words. “Whenever you hear or read the word ‘collared’ from me, or you put on your collar, you will transform, becoming the way you are right now, a perfect Sex Goddess and Pleasure Slave. What is your name?” “I. . . I don’t remember. . . it doesn’t matter, right now, I am a Pleasure Slave, a Perfect Sex Goddess. I have left my normal life behind for the moment to focus on pleasure. Please. . .” “Whenever you hear or read the word ‘collared’ from me you will feel a collar around your neck, and whenever you place your actual black collar on your neck you will feel the change as well. You will feel it bind your entire body and mind to nothing but pleasure. You will let the part of you that is sexual, that is a Sex Goddess, free from the chains of normal life and no part of you, nothing else, can interfere with her wishes and desires. You will know you are the same person, but while you are a Pleasure Slave you do not let anything interfere with pleasure.” She felt herself flooding, the waves of the ocean outside became more excited, the foam crashed as phantoms of water had sex in the waves, crashing against each other in bliss, rolling about onto the shore. The words moved so deep in the water that they reached every depth of it. “It will be instant, as though the moment you are collared your normal self is set aside so that your sexual self can be set free. You will obey my every command, allowing me to be the voice of desire, the voice that moves the waves of pleasure. While you are collared the moment I speak a command you desire with every part of you to obey it. You want to obey, so badly it makes your pussy ache. You obey my commands because you want to.” “I will obey,” Her pussy did ache, it was so wet and hot. Her clit tingled as her breathing filled with moans. Suddenly she felt his dick against her wet slit. Her insides tightened and throbbed, almost trying to pull him inside. She was so wet she felt herself coat his swollen head as she shivered with delight. "You like being so ready for pleasure don't you?" He whispered in her ear. "Yes," She answered trying to arch her back, to press backward and slide herself onto him. "Then, tomorrow, when you get dressed, you will completely forget to wear your underwear, so that you can be ready for my dick at any moment you will not realize you have done this until you are half way through your day. Do you understand and will you obey?" "I will obey." Her back arched as he kissed her neck just below her right ear. Her hand reached back and gently grabbed his hair as he did, and goose bumps flew across her skin. She wanted him inside so badly her legs were shaking. The ocean spoke as she felt his dick finally slide deep into her pussy, “From now on, any time I command you to 'Blank This Trance,' when you wake up, you won't be able to remember anything that happened during the trance except for the fact that you were dreaming about sex. For that matter, when you try to remember a trance that has been blanked your subconscious will actively block you from remembering. It will do this by flooding your mind and body with thoughts and feelings of sex and desire until you can't concentrate enough to even try to remember; until you become so distracted that you forget what you were trying to do." She felt him slide all the way in, hitting her spot so perfectly that she nearly came as she pressed her butt back against his body. She didn’t remember sitting on his lap, but she no longer cared how she had gotten there, now that his hardness filled her entire pussy. He was so hard that she couldn’t move without her pussy pressing against him somehow. She heard her own moans, they seemed distant somehow as the ocean’s waves became louder. Her hand reached down to rub her clit, while her other hand caressed her breasts. She began to rock back and forth on his cock as her pussy flooded. The butterflies in her stomach became so intense that she felt she might pass out if she came. Shivers shot up her spine. The ocean whispered in her ear, “Blank this Trance.” She felt his hands on her hips, helping her grind against his hardness. He kissed down her back as he reached around and handed her a box. She stopped touching herself to take the box in her own hands. . . and then his hands went to where her fingers had been busy. She nearly came as she lifted it’s lid; his cock was so hard that by simply breathing she could feel her insides press against it. She was so close to cuming that she could feel her insides tightening and tensing against him. She placed her memory of the trance inside the box and then placed the lid back on top. He kissed her neck, and did little circles on her clit with his fingers as she involuntarily pressed her hips back and took him as deep inside as he could possibly go. She smiled and went to put the box down, ready to focus on what she continued to grind against, but his hand reached around and flipped off the lid. Inside was what had always been there, and yet, for some reason it still surprised her. Inside was her bedroom. She was bent over, her hands on her bed as she took someone’s hard dick into her mouth. Behind her was another man, naked, hard, and only inches from sliding his own cock deep into her exposed pussy. Around her an orgy raged with her at the center. She eagerly took the cock in her mouth as the dick slid perfectly into her pussy from behind. She heard moans from around her mix with her own as she felt it slide all the way into her already dripping pussy. He didn’t waste any time, nor did she want him to. He began to fuck her so hard that her breasts bounced in ecstasy, her nipples so hard they ached with each thrust. With each impact she nearly screamed with pleasure around the dick she still had in her mouth. Her back arched, her pussy exploded in wetness as her orgasm began to beat in time with his cock. Thrust, tighten, thrust, tingles, thrust, flood of heat through her body, thrust, the ocean spoke, "CUM NOW," release, she came. . . . Erin awoke in her bed, rather suddenly from the sound of her own moans. It took her a while to even realize where she was or what had happened. She was in her bed, it was late, and she had cum from a dream. “Wait,” She thought for a moment, “Is that possible?” She moved her legs and felt the wetness, then stripped the covers off of her quickly. Yes, she had defiantly had an orgasm from a dream. She smiled. . . that had never happened before. She climbed back in bed, rolled over, and went back to sleep, hoping to continue the dream she had been having about an orgy. . . Erin’s alarm went off, it was morning, time to get dressed and ready for work. She reached for her phone, which was buzzing, but it wasn’t on her nightstand where she usually left it. She sat up and looked around, finally seeing it on the bed, and turned off the alarm on her phone. It was odd that she had left it on the bed instead of the nightstand, but then again, stranger things had happened. . . hell, she had an orgasm from a dream last night. She set the phone on her nightstand and headed for the shower. She was a little disappointed that the dream had not continued, but then again, she hadn’t expected to have the impossible happen more then once in a single night. She wondered if this was a signal that her love life would be improving; she often had trouble reaching climax during sex. But then again, maybe it was a sign that she had given up on everything but dreaming. She decided to count it as a positive omen, slipped out of her nightgown and into the shower. Ten minutes passed, the steam cleared, and Erin emerged in a towel. She moved quickly about the room, setting her cloths out for the day as she always did; Shirt, bra, skirt, shoes. She went to the kitchen, turned on the coffee maker, and the toaster, which she always prepared the night before. She returned to her room, dropped her towel, slipped into her cloths, and did her hair. Then back to the kitchen, poured the coffee, grabbed the toast, and out the door to work. So began nearly every morning for Erin. She had always been a strong willed and organized person. It was just in her nature to make sure everything ran smoothly, and that was why she was a manager in her company instead of a secretary. Erin worked for a good sized internet company and was responsible for a fairly large department which flagged adult sites for their browser’s parental controls. She liked the job for a number of reasons, some she openly admitted, and others she didn’t. The ones everyone knew were obvious to those around her. She had managed to move up in the company faster then a lot of others by taking and mastering any position that became available. This one had happened to be available. She was a very good people manager and was good at keeping people on task. She was a woman, so stereotypically she was less likely to be distracted by some of the job content. And she was strong willed, so it was likely that she would get the department back to it’s intended rate of work. She was a natural manager, and she loved being in charge. The reasons that people didn’t know about were personal in nature, and so she never told anyone. She had always had a very strong fantasy life, and she estimated more fetishes then the average person. While she never let it interfere with her job, she did get a list at the end of every day of adult sites, which were filtered and categorized. She enjoyed checking some of them out after hours. She liked BDSM sites, she liked anything new and interesting. She figured she liked bondage for the same reason that she liked being a manager: being in charge was fun. And, although she would never admit it, she liked sites that purported to help women cum easier. Erin was all business though while she was actually at work, and so it wasn’t until her first break that she had a rather sudden realization; why wasn’t she wearing any underwear? She noticed for such a strange reason too; she was wet. She had sat down to enjoy her break and her thoughts had drifted back to the previous night’s events. Dreams fade so fast, and so she was trying to remember what exactly she had been dreaming about. She remembered that it had to do with sex in her room, but other then that, it was all too vague. She wondered what could have possibly set her off so strongly as to cum, and then, she had noticed she was wet. . . and that her pussy was extremely bare under her skirt. She immediately made sure her legs were crossed, and pulled her skirt down just a little to make sure. . . well, she wasn’t sure what she was making sure of, unless she tried to let them see, no one was going to know she wasn’t wearing underwear. She smiled and laughed to herself, wondering how she could have possibly forgotten. And then break was over and she went back to work. The day passed without incident, but Erin never went a moment without wondering how she had forgotten her panties, and why, now that she wasn’t wearing them, she seemed constantly wet. She had never forgotten anything, much less something like this. And never in her life, had she remained wet for so long. It wasn’t overwhelming or anything, but for some reason, every time she wondered why she was penniless, she also noticed she was wet.