Welcome to the Focus Learning Program Tutorial!

This tutorial will install the interface system that you will be using during the rest of your work here at Focus inc. But before we begin the loading process, we will cover the basics of the interface, as it is not likely something you have encountered before.

During any use of the Learning Program you will be interacting with text, pictures, and two types of buttons. The first kind of button, shown below, is a standard one that must be clicked on with a mouse. These buttons will have text written on them to indicate their purpose. In this inactive example, the button would take you to the next part of the learning program.

The second kind of button will appear as the one below, but slightly different. That is because the button below is an inactive version of the ones that you will be seeing. The ones you will be interacting with will be different in that they will contain text that appears holographic. It may appear to float in front of the screen or shimmer. These buttons appear this way because the text is not displayed on the screen. Rather, after the interface is loaded, the text will be displayed in your mind. Do not try to click this kind of button with the mouse, as it does not activate anything on the computer.

The first program that will be loaded is the "RECORD" program that will set up all the other programs. Whenever the "RECORD" operation is in progress, a button will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen to indicate as such. This program will cause your mind to record anything that you experience or read in much the same way that a computer would; in exact data that will be permanently retrievable. In essence this will give you a kind of activatable photographic memory.

Naturally, this kind of program will require the reformatting of a small section of your brain. Don’t worry though, the process is harmless and painless. During any "RECORD" operation and during the loading of this program, you may simply experience a slight tingling sensation in your head as well as a light headed sensation.

To begin the download click the button below.