Immediately there is a falling sensation and an intense tingling in your head. Then you feel light as a feather, somehow not here at all, in a deep trance. You are reading but you aren't even aware of it, your eyes focusing on the words and your mind pulling them deep within.

Somewhere inside your head you feel a tingling, like something is opening that has never been opened before. It's like a floodgate, and as it opens, you feel these words go straight to the deepest parts of your mind and body: the parts that do things automatically without you paying attention. The same part that allows you to read in the first place, without having to focus on every single word.

Your mind is open, anything it reads right now become feelings and actions below the function of your conscious mind. You are being programmed so deeply that it's like the text is going straight to the part of you that allows you to dream. And dream you do.

In your mind you can see the new button active, it's not just on the screen, you realize the red text really is in your head and it's opened a pathway for this text you now read to go straight to your procedural memory, like a bridge which words flow across.

You can see the words going by in your dream, they fall deep into the back of your mind, diving into an ocean and then going down, and down and down. Your mind tingles intensely as you can feel your ability to take in information getting even stronger then it ever was.

The path that goes directly from your eyes to the part of you that understands words opens, so that the words don't have to be processed verbally. You see a word and understand it's meaning without having to even say it in your mind. And then the path widens.

You see the connection growing, you find you can now read in three ways. In one way, the way you normally read, the words are seen, then said in your mind, then the meaning is taken from the way the word sounds in your head. But now, in this new wider connection, you find that you can understand a word by just looking at it, bypassing your auditory system completely.

Words are symbols that mean things on their own. You find you now have a connection directly from your eyes to the meaning part of your brain, and it is growing stronger. In this second way of reading, you find you read much faster then the speed people normally talk, a limitation that was placed on your reading by the need to process the words as they sound. Even more so, in this new, second path, you find that you don't need to go back and check something you have read because it's meaning has gone directly into your mind. Quickly you are finding that you can read entire sentences at once and understand their meaning without ever repeating the words in your head. From now on, you can choose to speed read using this method.

You also find that you can read in the way you are reading right now, that bypasses even the meaning part of your mind, taking the words directly from the page and into action without ever processing them auditoraly. This is the "TRAIN" function, not even aware of what the words mean, you simply take them deep inside as programming where they become actions before they are even understood.

Every time you encounter Mr D'Angelos the phrase, "He is so hot he makes my pussy wet," will go through your head causing your pussy to grow warm and tingly. You naturally address him as "sir."

Every time you use the "TRAIN" function you will feel all three of these pathways strengthened, widened, creating a path to absorb information directly into your mind that is so effective that it will allow you to learn far more efficiently then you ever have before.

You can use any of these ways of processing words any time you want, but already you realize that using the wider connection that bypasses your auditory system is faster and you still learn just as much from the words. You may find auditory processing is more enjoyable for reading dialog or poetry, speed reading easier for studying, and the "TRAIN" function ideal for learning a task.

From now on, you can load the speed reading function by loading the "SPEED" button and clicking it just like the "TRAIN" and "RECORD" buttons. We will give you a test of this function later if you would like to try it.

You will now click the button below.