Welcome to the Garden

Hopefully the journey to this point has been quite an eventfull one, a journey filled with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Welcome to the Pleasure Slave's Garden. You may want to bookmark this site if you intend to visit often.

This site is basically where I will continue to write the kind of stories you have read to get here, the kind with strong hypnotic elements that are designed to affect the reader. I felt it was not fair to spring this sort of thing on an unsuspecting reader, at least not to the point that I intend to here, and so I felt this deserved it's own page as well as it's own seperate attention.

What I intend to do here is to post highly hypnotic writing as often as I can, EVERY STORY HERE WILL BE DESIGNED TO HYPNOTISE YOU, so you may want to be careful about exactly what stories you choose to read. I will hopefully make that decision pretty easy by clasifying the stories in a way that makes it easy to find something you would enjoy.

On that note, to the left is a navagation bar that will have the stories as I write them. On the right is a navigation bar for everything else. It may be bare at the moment because I haven't gotten as far on this project as I would like to have, but hopefully you are a little exhausted anyway ;0)

As has been stated in the story, your degree of participation is entirely up to you. If you don't want to interact with me directly (for instance if you have a partner or just don't desire contact) avoid stories that say they are geared towards interacting with me and perhaps steer towards ones that say they are geared towards having a partner.

If you are interested in transformations (ie. Goddess, Android, Bimbo, Pleasure Slave) there will be a section specifically for that. If you are interested in chating with me there is a link on the right to let you know if I am online or not. You are always more then welcome to e-mail me, and if you are really adventerous, I may sometimes list my phone number.

For the safety of everyone involved I have a general rule to not actually meet people in person. For most this site should be entertaining and interesting but it should not completly replace or interfer with any goal you already have in your life. I am interested in pushing your limits sexually, I am interested in exploring the world of pleasure and the world of hypnosis, I am not interested in taking over someone's life.

So your degree of participation here is up to you and should not interfere with your normal life (unless you specifically pick a hypnosis like one that makes you cum in public or you are using what is here to enhance your experience with your partner.)

All of that said, I hope you enjoy this site and that you take the time to introduce yourself.

--Julian D'Angelos