What Goes Around Comes Around, Part 5

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will cause the reader to slowly become bi-sexual. There are quite a few other effects as well but the central one is an intensification of sexual feelings towards both sexes.

Trisha awoke with Elle naked in her arms. They had both been exhausted after having had sex several times since they first arrived at Trisha's home that afternoon. She wasn't sure what had gotten into them, they had both cum, then fell asleep listening to the music, then both came again. . . which only set off another round, after which Elle had put on a different CD. . . and they had both came again, which left them so needy they had done it one more time. Then they had finally passed out exhausted.

Trisha looked down at the girl in her arms and gently caressed her hair. For as long as she could remember, Trisha had always loved women. She loved their shape, their soft skin, the smell of their hair. She loved the way they moved, their gentle touch, and how well they knew her body. She had never felt that attracted to men, and the few short attempts that she had made with men had all been bland and boring by comparison to even her worst fling with a woman. How could a man ever know her body and mind the way a woman did? How could he ever do with his dick what a woman could do with her tongue and fingers?

Trisha smiled as she looked down at Elle sound asleep in her arms, completely submissive and now, no longer able to resist her commands. It would only be a matter of time before she too found that men simply weren't good enough for her, only a matter of time before Elle would choose her over her husband.

Trisha's hand slipped down to her own pussy at that thought, Elle was hers now.


Elle snuggled up close to Trisha's breasts as she felt the gentle caress on her hair, and smiled as she watched Trisha's hand slide down to her own wet pussy. She had never been like this with a woman before, never ached inside because of her kiss, never loved he body so much as this. And other then her husband, no one had ever made her cum like that. She had certainly never played her favorite CD for anyone else before: the one that always left her so horny she couldn't control herself. But somehow all she wanted to do was make Trisha feel good, make her feel the kind of pleasure she now felt just from the gentle touch on her hair, and the nearness to her breasts.

Elle smiled and closed her eyes, listening to the wonderful sound of Trisha's moans as she began to play. She knew she should go home, but she didn't want to leave. She quietly fantasized about Trisha moving in with her and her husband as her own pussy began to moisten from the sound of Trisha's pleasure.


He stood quietly in the pink room, looking down at the CD rack, perplexed and intrigued. Elle hadn't come home as quickly as she usually did, but for some reason he wasn't worried, but rather incredibly curious. Three CDs were missing.

Elle had never taken them out of her room before because as far as he knew, there was never a reason to do so: she only ever played them on her stereo there. She believed they were copyrighted and so she wasn't supposed to share them. And she knew that sometimes she got sleepy listening to them, so she knew not to play them on her car stereo. So where had she taken them?

He had initially suspected that she had gone to visit her new friend today. Elle had spoken of Trisha before, and he was glad to see her branching out and finding some new friends, since she had lost a lot of her old ones when they had moved, but that didn't explain the CDs being missing. Then a thought struck him. She wouldn't have shared them with her friend would she?

He sat on the pink couch and raised an eyebrow at the thought. It fit the facts, but it was a strange thought: why would she share the CDs with a friend, when she knew full well that they sometimes made her horny? He stood up and walked to the CD rack, trying to discern what was missing.

The first he recognized easily; it was a basic induction, nothing complicated, just an induction that established the music and his voice as having control, and music that was specifically designed to relax the mind. The second was an experiment he had run on sound wavelengths that had turned out to cause arousal. It didn't contain nearly as much hypnosis, mostly just something to turn people on when they heard it.

When he realized what the third one was, he smiled.


Trisha almost didn't send Elle home that night. She gave some serious consideration to just commanding her to spend the night, but she knew that if she were going to lure her slowly away from her husband, that kind of a direct command this early might distress her and cause far more conflict then she wanted to deal with at the moment. For now, she would be content to have her over whenever she wanted.

So reluctantly she let her go home. It was late, they had both came so many times they were both exhausted, and Elle had needed to take a shower just to be presentable. Trisha smiled at that thought as she drove Elle back to her car.


Elle was glad to be home, she was tired, but still buzzing from all the pleasure. Her pussy seemed to twitch and tingle just from walking as the images of Trisha's perfect body still floated through her head.

She opened the front door to her house, finding her husband on the couch reading. She smiled and walked quickly to him.

"I'm sorry I am so late, I hung out with Trisha longer then I was expecting to," She said as she bent down and kissed him on the cheek.

"No worries," He said with a smile, returning to his book. Elle smiled back at him then headed towards the stairs, but before she got there he said something, though she wasn't exactly sure what it was he said because she was feeling incredibly sleepy and dizzy, floating in a mist in her mind. She wasn't even entirely aware she had stopped moving. She smiled as she suddenly felt happy. All her thoughts stopped as she turned and faced her husband, staring blankly in his eyes.

"That's my good pleasure slave," He said, and Elle smiled even more, her mind filling with a kind of emotional pleasure that made her want his words so badly she could hardly stand it, "Now, tell me all about Trisha."


Not even a day had passed before Elle called Trisha. They didn't have class that day, and Elle informed Trisha that her Husband would be going to work shortly. Trisha smiled, "So you want me to come visit you today instead of coming over here?"

Elle blushed and Trisha could hear the sound in Elle's voice that meant she was embarrassed to have her desires read so easily.

"Alright," Trisha said with a smile, "I'll be over in a moment."


Elle opened the door excitedly and Trisha stepped in almost just as much so, she nearly kissed Elle on the lips in greeting but caught herself as, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed someone sitting on the couch.

Elle smiled as she followed Trisha's eyes, "Oh, I don't think you two have ever met. Trisha, this is my husband Julian. He's getting ready for work." Trisha smiled and waved.

"Nice to meet you," he said, never looking up from the paperwork in front of him.

Quite to her surprise, Trisha found herself looking him over. He was wearing a suit, which fit him very well. His blue eyes were striking and his voice sent a little chill of desire through her body, which caught her completely off guard.

Never in her life had she really found a man attractive, but for some reason, at this moment, she found herself thinking that perhaps under different circumstances she could have liked him.

"Can I get you a drink or anything," Elle said in her usual sweet voice and Trisha blushed as she actually had to tear her attention away from the man sitting on the couch. Elle was so sweet, always thinking of others, and Trisha smiled a proud smile of ownership as she looked into Elle's beautiful brown eyes that were so eager to please.

"Sure, water's fine," Elle turned quickly and Trisha watched her go, Elle's perfect ass swaying in her tight blue jeans as she walked. Trisha found herself looking forward to sliding those off of her.

"So you and Elle have a class together?" Trisha almost didn't hear the question, somehow noticing the sound his voice made more clearly then the words he formed, none the less she found herself answering almost before she had realized what he asked, "Yes, just math."

"Well, I'm glad, math isn't her best subject." Trisha was confused for a moment, unsure if her pussy was moistening because of the thought of Elle's naked ass walking about, or because of how his voice sounded. She was scared for a moment, unsure what to make of what she was feeling, unsure she was even feeling it, but unable to shake the fact that she loved the sound of his voice. She did everything she could to not look directly at him.

"Elle tells me that you are a wiz at math though." His voice was somehow powerful in a way she had never heard, almost as though it spoke to her deep inside, through every wall she had ever put up against men. She admitted to herself that she liked the sound of it. She told herself that was all, as she found herself responding again almost reflexively as she wished Elle would come back to help with the building warmth between her legs.

"I'm not bad at it," Trisha said, forcing herself to look at him, telling herself that he just had a very nice voice, that was all. But even as she looked at him, she knew that wasn't entirely true. His eyes, even though they weren't looking at her were distracting, something she could get lost in if he had looked at her the right way, the way mens' eyes weren't supposed to look to her. He had a very nice shape to him, the harder lines of his face, the broad shoulders accented by the suit, something that had always seemed foreign in shape was somehow pleasing for just a moment. There was something about him that made her feel weak in the knees, the way she only ever felt about women just before they made her cum.

"Elle also mentioned that you were very attractive, she was defiantly correct about that."

Trisha actually blushed. She couldn't believe it, no one had ever made her blush. Especially not a man. But he was defiantly attractive, somehow hearing him speak stirred something deep within her pussy like no man had ever done. She smiled, she fidgeted, she tried to think of something to say, but found herself just flirting with him with her eyes.

He smiled at her, "Attractive enough, Elle even says, that it's easy to loose control."

Trisha's heart nearly leapt out of her chest. Did he know? Then her pussy let flow so suddenly and forcefully that her legs went weak. Her head spun and confusion set in so completely that she didn't even realize what she said out loud. In her head so many thoughts exploded that consciously, that the only words that weren't a question got lost in the shuffle.

How could he know? God, why am I so wet and horny? Should I try to get out of here before he realizes what I have been trying to do? Will Elle still come fuck me right now before I have to bring myself to an orgasm? "You have complete control of my pussy." Why can't I focus? How can I possibly want him so much? What if he tries to kill me for fucking his wife? I wonder if fucking me will make everything ok? Am I still a lesbian if I fuck a guy once? I need those expert fingers, where are you Elle?

Simultaneously Trisha decided to run for the front door, go for Elle in the kitchen, and kiss the strangely attractive man in front of her. "You have complete control of my pussy." The net result was that she didn't move.

For a fleeting moment there was clarity, something had happened to her that she didn't understand, but then there was this warmth dripping down her thigh and the clarity was gone. Her fingers tried to slide towards her cunt, but in her undecided frenzy they stopped just after the tips slid beneath her beltline.

Her heart raced, she knew she wasn't normally like this, she knew something had happened, she knew, but she didn't care, what she wanted was to cum.

But in front of a man? One I don't know? But his voice, he's so hot, how could I not? What if I can't stop myself from cuming? "You have complete control of my pussy." But what about Elle, didn't I come here to fuck Elle? Could I fuck them both? Why aren't I running? How could I possibly be about to cum?

Elle entered the room, stopped for a moment, and smiled.

Somehow, Trisha couldn't stop herself, she couldn't seem to get herself to move, but perhaps Elle, "Pause, you want to lick my pussy, play."

What did I just do? But in front of him? Why not? How am I still here? Why do I care, why don't I just cum? "You have complete control of my pussy." Why is he smiling? Why do I love his smile so much? What am I doing?

Trisha's heart raced as Elle excitedly knelt in front of her. Her legs trembled as she looked over Elle's brown locks to the approving eyes from the couch. She became light headed as a hint of a bulge moved between his legs and Elle's fingers made it to where Trisha's hand still barely pierced her clothing.

Why should I need his approval? God, why do I like his approval so much? How am I so out of control? "You have complete control of my pussy."

Elle slid Trisha's pants off. Trisha almost feinted. She hadn't even been naked in front of a man since her freshman year in high school, when she had realized men simply didn't turn her on. Now, as she stared helplessly into his eyes she realized her panties were soaked and sticking to her bare wet lips.

He spoke and she nearly came, a chill running the length of her body, "Elle, freeze." Elle stopped moving, her eyes went blank as she froze in place, locked into staring lustfully at Trisha's panties, her fingers no farther then Trisha's own had gone.

For a second Trisha stared uncomprehending, her heartbeat throbbing between her legs. And then it suddenly dawned on her, filling her with a combination of terror and lust so powerful that all she could do was stare and drip.

Trisha knew, only for a second, that he had hypnotized Elle. She knew for only a second that somehow, he had hypnotized her as well. She knew, only for a second, as the words came eagerly from her lips, "You have complete control of my pussy," her eyes went wide, filled with visible realization, but only for a second.

"Yes, Trisha, that's right. CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

Orgasm. Seemingly unending bliss so intense that no thought can persist through it. Release and bliss; the reward of desire. A gift irrefusable, that once received, only kindles greater desire in the future. It is orgasm that inspires us to many diverse sexual desires and fetishes, and it is your orgasm I now control. It is your orgasm that I can summon at any moment, a bolt of bliss through you that is unstoppable and surprisingly welcome whenever it cums.

Because of this, there is a never ending well of desire deep within you, that my very presence causes to bubble to the surface. You know I can make you cum any time I choose, no matter what you do, and because of this, my very presence is an aphrodisiac.

You cannot help it, because I can make you cum at will, you will always find you want me when you see me. You will find that you actually crave my control because it makes you cum so much. And because you are always turned on in my presence, you will always be able to cum whenever I command it. It is a never ending spiral. I have complete control of your pussy.

No doubt, with this constant state of arousal in my presence, you will find me attractive for many reasons; it is orgasm after all, that inspires us to many diverse sexual desires and fetishes.

No matter what you do, even though you are aware that I have hypnotized you, you will not be able to shake the fact that you want me whenever you see or hear me. No matter what you try to do, no matter what your normal preferences are I arouse you intensely.

That isn't to say you won't still like women. On the contrary, I will probably be making you so horny for a while that you will want them quite badly, you will just find that you like me too, just as though you have discovered you have another fetish you didn't even know you had.

Oh yes, and from now on, all of the triggers you have imbedded in Elle will work on you just as well when I, and only I, trigger them. I can pause your mind because you want me to and you can't shake the fact that you want me to control you into cumming even more.

When I reach the number 5, you will find yourself awake, still reeling from an incredibly intense orgasm that seems to have caused you to black out for a bit.

1 Waking up. In your pussy there is an aftershock almost as powerful as your normal orgasms, you feel as though you have been cuming the entire time you were out.

2 Waking up. It's as though you are still cuming, catching the very end of an orgasm so powerful that you couldn't handle it all. Your pussy contracts and floods. A rush of warmth, a tingle all the way to the top of your head.

3 More awake, your heart pounding in your clit, your breathing so fast, moaning, shaking, trembling, butterflies in your stomach as your pussy quivers with pleasure. Tingling, overwhelming pleasure as heat rushes to your head and your cheeks.

4 More awake, realizing only now that your eyes are open even though you usually have them closed during an orgasm. Your pussy feels hot and wet, open and waiting, ready.

5 Wide awake.

. . . Elle, unfreeze."

Elle's fingers slipped gently into Trisha's panties and slid them expertly to her ankles. Somewhere in Trisha's head a thought faintly urged her to run, but was quickly drowned out by Elle's tongue parting her lips and finding her clit. Trisha's legs gave out from the intensity of the sensation and as she slowly dropped to her knees shaking, she guided Elle's face up meet her own in a passionate kiss.

"Lie down on the floor Elle," His voice echoed in her ears, then in her nipples, then in her pussy, "As for you; Pause, spread your legs and kneel over Elle's face looking at me, feel her lick your pussy now, play."

For a moment Trisha thought that she should be resisting for some reason, but it quickly faded as she realized she was already moving, kneeling. And then she felt Elle's tongue part her lips, slowly licking from the bottom of her pussy all the way to her clit. She looked at him lustfully as she smiled, proud to finally have Elle as her own.

Elle's tongue rippled gently as it moved up and down Trisha's dripping slit making Trisha's back arch, her nipples hardening as goose bumps ran the length of her stomach all the way across her breasts, ending in a warm flush across her cheeks.

"Pause, the butterflies in your stomach begin to spin, pleasure rushing up through your clit, to just below your belly button in a constant flow of pleasure. Waves flow through this energy with each heartbeat that throbs through your clit, feeling like a lick on your pussy, making a gentle contraction within your deepest pleasure. You wish very intensely that my dick would touch you there, pressing you open into deep uncontrollable orgasms, play."

Elle's tongue teased just a little bit into Trisha's opening, pressing her deep desire just enough that Trisha couldn't help but moan. Trisha wished suddenly for something inside of her, wished that gentle push would become an intense pressure of uncontainable pleasure. Her inner walls contracted again as Elle licked all the way to her clit, the warmth flowing well past her belly, making her stomach muscles contract in a shiver of pleasure. Her eyes seemed to drop almost uncontrollably to see his hardness beneath the fabric of his suit pants.

She felt her face become hot as she stared, having never before ached for something inside so badly. The few times she had tried it before, she had never felt like this, she wanted him inside so badly that she could hardly breathe without feeling empty between her legs.

"CUM NOW." Trisha's eyes couldn't move from his dick as Elle's nails scratched gently at her outer thighs and across her ass as her licking became almost a vibration. Trisha's pussy squeezed and released, sending a flow of hot cum through her wet lips as Elle squirmed beneath her, suddenly caught in her own orgasm. The girls moans seemed to synchronize.

"Pause, everything that happens to her is happening to you, if she cums, you cum, you can't help it. Somehow my words have made you just like her, unable to resist my commands and so horny you can't control yourself. All you want to do right now is enjoy the pleasure of obeying together, Play."

Trisha's pussy throbbed as her back arched, pulling her pussy up just a little bit from Elle's lips. Elle licked so gently, yet quickly, that Trisha felt light headed.

"Pause, you can't seem to take your eyes away, locked into complete focus. You want my dick inside of you more then you have ever wanted anything but your pussy is so out of control right now that you aren't even sure you could walk all the way here without collapsing on the floor in spasms of pleasure. The thought of us being connected, my dick deep inside of you, touching your pussy where my words already do, has you fantasizing about my cock. Perhaps you really are bisexual and have been all along, you just never found the right guy until now, or perhaps until recently you never found the right girl, in either case, right now, you can't escape the thought that you are defiantly bisexual, play."

Trisha found her eyes almost locked onto his cock and for the first time in her life she understood why a woman would like a man, she fully understood why Elle was with him. She decided in that moment that she would have him too, him and Elle to please her, to bring her pleasure and to fill her soaking pussy.

Trisha's head spun, Elle's tongue darting in and out of her opening as she realized Elle was playing with herself as she licked. Elle was such a good girl, perhaps she would share her husband with her. Trisha smiled as the idea hit her. Her eyes never moved from his cock as she spoke; "Pause, you like the idea of watching Julian fuck another woman, it makes you so horny you can hardly stand it, to know that he can give you any woman you want to play with, and knowing that he will give me to you, whom you have wanted all along, anything he does to me, you will feel as though it's happening to you, play."

Julian laughed out loud as Elle's fingers began to fuck her pussy wildly. Trisha just stared lustfully at his hard dick, rocking back and forth on Elle's unrestrained tongue.

"Elle, lie on your back, Trisha, it's your turn to lick." Trisha found herself moving before she even realized she was doing it. Elle lay back and spread her legs, nearly tearing off her cloths as she did. Trisha found herself kneeling, then moving to all fours, bent down to lick, but what surprised her was how her ass seemed to stick up and out on it's own, begging for him to fuck her. So this is how it feels to want a man. Trisha thought, her pussy throbbing between her legs as her back continued to arch in anticipation. She bent down and began to lick, part of her wishing she could still look at his cock, and part of her incredibly happy to be licking Elle's pussy, Elle, whom she had worked to hard to get, was now hers to bring to orgasm whenever she wanted.

Elle's breathing went wild with moans of pleasure as Trisha began to lick, knowing how to please even better then Elle because of years of experience. She alternated between light fast licking and slow deep tonguing, feeling Elle squirm under her lips. Trisha felt her juices flowing just as strongly as Elle's now did, dripping slowly down her swollen lips and coating her clit. Her legs began to move, alternating, her inner thighs massaging her swollen pussy as her butt wiggled in the air waiting for his touch. It soon came, and so did she, as his hand gently caressed her waiting ass, sending a shiver so intense it flowed all the way from her body and through Elle's.


Their orgasm was simultaneous, like one orgasm in two people. Trisha knew this because she felt Elle's cunt flood and throb around her long tongue as her own inner walls contracted in bliss, sending a wave of wetness down her thighs. She heard his pants slide off, his belt jingling as it hit the floor, her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. She had never really liked dick, but right now, she anticipated it so intensely that she was shaking, her back arching farther then she imagined it could, presenting her pussy, feeling it open and ready as she buried her face between Elle's legs.

"Pause, any time my dick slides into you, you immediately cum, as though my dick is the key that unlocks your orgasm, you can't help it, I have complete control of your pussy, play."

She first felt it's swollen head gently against her ass cheek, his hardness perfect in it's rigidity coated in soft warmth. She wanted to beg him to stick it in, but could only manage to lick even faster, she knew that Elle was watching him, wanting him to fuck her just as bad as she did.

The first thrust was indescribable. Like an orgasm that began on the outside of her pussy and echoed all the way through her stomach then back through her ass as his body came up against her and the swollen tip pushed as far in as it could go. Then she tightened around him so hard she was sure she would push him out, and that's when the second orgasm hit her. Elle began to cum all over her mouth as she realized all she could do any longer was moan against Elle's pussy.

He began to thrust, slowly at first, then faster. Trisha's eyes rolled back in her head, it was as though she couldn't even get a break between orgasms. Before the second one had finished for her or Elle, they were both cuming again. She felt every detail of his cock deep inside and found herself so excited to be fucked by his dick that she began to feel something that could only be described as love for how it felt. She barely managed a single thought, I don't know how I ever got by without a dick every once in a while.

She immediately came again, feeling his thrusts pounding against her G-spot and his balls bouncing against her clit. She felt his body pressed hard against her ass just as her mouth pressed hard against Elle's pussy.

Her insides clenched again, trying to hold him in and then trying to push against him, then being unable to stop the pleasure as he pressed her open again, she felt as though each thrust became an orgasm. Elle's pleasure crested a limit break, she seemed to be becoming delirious as she writhed beneath her tongue in a state of near constant orgasm. Trisha was so lost in the bliss that she didn't even realize that she herself had completely collapsed to laying on her arms, moaning into Elle's pussy as she gladly let him fuck her.

Her ass seemed stuck in the air, held up by his cock deep within her pussy. If it hadn't been for him inside her, she was sure she would have collapsed to the ground. She pressed her legs together, feeling her pussy tighten into another orgasm as she did. All she could do was bounce against Elle's flowing wetness.

Her eyes opened only for a moment before they rolled back into her head in another orgasm, her pussy once again clenching on him. She saw Elle's pussy contract and a little flow of wetness emerge before she was lost in orgasm again.

She felt as though she simply started the orgasm and he provided every wave within it, the head of his dick sliding effortlessly in and out no matter how hard she remained clenched. His thrusts became the peaks of her orgasms.

Then she felt him throb, and heard him moan, and she nearly lost consciousness as his orgasm became hers and then flowed all the way into Elle. She felt for a moment that she was nothing but a conduit of pleasure, receiving and giving and feeling both. His cum was hot as it mixed with her own, the vibrations of his throbbing orgasm another wave of pleasure mixing with his thrusts and her own orgasm. Elle's cunt seemed to shiver beneath her.

For the first time, as she literally felt his throbbing within her, she understood what it meant to be fucked by a man: that you could literally feel his orgasm within you mixing with your own.

Her eyes rolled back in her head one last time, "CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND." And then she lost consciousness.


Trisha and Elle awoke on the couch, both sitting at attention. They heard his car start and knew only vaguely that he had been talking before he left. Trisha knew full well that she had been under, that he had done to her what she had done to Elle. She also seemed completely unable to not want it to happen again. She tried half heartedly to tell herself that this was bad, but when Elle looked at her and smiled, all she could do was smile back.

And when Elle suggested that they should go up stairs and listen to music, Trisha found she wanted to so badly that saying no seemed stupid. Logically she knew this was all wrong, but she couldn't deny that all she wanted right now was to go up stairs and go under again with Elle, hoping that when she woke up, it would be with an orgasm. She tried to convince herself that she wouldn't do it even as they walked up the stairs, but as she watched Elle's naked ass in front of her, walking up those same stairs that it had walked up when she first got a good look at it, all she wanted to do was put her under, fuck her silly, then pass out listening to music while fantasizing about how good his cock had felt.

Even as she went into the pink room she thought that if she couldn't stop herself then she would have to get revenge. She would hypnotize Elle to fuck them both. . . no that wasn't it. . . she would hypnotize him to fuck her. . . no, that wasn't it either. She would hypnotize them both to fuck her. Well, that was what she wanted wasn't it?

She sighed and smiled, accepting that she would just have to get back at him by getting what she wanted; seduce him into pleasing her the same way she had Elle, even if that meant being his pleasure slave. Her last thought before she heard the music was simply, I'll get what I want. What goes around, comes around. Never realizing that it already had.

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