For more then half a year now I have been writing erotic stories for my website. During that time I have talked to a lot of people about my stories and my writing and I feel that any improvement has been largely due to their gracious feedback. Though I have a great number of hits on my site I am afraid that there are very few people who actually talk to me or even sign my guestbook (which I have noticed leaves no room to say anything but hello).

So, I've started a yahoo discussion board where I want to discuss my stories. What you think of them, what can be improved, what you have experienced in reading, what topics you wish I had a story about etc. This commentary does not have to be good. I actually appreciate some critiques more then praise (although I must admit a natural fondness to praise lol) because of the improvement critiques usually generate in my writing.

If you want to let me know what you think, but don't want to have to write too much you can just leave a rating using the following system:

Story Name: **** <--- # of stars

* Well, it was a story, I'll give it that.

** For a moment I was entertained.

*** You have a lot to work on, but it had it's moments.

**** It has potential, but it wasn't good enough to read again.

***** I felt butterflies, it could be improved though

****** That was pretty hot, got anything else?

******* I'm all hot and blushing, I'm calling my BF/GF.

******** I have never been this turned on by a story before

********* Oh my god that was hot, oh my god.

********** I came just from reading it.

I don't know how feasible anything after 6 stars is, but hey, I can dream right? lol

At any rate, I hope you enjoy my stories and let me know what you think.


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