Role Playing Games

As in what I spend way too much time on creating, playing and tweaking.

Universe My friends will recognize this as the full extension of my first role playing game. Universe got too complicated for my taste and I have thus moved onto working with a new system of my own creation, which, non-coincidentally is the next item on the list.

Epoch My new project is a simplified version of my previous game, fewer stats, simplified character creation, less dice etc. In all likelihood I will eventually waste the time necessary to transfer my entire previous game in to this system. . . but not any time soon.

Ready to Run Quests As a GM I realize the serious pain in the ass it can be to constantly generate new quests of my players. So I have made them in 3 formats: 1)Using the "Epoch" rules system in exactly the manor I ran the quest. 2)Using the "Epoch" rules system with instructions on how to tailor them to your players instead of mine. 3)No system specified, with instructions on how to tailor them to your players and lists of enemies that you will need to acquire from the system you will be using. Feel free to tweak anything you'd like as this represents primarily a plot for you to play around with.

Stories I have recorded the events of the quests I have successfully run in the "Epoch" system in an Online Novella format so that they can be read by anyone who enjoys a good story.