People get bogged down in details. Some start something with an over all idea of what they want done but then when it comes to the exicution they get so caught up in the details that they forget what it was that they were looking to do in the first place. Others start with the details of life and try to construct a life from there but then when they find that some of the details, constructed independantly from the other details, conflict they find themselves living in a maze of procedures to do a task that they did not define in the first place. In either case it seems that it is the little things, piled up in mass, rather than the fiew large things overriding everything that people have trouble with.

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned in Kindergarden is the title of a book I have not really read, but the title concept is fairly clear: it is the simple things that we teach to kindergardeners that make the differance, not the difficult details we learn during the rest of our schooling. These things that are learned; sharing, kindness, work ethic, gracious loosing and winning, and that ability to get back on the bike when you fall off, are what make a person's life function, because they are overriding concepts. It is only when we get so emersed in our own situations in life that these ideas are forgotten, we are lossed in the details and cannot see out to the obvious; life isn't that bad and every day is not a crisis.

William Henery Therou perhaps put things, fittingly, the simpelest when he said, "Simplify, Simplify, Simplify." When one takes on everything at once there can be no good course of action, for when he pulles out a string he finds it invarribly tied to everything else in his universe. If he is late to pick up his kid from school he finds himself late to that buisness dinner, because he has forgotten to take one thing at a time. Multitasking, although usefull, appears to have become the goal of our society. Eveyone must do everything all the time. This causes an irreversible clutter of the mind that disables any ability to see the reality floating overtop: all thoes people that pissed you off today by cutting you off in traffic did it because they were in a hurry to try and provide for themselves and their family. Your very annoyance with them because they cut you off showes you in a mindset of being in a hurry; the same disease that made them annoy you is the reason for your ability to be annoyed by the event.

Everyone is in the same boat, and everyone is so burried in the job of bailing for their lives that they don't knotice that they are bailing into their neighbor's seat in that same boat. They have gotten so lost in the details of saving themself that they haven't realized that they are sinking their own ship. It is only when we are able to look up, assess the grand situation that the necessary clarity returns. Only when we can see through the details will the details make sense.