Embrio of Man

Blue fire. Cold, blue fire. It dances so quietly in the wind. There is an ocean, a dark sky, lightning. The beach is cold white. A dark figure stands, facing the water, surrounded in this fire that seems to emit no light or heat. He is not burned. A single tear, cold, blue, streaks down his face as he stares into the brewing storm. His hair is whipped around, dark and shinin.g, by the wind. And in him there is a longing for the end.

The waves crash, more and more forcefully in front of him as the wind gathers to attack the land. He looks up, grits his teeth, tears his clothing to throw it to the fire, as his first tear hits the burning sand beneath his bare feet. The rain begins.

He tosses his tattered shirt into the fire below. Where it displaces some sand and then sits waving in the wind. The rain comes down, and fuels the fire that burns at his feet. The waves wash upon the sand with such force that they can be seen toppling rocks of shore.

The wind whips his shirt from his feet and carries it off into the night. He stands, braced, the tears and the rain now one thing. The cold fire burns to twice his height now as the first wave reaches his feet. His eyes burn, blue like the ground, and the lightning is in them like it is in the sky. He shivers and wraps his arms around his soaked body, yet, he stays.

Off in the distance can be seen the whirling black sky and a dark wall appears on the horizon. A wave crashes on the shore and eats the sand from beneath his feet. He falls to his knees, then fights to stand as the fire still burns, now on the water. It begins to spread.

He looks into the storm. He sees it's center, he sees it's final wrath. He is pounded by another wave that nearly pulls him out to sea. He fights to stand. And then, the water recedes at a rapid pace. The wind stops, as though blocked by something. The fire consumes the coast, burns atop the water. The cold is unbearable and the salt burns his eyes and lips. Across his stomach, red blood trickles from where he has been dragged across the hard sand. The salt burns this too as he stands, crying, beaten, broken, cold, and alone.

He looks up to see the mountainous wall of water that now bears atop him. He braces himself, as the wind suddenly blows with more force then he has ever felt. The wave approaches. He stares at it, blood, tears, rain, ocean water all dripping from him. He smiles, he cries one last tear, he grits his teeth. "Anna" he yells. The water lights up from the blue fire and the lightning, now one in the same. Then, as the wave falls, lightning strikes it atop him. And as the wave erases the land, in the place he had been a brilliant yellow boils the water.

The blue fire, from this epicenter, ignites the world into an inferno, shining forth like the sun. The clouds evaporate in it's heat and light. The water boils to a blaze and the fire shines deep into the dark night of space. The night burns away, and the sun becomes the ground. The stars look down upon the planet, so small, so insignificant in the ocean of the universe, and rejoice: another sun has been born.