Choice-the power or cahnce to decide
     The ability to turn right instead of left for no real 
reason.   The inharent ability of conciousness to will something.

Chaos-The property of doing withought reason.   Being completely
 disordered.   Coming from the Greek god.

Chaos Theory-Mathmatical postulate that chaotic patterns in
 nature follow mathmatical law.   Ie, chaos springs from extreme
 complexity in order.   Thus all things obey basic laws of order.

Conciousness-the ability to choose with realization of that
 choice.   Free will.

     Nothing happens without a reason unless it is chaotic.  
 Choice has the ability to act without reason.   The only ture
 chaos is free will because no true chaos can be defined within
 this reality in terms of Physics (Chaos theory).   

Choice=Chaos and Chaos=Choice

     Conciousness exists because we are capible of studying our
 own behavior and altering it: an act of free will/Choice.   Thus
 Conciousness is a form of advanced choice/free will where choice
 is actively used and recognized (the existance of free will must
 be recognized in order for it to be used.   Otherwise it won't

Therefore: Chaos=Conciousness

IF Chaos=Conciousness=Free will then the first event that ever
 occured in time (Which would have had to happen for no reason,
 or inharently by chaos, due to the fact that there are not
 preceeding events in time) would have to be made by a

First event=chaotic=by choice=Conciousness

Thus it is necessary for a conciousness to exist for any universe
 to exist.   But the question that really bothers me is this: Is
 inteligance required for conciousness?   Any answers would be
 greatly apriciated.