In the begining there was this big bang. Or rather, there was what would have been a rather big bang, were it not for the fact that this was the begining; and there was no air for the sound of "bang" to travel through, and no ears in existence to hear it. But, as the story goes, there would have been a big "bang" had there been a universe for it to occur in. And then, there was light, and for that matter, any number of other things that now exist, or, now don't, that were floating arround in this soupy expanding thing we like to call space. This was how things began, a little messy perhaps, but quite spectacular were it not for the fact that no one was looking. "If a tree falls in the woods..."

Then, as this mess cooled off and spread out, slightly more complex things started to take shape. Things like particles and other things like places where there really wasn't anything. And so what "was" somehow got divided from what "wasn't" and gravity started to mean something, because where things "was" bent space slightly more then where things "wasn't". Thus all that was began to hang out in places far appart from each other. And things were relitivly still compared to whatever had happened in the begining and the cosmic dust spread apart for an indefinate ammount of time.

Then somewhere in one of the spirals of dust a rather large group of particles got togather and made one giant glowing yellow ball and a couple of other smaller darker ones. Because paricles had gotten togather, and some making atoms, had fused, things besides hydrogen were made. And this occurred all over the place. And plannets littered the vast space arround the giant balls of glowing dust less frequently then not, but enough to be infinate for all practicle purposes.

And then on this one plannet orbiting a rather non-unique glowing ball of dust, something rather absurd happened; Life began. Weather this occurred by the hand of some deaity, or by infinatly improbible chance the life has not agreed on. But somehow, something happened to make the first of living things. Anywhere between three rotations of the dark ball of dust to five billion revolutions arround the glowing ball of dust later the first living thing gave a verbal designation to another. And thus began language.

The rather medium sized, upright, quadraped, mamal that uttered this designation eventually refered to his own kind as man. And so the mess of trying to define anything and everything was begun. But mythology, history, science, and psychology seem to agree, we probubly named everything we could as our first language. As it tourned out, the development from "Me eat ox" to "I think I'd like the steak, medium well, with sallad instead of soup and a baked potato, no chives." took relitivly fiew revolutions of the rock they named Earth arround the star they named Sol. In fact it only took about six thousand, as compared to the possible five billion it took an entire universe to build one being capible of that speach out of smaller lifeforms.

In that six thousand years this upright, quadraped, mamal, called man, has managed to build more usles, ansurd, or inane junk then even they expected. And they have managed to make around six billion people that are currently alive; roughly, one for every year sense Earth has been around.

Then, by some rediculously impossible chance, out of two of the billions of people who are infinatly improbible that have no reason for knowing each other except for absolute chance, you, the reader were born; as, likewise, I the writer, was born. And now, by another impossible chance, you, are reading what I wrote on some December afternoon in the year 2000, while contemplating why the hell it is that I am concious of my existence and asking myself why it is that a universe would chose to make me.