Enjoy the bigest orgasm of all time.

Friday something something 2004 is Orgasm day and it is the goal of this page to orgonize the largest simultanious orgasm of all time.

At exactly noon on that day, anyone who listens to any of the audio files below will uncontrolibly and automatically have an orgasm allong with every other person who listens to it. The orgasm will be rather intense and will last (or continue to multiple orgasms when possible) until the person having it says "stop" out loud.

To participate in the worlds biggest simultanious orgasm and orgasm day click on any of the links below and listen to the mp3, allowing yourself to fall into hypnosis (if you have never had a hypnotic orgasm and would like to try it, or would like to participate in orgasm day, click here, as it will help if you are familiar with the way this works.)

If you don't want to be hypnotised but would still like to participate in orgasm day, you are more then welcome to particupate manually.

Orgasm Day Mp3 for Women by Julian D'Angelos. Have a nice day.

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