Contained herein is everything that I have ever written that is worth the time of reading and a good deal of of text that isn't. These two categories are created by me arbitrarily and are not displayed for the browser's convenience.

There are three ways of browsing the things which I have written:

1) By Title (if this isn't self explanatory so help me god. . .)

2) By Subject (as in I make up some subject headers and categorize things as what they likely are not. For instance the things I call "Humor" may in fact contain no such thing.)

3) By Aimless Meandering (Slightly more structured then randomly clicking on a list of blue underlined text, slightly less structured then my dirty laundry basket: every article in here will have words that are hyperlinks to other essays because of word associations that make sense only to my mind, the user clicks on them in some manor that makes sense to them until they become bored with reading what I have to say about Life the Universe and Everything.)