About Headlines from the Planet Erath:

In 1994 Roger Blackwell, then 12 years old, was playing with a "build it yourself" crystal radio receiver set. Like many children who bought rocket, chemistry, or other, "science toys," Roger hoped that he would someday discover something of great importance through the construction of his $24.99 toy. Unlike his peers, however, Roger succeeded.

In June of 1994, on a small crystal radio kit, Roger received the first recorded and documented extra terrestrial radio signal. Over the course of the following years a small band of scientists have been studying this transmission and finally succeeded in decoding itís contents in late 2000.

It is now known that sometime two thousand years ago on the far away planet of Erath a news satellite was struck by a meteorite. The Erathlings believed that the satellite was lost, but in fact, it was simply turned facing away and began transmitting their news into deep space, where it was picked up by Roger Blackwellís crystal Radio, two thousand years later.

Over the last couple years our anthropologists have been studying the transmissions of this strange backwards planet and have discovered that they are very much like us, in some cases the similarities are striking: like the difficulty of the red and blue people integrating into a single society after the blue race enslaved the reds for nearly a hundred years, and the Unead Satos Ox Amakaís (hence forth referred to as the USA) recent brush with terrorists.

However in some ways they are very much different from us; their reporters, for instance seem to be brutally critical of what they report, and their transmission as a whole seems to be completely devoid of political satire.

Some critics of this broadcast have said that it is a hoax, like events such as Roswell, Bigfoot, and the movie "The Blair Witch Project." It has also been claimed by some naysayers that this is in fact a copy of Earth news, and that the letters of important names just seem to get scrambled in the transmission of the bogus news up to a makeshift satellite before being beamed back down to Rogerís crystal radio.

This is of course silly: how would a 12 year old kid transmit anything into deep space so he could receive it again?

To put such foolish claims to rest, however, we present the following conclusive photo recorded from one transmission. The photograph depicts the President of one country on Erath and our photoshop experts have concluded that it could not be faked.

Without further adieu, we are proud to present to you the exclusive coverage of this extra terrestrial news, broadcast first across the cosmos and then in text form over the internet, for your own reading pleasure. What follows are transcripts of the most important transmissions received and commentary on them, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Headlines from the Planet Erath.