"Ok. . . yes," you say, unsure what to expect and a little shy admiting the thoughts going through your head.

He smiles gently looking into your eyes, "Don't wory, I won't push you further then you can handle. Now. . . relax and let yourself enjoy."

Your body suddenly becomes very relaxed and plesantly warm.

"Feel the sunshine on your skin and just enjoy the sensual nature of your body. Take in a deep breath and just let yourself be aware of the feelings flowing through you."

Your breasts feel like they are swelling with pleasure, heavy and sensual, your niples hard and pressing forward.

He looks into your eyes with an intensity of desire that makes your own desire pour through you. His eyes seem to penitrate deep into your thoughts and your imagination suddenly goes wild.

Your mind suddenly goes blank except for thoughts of sex and pleasure. For a couple of seconds you are so lost in imagining what you want that you stop conciously reading.

His eyes slowly move from looking into your eyes and begin to look over your body. He slowly looks down, first at your lips, you feel a light teasing kiss on your lips, then slowly his eyes trace down your neck, a delightful chill runs down your spine, to your breasts, goosebumps cover your breasts and your back arches, pressing your brests toward him, your breasts ache to be touched, where his eyes stop and look briefly at your hard nipples. Your nipples are so sensitive that your cloths touching them make you feel like you might have an orgasm.

Then his eyes slowly move down from your breasts to your stomach, you feel intense butterflies accross your belly button and then down, making desire build inside you. He looks briefly between your legs and then up to your eyes again. You feel as though he is blowing gently and teasingly on your clit, you get very wet.

You lock glances with him and his beautyful blue eyes seem to somehow take control of every nerve in your body, you realize that he can make you feel anything you want, anything at all, and you almost melt in his eyes.

You are now incredibly relaxed, but so horny you can't think about anything but sex and pleasure at all.

"What's the most turned on you have ever been?" He asks, smiling almost mischeviously, "You don't have to answer, just think of it, immagine it. Let yourself fantacise about it, let your immagination go."

You feel sexual energy rush through your body as every nerve suddenly becomes extremly sensitive to pleasure. You become hornier then you have ever been in your life, but at the same time, too relaxed to move and do anything about it.

He looks at your body and your eyes drift over his longingly. Your eyes drift slowly over his muscular arms and chest, his strong stomach, and then down to where you can see him visibly hard through his swiming trunks.

"I'm going to tease you for a bit," he says with a sparkle in his eye, "or more acuratly, your cloths are going to tease you for a bit."

Your bra and underwear, if you are wearing any, suddenly become tighter on your body. If you arn't, you will imagine your bathing suit doing so. They feel as though they are hands holding your breasts and pussy.


Your bra and underwear get tighter and hot and seem to fill you with pleasure everywhere they touch.

"Now imagine what I could do if we were in a bit more private place, somewhere that I could touch you. . ."

Your bra and underwear get so tight and so full of pleasure that your back arches and your hips thrust a couple of times uncontrolibly.

"Do you want to see my beach house, or shall I just tease you here?"

Although too relaxed to do much else, you manage to click a link below.

"Beach house."