Your orgasms have made you even hornier now then you were before. Your body is now completly in his control, if it wern't, you would now be so horny that you would be masturbating uncontrolibly.

"I want to see your butt now." He says, his hardness visibly throbing through his shorts along with those of the men around you.

Your pussy seems to take control of your body, pressing down where you sit. It throbs for a second then begins pressing back, pushing your hips and butt backward, it then presses your butt back and up, arching your back amd pressing your breasts forward. It presses back so hard that you have to put your hands on your desk to steady yourself as you uncontrolibly stand up and bend over, your pussy pressing back between your legs. Once you are standing, butt high, and ready to be touched from behind, you have an orgasm.

He smiles looking at your sexy body in it's catlike position. Your pussy throbs uncontrolibly, moving your entire pelvic reigon.

"I want you to seduce me, take off whatever clothing you would like, every item you take off will make you come. When you are done taking things off, your pussy and your breasts will move your body back to bending over for you."

Your body begins to move on it's own taking off whatever you are comfortible with in the most seductive dance you can immagine. Every item you take off makes you have an orgasm. When you are as naked as you are comfortible with, your pussy and your breasts pull you into position uncontrolibly and begin throbing.

He stands up and runs a hand, slowly, lightly, teasingly, from your butt across your back and to your neck. You feel his hand as though it were really touching you. His hands make every nerve they touch go wild with pleasure. It almost feels like little orgasms every place he touches your skin. He then begins to lightly touch you all over, touching every part of your body except your breasts and your pussy, teasing you wildly. You feel his hands all over your body. The places he doesn't touch ache to be touched. You begin humping the air.

"Before I give you any more pleasure I want you to really want it, so I am going to really tease you now." He whispers in your ear softly, "You will have one more orgasm, and then after that, you won't be able to come until I let you."

His hands run all over your body except for your breasts and pussy, touching you lightly and making your body move under his fingers. The feeling of his touch gets so intense that you feel dizy and covered in goosebumps and chills of pleasure. It becomes overwhelming and you have a slow, but very powerful orgasm. When it ends you find yourself ten times hornier and all to aware that you won't come again till he lets you.

"How do you feel? What do you want right now?" He asks, still touching you lightly. You moan and are surprised by your automatic responce.

"You are going to have to want it more then that." You get ten times hornier and he stops touching you, leaving your whole body aching for his touch.

"What do you want right now?" You become ten times hornier again. You moan again as you suddenly get so wet it trickles down your leg.

"MMMMmmmmmm. . . "

"Touch me, please touch me."

"I want to come."

"Fuck me now!"

"I'll be your slave forever, just let me come please!"