Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

You are now so honry that if you weren't in a trance you would not be able to control yourself at all. You feel as if any touch to your insides would make you come, and if you saw a man right now, you would tear off your cloths and fuck him till you passed out.

But because you are in a trance you do not move to touch or do anything but read and obey the commands I give.

On top of that you now feel like you are recieving the best oral sex of your life, feeling yourself get closer to an orgasm with every second. As your hips move on their own and you allow yourself to moan.

Then you will click the link below, you will wake up, and imediatly, uncontrolibly, come. After your orgasm the oral sex will stop and you will be content for the moment. Repeat, "I will come" ten times and then click below.