This is was my first shot at fully intigrating text and hypnosis. The "Interactive Erotic Journey" listed below was actually the forerunner to the Hypnotic Seduction series and gave me a chance to test some ideas. This site works pretty well for a first attempt but has the disadvantage of requiring an audio induction to make it work. I quickly found that some things worked very well (triger arousal tended to work for everyone) and some things practically never worked (sex dreem). It took a while for me to try and figure out why, but in a lot of cases it came down to the complexity of exicuting the command subconciously. Dreams are a very free flowing thing and are thus hard to introduce elements into. At any rate, feel free to have a look around and try stuff.

Erotic Hypnosis

Start Here

You will want to start by right clicking here selecting "save as" and saving trance.mp3 to your computer. This may take a while depending on your internet connection it is 32mb. Listen to it, repeatedly if necessary, to go into a deep trance and be hypnotised to let the rest of this web page to work. Once you have done that, click on any link below to activate it's effects.


If you have listened to the audio file and want test to see if it worked before moving on Click here. If it works you should find after clicking the link that you have typed "I will obey" on your screen. If that works, you should be ready for the rest of this site.


Floating: Just a little fun, say "higher" to float higher, and "land" to come down.

Interactive Erotic Journey: Part hypnosis, part erotic story, part post hypnotic suggustion. Like erotica with a kick.

Erotic Stories: Makes reading them a lot more interesting.

Trigger Arousal: Trigers arousal when you read or hear the word "tight, tighter, tighten," or any way of saying "tight."

Sex Dream: Have a sex dream tonight.

Horny: Very simple, you will wake up very turned on.

Very Horny: If this works right, you will likely wake up hornier then you have ever been.

Domanant/Submissive/Fun With a Partner

Slave: Write down a name, you will be a sex slave to that person when you next see or talk to them. Will make you orgasm on command from that person.

Nudity: See naked man, get teribly turned on. Touch his dick, imediatly orgasm. Also fun when looking at porn.

"Touch": Makes you masturbate uncontrolibly on command.

"Come": Makes you orgasm on command.

"Blank": Trigger word makes your mind go blank except for thoughts of sex.

"Sex Talk": Makes you feel anything you discribe.

"Strip": Makes you take off your cloths when triggered, you won't notice that you are doing it.

"Freeze": Makes you unable to move when trigered until "released."

Day Long Effects

Orgasm Day: Tomorow is orgasm day. During specific times you will have orgasms. The word orgasm will make you have one. Have a nice day.

Horny Day: This is probubly worse then orgasm day because orgasm day just causes orgasms during specific events. This will make you horny all day. It shouldn't interfeer with work or school too much, but it will be a bit distracting.

Fun With Orgasms (best if other things have already worked)

Horny: Same as above, recomended before clicking the links below.

Orgasm: Click, 30 seconds later. . . (touch required)

Multiple Orgasm: Next time you come there will be more then one.

Wet Orgasm: Requires touch, may cause ejaculation.

Touchless Orgasm: Click = imediate orgasm.

Relaxed Orgasm: Slide down to sleep in bliss.

Gigglegasm: Half laugh, half orgasm.

Delayed Orgasm: Write down time, after that ammount time you automatically come.

Nipple Orgasm: Orgasm from nipple play.

Spanking Orgasm: Come when spanked.

Orgasm Anywhere, Any Time: Bored at work or school? Write or type the word orgasm and have one imediatly.

Triger Orgasm: You pick the triger word. For one day, any time anyone says it to you, you say it, read it, write it, or type it, you will come uncontrolibly.

Feedback, the Slightly Naughty but Highly Enjoyible Kind

Write Erotica: This will cause you to experience any sexual thing that you type to my e-mail, message boards, or while chatting.

Interactive Trance: Allows me to hypnotise you over chat or phone.