Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

When you wake up, for the rest of the night, your nipples will be as sensitive as yout clit. Whenever you, or anyone else touches them you will feel incredible tingles rush all over your chest then down into your insides so intensly that you will almost feel as if when your nipples are touched something slides into your pussy.

You will also feel as though some sort of sexual energy string has tied your insides to your breasts, so that when they are touched you can feel a pulling on your clit and deep on your insides. So that if you were to grab your breasts you would litterally feel your pussy tighten in the way it does when you have an orgasm.

The more your breasts are played with the shorter that string will become until you feel like touching your breasts litterally results in the feelings of penitration and makes you orgasm just from your nipples.

You will now click the link below to wake up.