Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letitng my words move deep into you.

You will wake up in a daze, not really thinking about anything but feeling very horny, sensual, and almost feeling as though you just discovered how wonderful your body feels. You will begin touching yourself all over, not thinking about anything but how you feel, and how bad you want to explore the feelings of your body.

Everywhere you touch will seem to make you hornier, sending chills down your spine and making your insides tighten, making your pussy feel as though it were filling up with liquid desire. You will touch your clit, enjoying the sensation of it, but before you come you will decide you want to feel something inside.

You will stick two fingers inside, exploring the way you feel inside and loving the sensations. You will run your fingers across the top of your insides, finding the place that almost feels like you have to pee, the place where that liquid desire seems to be building. You will begin to rub that spot in the way that feels best, feeling yourself fill with liquid bliss, until you come.

When you come, you will feel yourself tighten, and in the release you will let all of that liquid desire pour out of you, your orgasm and your fingers somehow pushing it out in a blissfull release.

Click the link below, you will wake up and begin.