Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

When you wake up you will imediatly be hornier then you have ever been in your entire life, so horny that your cloths feel as though they are hands touching your body sensually, giving you intense goosebumps. You will feel your clit throbing and your insides tight and wet as though you have been pleasured and are so close to an orgasm you can hardly stand it.

When you wake up, you will begin counting back from 30 to 1. With every number you say, you will get ten times hornier then you were the moment before. You will not be able to stop counting down until you reach 1 at wich point you will imediatly come. By the time you reach 28 you will already be so honry you can hardly control your hands.

Wake up and begin counting when you click the link at the bottom of the page.