Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you, thinking, feeling, and doing everything you read here effortlessly.

Tomorow is Horny day for you. Whisper "Tomorow is Horny day." five times, feeling excited about this fact.

Tomorow when you wake up you will know for sure it is Horny Day, that thought will be in your head all day. "Today is Horny Day" will be something that you think often, although not in any way that distracts you from everyday life.

For the entire day tomorow you will find yourself thinking about sex unusually often. You can still focus on what you are doing just fine, but in the moments that you aren't doing anything in particular all you will seem to be able to think about is sex.

Whisper, "On Horny day, I often fantacise about sex."

Tomorow, any time you are alone you will have an intense desire to masturbate.

Whisper, "When I am alone on horny day, I want to touch myself."

Tomorow, all of your senses are tuned into sex. Your sight is drawn to attractive people, and the sight of an attractive person will make you wet, and make your nipples harden. Cologne or perfume makes your head spin. Touch makes you tingle, and good voices give you butterflies.

Whisper, "On Horny day I am very sensual."

Tomorow, any time you come, you will find that one orgasm is never enough, you need at least four.

Whisper, "On Horny day I want to come a lot."

Whisper the entire next paragraph, letting it be true and solid in your mind.

"Tomorow is horny day. On Horny day, I often fantacise about sex. When I am alone on horny day, I want to touch myself. On Horny day I am very sensual. On Horny day I want to come a lot."

Click the link below to wake up, once awake say "Tomorow is horny day."