Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

When you wake up you will become concious, but you will be more relaxed then you have ever been in your entire life. You will feel content, and happy, and blissfull in your relaxation, as though waking up from the best massage you have ever gotten. You will be so relaxed that you will have trouble moving or thinking about anything but what you feel.

When you wake up you will also feel as though you are being pleasured in whatever way you like best. Your body will respond on it's own, although slowly and in a relaxed way to the pleasure you will be getting which will get more intense the longer it goes. You will get hornier and hornier with every bit of pleasure but you will stay relaxed, just enjoying the feeling until you come.

When you come, you will feel as though your body simply relaxes into the orgasm and it will pour over you in waves of relaxed pleasure.

After you come you will be able to move normally and the pleasuring will stop.

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