Deep Trance

Let yourself fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you, thinking, feeling and doing everything you read.

You now feel as though you are light headed. Your mind is empty except for what you read here and you feel as though you are floating. Take in a deep breath and relax and feel my words go deeper and deeper into you.

The lightness and emptyness in your head spreads, your arms, legs, breasts, stomach, everything feels light as a feather. You feel as though you may soon float out of your chair and into the sky.

Feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, feel you hands want to float up into the air.

Now, any time you say "I will obey" you will float higher, going deeper under my control. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of floating. You are concious only of that feeling of floating and you are enjoying it. Say "I will obey." and float higher.

Say "I will obey." a couple more times until you would not be able to touch the mouse or keyboard if you floated any higher.

Then, click the link below to wake up. You will still feel as though you are floating but will be awake as normal. For a while, if you say, "higher" you will float higher, and if you say "land" you will stop floating.