Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

When you wake up you will be hyper, very energetic, very ticklish and giggly. Everything in the world will seem funny and every touch, even your cloths on your body, will tickle. You will begin to laugh.

Every time you laugh you will find yourself suddenly extreemly hornier then the moment before, the tightness of laughter and the tightness of pleasure mixing in your lower reigions. Quickly you will discover that your giggling brings you pleasure as though a dick were sliding into you with every laugh.

You will begin to feel so much pleasure that you won't be able to keep your body still as the tickling and pleasure mix so much that you want to just roll around in laughing bliss.

This will continue, the pleasure getting stronger and stronger till you come.

When you come, you will remain happy and hyper but you won't be any more ticklish then usual and things won't seem funnier then usual.

Click the link below to wake up.