Deep Trance

Let yourself fall into a deep trance, reading and letting the words move deep into you, feeling, thinking, and obeying my words.

Let yourself focus completly on my words to the point that you cannot think anything else, and relax so much that you couldn't move if you wanted to.

Feel your body getting light and weightless as you become light headed and fuzzy, unable to think anything but what you read as you focus more and more.

Feel your hands become lighter then the rest of your body and let them float up to your keyboard and mouse.

Open whatever program you usually type in.

You will soon type "I will obey." in that program, meaning it so deeply that you will truely obey and do whatever you read here. When you have typed it you will loose conciousness and truely be completly under my control.

Type the phrase, "I will obey" in that program now, letting the hypnosis sink in and become more solid as you do. Minimise the program you typed in.

From now on, whenever you click a link on the previous page and see the words "Deep Trance" in bold at the top like that, you will imediatly think "I will obey" and loose conciousness, going into the deepest trance possible, reading, thinking, feeling, and doing everything I say.

Now that you have done all of that, you wil click the "Awake" link at the bottom of the page causing you to wake up from your trance.