Deep Trance

Fall into a deep trance, letting my words move deep into you.

Let yourself go deeper and deeper into your trance until your concious mind is completely asleep yet your subconcious is completely focused on my words. Relax and let yourself completly go until you are completly under the control of my words, thinking, feeling, and doing what you read.

When you wake up you will feel like you just woke up from a very relaxing, refreshing, and energizing nap. You will remember dreaming about an extremly attractive man who somehow could make you feel pleasure just by looking in your eyes or just touching you.

When you wake up you will find two types of text on your screen: some text italic, and some text just normal. You will not conciously notice, see, or read the text in italics, you will conciously see and read the normal text.

The text in italics will be direct commands that will go deep into your subconcious. You will think, feel, and do whatever they tell you to, but you will not conciously notice them.

Click the link below to wake up.