Imagine yourself at the beach on a warm summer's day, laying out and relaxing in the heat of the sun. You have been there for a while, sleeping, and just enjoying yourself, waking up every once in a while and opening your eyes to see the muscular half clothed men walking around and just enjoying the view in general.

You sit up to have a better look around, feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized by your short nap and thinking back to the dream you were just having about a man who had the power to cause women pleasure just by looking at them or touching them. You remember how he made you feel in your dream and the thought makes your skin suddenly get warmer and more sensitive. You feel hot and aroused.

You smile at the way your body reacts, liking the sensations of awakened desire in your body, and decide to look around at the men on the beach.

Your vission slowly drifts across the beach, stoping on muscular arms, tan bodies, chizled abs, and then finally resting on the eyes of a man not to far away who's vibrant blue eyes captivate your attention for a moment. He seems familiar and he looks straight into your eyes in responce to your glance. You feel butterflies in your stomach and your nipples get hard.

You look away, trying to not to stare too much at his eyes as your body reacts to his intense beauty, and suddenly, you realize where he seems familiar from: he is the man from your dream.

You can tell he is approaching you and your mind races with memories from your dream. Let your imagination go wild with ideas of what he could do to you.

"Hello," he says, catching you off guard. You feel suddenly very hyper and excited sexually.

"You saw me in your dream, so I'm sure you know everything you need to know about me. Don't be afraid, I don't ever do anything to anyone if they don't want me to. So I'll be as blunt as possible. If you are interested, I want to share pleasure with you, but you won't be able to resist what I do once you agree. If you don't want to let me have control of your body, just say so, and I'll turn and walk away right now. It's up to you, but I won't ask a second time. Are you willing to let me control you until you can't take any more?"

"Please do your worst, I don't want you to stop till I pass out!"

"God yes!"

"Ok. . . yes."