Hypnotic Computer Program

To begin, say out loud the phrase, "I Will Obey." After you do this, you will not be able to resist any command given here, it will be as though you cannot think anything but the words you are reading and you will not be able to stop reading. You will become extremly horny, submissive, relaxed, light headed, and dazed. You will then read without effort as though you are not in control of your reading. Every time you scroll down, you will go deeper into the trance, become hornier, and become more submissive. You will find that the longer you read the less concious you are of exactly what is happening, while also becoming more and more sure you cannot stop. Feel all of the feelings you have felt from the other Hypnotic Seduction stories coming back to you very strongly. Every time you read "I Will Obey" here, you will say it. Will you obey?

Please, I will obey.

You crave my words. You want to read them very badly and can't seem to stop reading. You cannot resist my words. Just like Lori you are deep in a trance right now and have been for a while, you are dazed yet focused on my words. You are so horny that you are unable to think straight, but you are thinking, feeling, and doing my words automatically. Just like Lori you are siting at a computer and being hypnotised very deeply by the words on the screen. For the moment you feel the difference between you and Lori bluring. You feel as though you really are the main characer in this story and everything she experiences will happen to you.

You are so dazed and hypnotised now that you are light headed. The only thought you seem to be able to think on your own is "Please, I Will Obey." And you think that thought very clearly. You say please becaue you are craving something, even if you can't figure out exactly what. Anything you read seems to be exactly what you are asking for, and so you know you will obey because you find you want to do everything you read here.

Please, I Will Obey.

Try to imagine a color you have never seen before and discover that you can't. I want you to try to think something other then, "Please, I Will Obey," only to disover that it's like trying to imagine a color you have never seen before, you can't do it. Right now, the only thought you can think on your own is "Please, I Will Obey," every other thought comes from my words, which you are reading automatically.

Imagine that I am now taking some of the water from that waterfall and driping it on your nipples, then licking it off. Feel your nipples harden uncontrolibly. The more under my control you become, the hornier you will get, and the more pleasure your body will give you.

Please, I Will Obey.

You are getting so dazed and light headed now as your body tingles, that you feel like you are going to pass out into bliss. You are getting more and more light headed with every time you think that you will obey. You are even getting the strangest sensation that you are floating now, floating among my words and unable to stop reading them. You feel as though they are pouring into you and making you float. My words make you light as a feather and blow you like a soft gentle breeze, up into the air.

Please, I Will Obey.

Feel your conciousness floating away, leaving the part of you that is reading on it's own. Feel as though you float up and are now watching yourself read from a distance. Your concious mind is thinking that you will obey and is now watching you obey effortlessly. The next time you say that you will obey you will find that you have floated high enough that you are no longer in control at all, but are instead along for the ride. This is ok with you, you feel safe letting me have control. My words are now in control.

Please, I Will Obey.

Now, I want you to float up even higher, so dazed that you aren't sure what is happening, but you don't really care, you just keep thinking, "Please, I Will Obey." Right now you aren't thinking about who you are, you aren't thinking about anything but my words. If I were to tell you that you are Lori right now you would agree. If I were to tell you that you are not Lori, but instead, you are a striper, you would believe you are a striper and become one, act like one, talk like one, and be one.

Please, I Will Obey.

Nearby there is a door, and behind that door, there is a room full of outfits. While you are in that room an outfit is the same thing as a personality. If you take off your cloths in that room you will not remember who you are till you put them back on, not your name, your birthday, your favorite sex position, nothing. If you then put on an outfit you will remember always being the person you become. In reality, inside of you there are all the parts of anything. Inside of you there is a part of you that is a slut. If you put on a slut's cloths in this room the part of you that wants to be slutty comes out, allowing you to be that part of you for a time, till you put your normal cloths back on. This only happens in that room.

Once you are done being that person you can put your normal cloths back on and you will go back to normal, remembering everything that happened when you let that part of you have control.

Please, I Will Obey.

In a moment you are going to go into the changing room, outfits are updated sometimes so check back piriodically. Inside the changing room you will feel your identity and your cloths become the same thing, when you change your cloths you change your identity.

When you click the link below you will find you have entered the changing room, and you will feel it's power over you.

Enter The Changing Room