Eva shifted in her seat a little in response to the feeling that now seemed made her inner thighs press together. She looked at the phone number no on her screen and then at her phone. Should she actually do it?

It had started out at a link she had clicked in a chat room which had taken her to a series of erotic stories, of which she had read three. After which the author had PMed her, asking her questions, apparently getting feedback on his writing. She had answered 'yes,' that she was honestly a little more turned on then she had expected. She had answered 'yes' about her liking what she read so far. But when the subject of orgasms came up she had to admit that, though she had tried in the past, she had honestly never had one.

From there the conversation had taken an unexpected twist. They both lived in the same area and this guy wanted her to call him. He said, not because he wanted anything from her, but because he might be able to help her. She thought about her attempts at climax in the past, then looked at the number, and then at the phone. She thought about the butterflies that still fluttered in her stomach, about his stories, and about their conversation so far, and then, with a "what have I got to loose," she picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello? Eva?" At leas the voice was pleasant enough, deep and melodic.

"Yeah, it's me." She said softly in response as a link appeared on her screen from Jason, the guy whom she was now speaking to. She clicked it and a picture appeared: he had green eyes, pretty black hair, and, with his shirt off, looked like a male model of some kind. His arms were built, his abs a definitive six pack and his chest was broad, "is that you?" She asked.

"Yeah, it's me," he said and she shifted ever so slightly in her seat again as her thighs rubbed together lightly.

"Nice pic." She said, and it was, he was attractive enough that, after the stories, she was fantasizing about him a little, wondering what was hidden behind his jeans.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" He interrupted her thoughts.


"What gets in the way of you coming? From the sounds of it, you have been on the verge a couple times, and it seems that you have had enough of a sexual pleasure that it could have happened. Why do you think you don't come?"

"Sometimes I am too worried about how I look, I feel uncomfortable showing someone my naked body. Sometimes I get all the way to the edge but I just don't come. Sometimes I try really hard, but it just stops. I don't know, I guess I just never get to that point. Or I stop before I do. Maybe I'm just scared of how it will feel."

"To me, it sounds like you have trouble letting go."

"I guess."

"Can I try something?"

"Sure, I mean, I don't know what you think you are going to be able to do, but go for it. I'm kinda a hopelss case."

"There is your first inhibition that you are going to have to take a look at. Were you turned on at all by my stories?"

"Yeah, sure. . ."

"Then you aren't a hopeless case, not by a long shot."

"I suppose not, but it's probably just really hard."

"There is your second inhibition you are going to have to shed. It's not that it's hard, it's that you have to not fight it. And I don't mean, you have to fight yourself so that you stop fighting it. I mean you have to let go, to surrender to your desire in such a way that you wouldn't care if you did come, you have to focus on how you do feel, not how you want to feel. . . Do you trust me?"

"I suppose, I've only been talking to you a little while, but sure."

"Ok, then please trust me completely here for just a second. Can you lay down somewhere where you are totally comfortable?"

"Sure." Eva got on her bed and laid down, unsure as to what he was going to do, but not really sure if it mattered, "Ok, I'm comfortable, I even put on my head set so I don't have to hold the phone."

"Ok, I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself somewhere safe and relaxing, like a beach, or a lovers arms, or a open field. . ." Jason paused for a second.

"Or a rain forest?" She interjected.

"A rain forest is great, rain forests are lovely aren't they? Picture yourself laying in a rain forest, somewhere that the trees surround you in a vivid green. Imagine the heat of the jungle, the warmth of the sun pouring through the leaf's and warming your skin softly, soothing you, making you sleepy. Imagine the light mist that fills the air and how it plays softly on your skin. Take a deep breath and just feel the calm of the place."

Eva, smiled a little, she didn't know where this was going, but so far it seemed pleasant enough. She felt herself getting really very calm and relaxed, the image of the forest she imagined was a place she had always wished she could go. She listened to his voice too, it wasn't a bad sound, kinda soothing, attractively deep and all and all she just felt relaxed. Trusting this guy would at the very least result in a good chance to relax. A sigh softly escaped her lips.

"Now, picture yourself wearing exactly what you are wearing. Let yourself enjoy the way your body just lays in the sun. Relax and just feel the way your cloths feel on your body. Take a deep breath and let the mist of the jungle fill you. Let yourself just surrender to it's calm and feel safe, relaxed and happy.

"Take another deep breath, and let it out slowly so that you can feel every inch of your body. Feel the way it is relaxed, feel the way each limb actually feels. Let yourself just experience your body for what it is, experience the way that relaxation feels good.

"How ya feeling Eva?"

Eva took a deep breath and sighed, "Like I may soon fall asleep," and she laughed a bit, "I feel really good though, it's really nice to just hear your voice and relax like this. My body does feel good, just laying here." Eva felt safe like this and began to actually trust Jason.

Jason laughed lightly and she found that she liked his laugh too, he began again, "I want you to just feel your body in this place, stretch a little, take another deep breath, feel how sensual your body is, the way that moving feels good, relaxing feels good, the way the atmosphere of the forest makes you happy and content.

"Now let yourself imagine a man coming through the woods, he doesn't surprise you, he just seems like any other part of the forest, almost like you would expect him here, almost like he too, is calm and part of this place you feel so at home in. Imagine him coming towards you, his is naked, like any other creature of the jungle would be. Imagine him as the sexiest man you can: strong, nice hair and skin, eyes that look into yours with a piercing beauty. Imagine him walking through the jungle towards you. Look at the way his muscles move as he walks, look at the way his arms flex as he pushes plants out of the way gently, and feel the way your body reacts.

"Feel your body again, calm and relaxed, but at the site of him, feel another sensation enter into your lower stomach. A lightness, as though butterflies had now began fluttering there instead of just in the nearby jungle. Feel your body react sensually, the way your cloths caress your skin as you move. Feel the way the soft jungle wind touches your skin and makes you get a kind of desireful goose bumps, a tingling of the skin that feels really quite wonderful.

"Look at him and feel the sensual feeling of being aware of your body. Feel the way a little desire spreads quickly as he looks deeply into your eyes. Let your body remain relaxed but also let it feel sensually alive. Feel the way that now, when you move your body feels good, and tingly. Take a deep breath in and feel the way that your desire tingles in response. Feel the way that your nipples harden, and then brush softly against the fabric of your bra with every breath. Feel the way your chest tingles as it moves with every inhale and exhale.

"Let him move closer to you and as he does let your imagination wonder. He is a beautiful creature, and your body reacts to his presence. Let yourself want him, imagine what you would like him to do. Let yourself fill slowly with a feeling of lightness. Feel yourself want to stretch and feel the way your body is full of pleasure when you do. Focus on how your body feels. Just let yourself experience your body.

"Take in another deep breath, slowly, breathe in and feel the way that your desire spreads from just below your belly button, into your breathing, arches your back, fills your breasts and passes through your body in a tingling. Feel the way your cloths make goose bumps as your soft skin moves under them. Look him in the eyes, and let yourself seduce him.

"Let your desire manifest and let him see it in your look. Now, in real life and in the vision, slowly remove your shirt: seduce him. Feel your heart speed up at the naughtiness of actually doing what you want to do. Feel yourself excited by the possibility of seducing him as you remove your shirt. Feel the way the cloth passes over your skin and sets of wonderful explosions of goose bumps and tingles wherever it touches. Watch his eyes as they echo your own seduction, your own desire, and let your eyes wander across his body. Watch him become erect at the sight of your skin, at the sight of your seducing movements. Enjoy the way his gaze feels on you, the way his gaze fills you even more with passion and desire.

"Take another deep breath, this time feel the way your legs want to press together, the way your vagina pulses from your heartbeat and breathe starting there. Breathe the tingling that sparks there up into your lower stomach and then up into your chest. Begin to surrender to the way your body feels as you look at him and seductively remove your bra.

"Watch his eyes widen and fill with an intense desire as his manhood begins to visibly throb. Feel the way your nipples harden even more in response to his gaze as you slip your bra off. Realize that the jungle is not just a place of calm, but a place of intense animal passion, and let your body fill with that animal passion and desire. Feel yourself move like a cat, your back arching with your breath and your hips rocking ever so slightly as your legs press together in a flood of sensual delight. Feel the way your breasts tingle and have goose bumps when exposed to the open air. Feel how with every breath they move ever so slightly and make you want them to be touched more.

"Imagine him scooting closer to you and reaching out with his hand to softly caress your breasts. Look at the animal passion and desire in his eyes mixed with a gentile trust and caring. Take your hand and trace the bottom outline of your breasts, imagining his hands are what now make your breasts fill with delightful tingling, caressing around your nipples softly, teasing. Feel how your nipples begin to ache to be touched. Caress down from your cheek to your neck, across your color bone, and then again to circling your nipples.

"Look into his eyes, and watch as his hands slowly move to your soft nipples and gently squeeze them."

Suddenly Jason heard a soft gasp on the phone and he smiled. Eva had nearly forgotten what she was doing as the sudden stream of tingles flowed from her nipples. It was a warm, permeating feeling that made her simultaneously relax and fill more with desire. She nearly didn't hear or notice the gasp that escaped her lips as she was enthralled with the feeling that the gasp sent down her spine and the open desire to be filled pouring from her stomach.

"Focus on the feeling that has now formed in your stomach as you look into his eyes. Notice that the more he looks at you the more you fill with desire. The more you fill with desire the more intense your look becomes, which makes him want you more. Feel the whole rain forest fill with the passion of your desire for him, something animal, something primal, a longing inside of you that seems to slowly take control of your body. Surrender to that.

"Take your fingers and caress slowly down to your belly button and then to the edge of your shorts. Watch his lustful eyes follow your fingers. Caress there and feel the way a whole new set of tingles come from inside of you. Take a deep breath and take them in. Feel the naughtiness of what you want to do, and let yourself love that desire. Caress a little longer, then, unbutton your shorts lightly. Caress again, knowing that just that act has filled him with a desire he can hardly stand while simultaneously letting yourself admit what you want to do, what you are about to do. Feel the way your breathing takes on a mind of it's own at that realization. Let yourself get excited by what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Feel your heart race and the tingles become unbearably intense. Look at his hardened member and imagine what you want him to do with it.

"Now, seductively slip your shorts off feeling as they caress every inch of your legs."

Eva couldn't believe what she was feeling. She had been attracted to men before, she had been turned on before, but this was something different. Her body seemed to move on it's own, to fill with a blissful tingle at every movement. She imagined how his eyes watched her and that made her crazy with desire. She was overwhelmed by the intensity of every touch, every movement and the feeling of desire inside of her was almost unbearable.

"Take your fingers and set them on your knee on their way back up from taking off your shorts. Imagine his hand there and caress softly up your leg to your inner thigh, slowly, seductively, sensually. Feel the way tingles pour through you and feel the way your legs shake in the intensity of your desire. As your fingers approach your underwear take in a deep breath. Feel the difference between this passionate breath and what you felt before. Feel the way your body shudders and sighs and wants to moan. Feel how your body slowly becomes flooded with passion and completely surrender to it.

"Now trace the outline of your underwear sensually, imagine his fingers doing the same. Feel the way you ache for penetration, to be filled and then, in a final act of letting go, remove your underwear and seduce him into submission to your wants.

Eva arched her back and slipped her underwear slowly off. She could feel that they were damp as they brushed against her leg, giving her goose bumps. The thought of her being that turned on suddenly struk her. How wet was she? Her legs rubbed together and as they did they trembled gently. She could feel enough moisture there that it rubbed on her thighs when she moved. She let out a gasp, to her surprise at how her body reacted; with a little contraction from rubbing her legs together, and before Jason could say anything she was already caressing up her inner thigh again on her way back to laying down.

"Caress your inner thigh as you spread your legs wide and he kneels between them. Feel his breath on your moist slit, the way it tingles and makes your insides flutter. He looks up at you and breaths softly as his eyes commiserate a desire so intense you aren't sure you can handle his look. Let your fingers caress around your slit and then move to where your love button now pulses from his breath, imagine him licking you and let the pleasure of your fingers there pour into you. Just experience the bliss of that touch, the way it makes your back arch, your breathing go wild, your head spin, your heart race. Surrender to the feeling now pouring into you and just let your body fill with desire.

Eva wasn't sure what was happening, the moment her fingers made contact there had been a rush of incredible tingling that made her squirm with it's intensity. It tickled with pleasure so intense that her hips began to move with the same passion as her flying fingers, causing her to grind against her own touch. She imagined him licking voraciously and could scarcely remember he wasn't real.

"Take your other hand and let it roam to your breasts, to your stomach, to your legs, to your lips, let it explore your body as the rain forest fills with your passion and his. Imagine his look as he licks you and let it fill you with more desire and pleasure then you can handle. Let your breathing go, surrender your body to your desire. With every breath in feel the way your whole body is filled with the pleasure of his tongue."

Eva's first moan escaped her lips, followed quickly by another. She couldn't remember ever moaning before, but this feeling, this desire that now filled her seemed to move her, to moan for her and she loved the way it made her feel, so she surrendered to it, let it just fill her, take control of her. As she did she found her moaning slowly get louder, faster. She found that her fingers had a mind of their own, searching out every hot spot on her body for her while her other hand filled her with such a wondrous tingling and a permeating heat that she could scarcely believe she felt it. Each moan began to make her head spin and her back arch and she found she was moaning with nearly every breath.

Jason listened to her as he spoke, he knew she was getting close, that her full surrender was in progress. It almost didn't matter what he said now, her body would push it's self over the edge soon.

"Feel yourself overcome by the feeling and feel yourself surrender completely to your desire. Take your other hand and slide it up your inner thigh again, and then, still rubbing yourself with your first hand, set two fingers at the entrance to your pulsing insides. Imagine him pressing his manhood lightly against you, ready to push inside of you. Feel the way you ache to be filled, feel the way you can't stand the tease, then press two fingers in quickly.

"Feel his dick press you suddenly open inside and feel your body try to close around him. Feel that little pulse that comes from his thrust. Feel him now deep inside of you, past the swollen opening and onto the ridges inside. Feel the way your insides rejoice at being filled, the way they tremble and shake as your lungs nearly shout out a moan.

"Feel him begin to move in and out, up and down, in a circular motion as his hips and butt and abs flex and release and move, making your insides feel like they are being pressed open in all directions. Feel yourself fill with liquid like you have to pee, let yourself enjoy the pleasure that follows that feeling of gushing warmth. Feel the amazing tingles that burst forth from his movement. The way your insides seem to contract around his hardness, as it presses against the presure of your breathing and explodes with each breath into a pressure of tingles.

"Feel yourself approach some sort of edge, like you might slip over into a bliss you can hardly imagine. Feel the way his manhood presses inside of you so that you get closer and closer to that ledge, surrender to where you want to go."

Jason could hear her moaning become nearly a scream and he knew this was it.

"Let yourself let go into a climax, let yourself release and surrender into bliss, come, come now."

Eva had felt movement inside of her before, she had even been on the verge of coming before, but none of that could have ever prepared her for what happened now. She had thought that everything leading up to this had been utter bliss, what she felt now seemed to shatter the bounds of possibility in comparison.

There was an intense build up, like the tingling and warmth and pleasure she had felt to this point ran away with it's self into some sort of avalanche. It ceased being a disjointed bunch of pleasureful moments and suddenly rushed together into a flood that seemed to simultaneously explode out of and into her. She couldn't remember who's name to scream, hell she couldn't remember her own name as that rush seemed to hit a peak and explode into massive release. She felt her back arch, her insides let out one giant pulse, and then she screamed in a delight she didn't know could come from her. Then in the aftershocks of her bliss little pulses filled her stomach.

"Oh my god," she whispered an a state of near exhaustion and bliss. She wasn't sure she could move, or think, or do anything.

"I can do that again," Jason said, "If you want, the second one is usually easier."

Again? Eva could hardly imagine more. Her body didn't seem like it could do much of anything else at all. But then she found her fingers absent mindedly moving on the place that incredible wave had come from. It was so wondrously sensitive in the afterglow of what had just happened. She found she enjoyed just touching it, feeling it.

"Yes, please," she whispered.

"Imagine that the man who has been doing this all this time is me. Imagine me on top of you, looking into your eyes, smiling gently and filled with an unspeakable desire from what has just happened to you. Feel me, hard and throbbing at the entrance to your body, waiting to push in. Remember how the release of orgasm felt, imagine it, so fresh in your mind, and let yourself wonder what set you over into that. Let it break upon you that all it took was me telling you to, and you were there. Let yourself wonder if all it would take to send you over again was my command. Let yourself become so turned on by that idea that you want more then anything for me to tell you to."

Eva gasped lightly. Is that all it had taken? How did he have that kind of power over her? Would she? She could feal herself quickly moving into a frenzy of desire as she imagined him so close to being inside.

"Let yourself surrender to your desire, surrender to the want of me to command you, surrender to your body, and to mine. Feel me, pressed lightly against the entrance to your pulsing insides. Feel me press lightly and imagine my hips rocking ever so gently there. Feel the way your lips part and then close again and let yourself want me in you. Let yourself want me so badly you are ready to demand it. Feel your insides beg to be filled.

"Then feel me shove deep inside of you quickly, pressing you open in a wave that makes your insides come alive in waves of tingles. Feel the way your body opens up to accommodate me. Then feel me slowly slide out. Feel your insides try to grip me, to hold me there, to somehow keep me inside and putting that wondrous pressure on your desire. Feel me rub slowly across the top of your insides, making your back arch and making you want to grind into me. Them feel me sit, with the head just barely inside, teasing you again. Let yourself want again, let yourself fill with desire so intense that you can't stand it. Feel your insides pulse with a desire to be filled and let the tingling become so intense you can't stand it.

"Remember how climax felt before, let yourself approach that edge again just from wanting it so badly, let yourself nearly demand me inside of you again and then, again shove in quickly and let yourself feel the blissful expansion I force your insides into. Then, before you can recover, feel me begin to move my hips in a circular motion, in and out again, this time fast, and right on the heals of the intensity of your insides opening up.

"I look into your eyes, and wispier with intensity, come, come now, as you did before, let the levy break and let the flood take you all the way."

Eva couldn't believe the way she reacted to his command, it was as if his simple words had set her free into another climax. There was a thrust of incredible power and then the same explosion of bliss. She felt herself screaming, and she felt the way that shock wave seemed to close and open her insides around her fingers as they raced in and out of her. The pulses seemed to contract her insides and she could hardly stand the way it felt.

"Let yourself realize that I could do that many more times. Let yourself completely surrender to my voice, knowing that all I have to to is tell you to, and you will be there again. Let that idea excite you and quickly bring you to the edge again.

"Feel me still moving inside of you, each thrust creating a wave of tingling pressure as it presses you open and then leaves you aching to be filled. In, out, in, out. Each movement making your body move on it's own. Feel your whole body tremble and shudder inside from the feeling of pleasure being pressed into you. Feel yourself want me to command you again. Feel my pressure inside of you want me to command you over again. Feel yourself pressed onto the edge of another climax. Feel yourself completely surrender, nearly willing to demand or beg me to command you over.

Eva couldn't stand it, she felt like she was going to explode, she was so tight, so filled with desire that she felt she was going to burst at the seems. She couldn't even tell how fast her fingers moved in and out of her, all she wanted in the world was that little push, that little shove into bliss, she nearly screamed for him to tell her but before she could get enough hold on her breath to scream. . .

"Come. Let yourself flow over the edge into bliss."

And she did, she could no longer open her eyes if she wanted to, her whole body seemed to tense and release and in the middle of it, there was another explosion inside of her.

"Feel me find the spot you come from inside of you, feel me press up against that and move quickly. Then, before your last orgasm stops pulsing, come again."

She slipped over the edge again, this time without warning. The explosion seemed to come out of the tail end of the last one.

"Feel me moving inside you as you come, pushing you open as you contract, feel me thrusting your tightened insides into the explosion. Come again."

She felt her body shake and erupt and she found she was arching her back and squirming all over the bed, she began to scream "enough, oh my god, enough," but he said it one more time and once again she exploded into bliss.

She calmed down slowly, unable to see or think straight. She couldn't believe how she felt. She heard him listening to her breath on the phone and she could tell he was smiling. She couldn't believe the pulses, the aftershocks that still made her quiver and shake. She suddenly realized she wanted more, but she wanted more from him in person.

"My address," She said breathlessly.

"What?" Said Jason as she suddenly blurted out her address.

"You are in town, I want you here as quick as you can get here, I want you in person, not just in voice. Be here before this wears off."

To be Continued

Special thanks to Beth for the idea, Tayastale for input and to Tryce, for letting me expiriment: I hope this allows you to remember this in full detail whenever you want. Also thanks to Ashley, you know why.

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