Surrender II

Eva was so full of anticipation that she could hardly think. Her heartbeat was pounding in a way she had never felt before: she could feel it, in her chest, in her ears, in her stomach and lower regions, it seemed to be speaking her desire and anticipation in a persistent rhythm. She took a deep breath in an attempt to calm the quivering inside, only to find that she still remembered what breathing had been like when she had been laying on the bed listening to his voice. . . just the thought of that and she realized her fingers were wandering, she put them decidedly in her lap, which only seemed to make them want to. . . she decided not to think about what they wanted to do. . .

But she couldn't stop thinking. When she had hung up she had lain in bed in a state of total wonder until it hit her that he was really on his way. At which point she had tried to stand up only to discover she was naked and her legs were week, and then, it wasn't long before she was in the state she was now; anticipating his arrival so much that she was afraid she would start without him.

She shifted her legs around as she sat on the couch watching the door, and then, catching her fingers again, she stood to walk around a bit. Yes, she decided, moving, using up some of that overflowing energy would help, but she found that even that only provided more of a tease. She had thrown on shorts and a t-shirt, not bothering with a bra, and now as she walked, that shirt teased her nipples to a degree that made her whole body seem to fill with heat.

The tingling from her nipples made her suddenly aware of how her legs rubbed together as she walked, each movement of her body so excited her that she was nearly on the verge of coming. . . god, she couldn't wait to hear him say that. . .her cheeks got red just form the idea of his command. . . she decided to sit back down.

*Knock, Knock*

She jumped up nearly before she sat down. The door. . .he was at the door. She felt giddy and her legs nearly gave out. She steadied herself with a hand on the couch. The man who had made her come for the first time in her life; and all it took was his command. . . he was at the door. She stood, shaking, for a second, realizing that her insides were quivering, and that quivering was making her so wet that she could feel it on her inner thighs.

She began to walk, each step was a light tingling push further into overwhelming desire. With each step, she could feel her chest bounce lightly, and as it did she swore it was swelling, getting heavier, as though her desire were a physical thing that could literally fill her. That swelling feeling made her chest seem to press outward, and as it did so, it pressed her nipples delightfully against the fabric of her shirt, each bounce seemed to be a tease that made her nipples ache for attention, his attention, his lips. . . his tongue.

As she reached for the door, biting her all to sensitive lip, she imagined what his command would do to her. She became aware of how her thighs, even now, tried to rub together and how her breathing was so quick she couldn't calm it. When she opened this door she would surrender to him, and his command would bring that bliss tumbling back through her. She thought of his voice saying that one word. . . and she ached to hear it.

Her hand turning the door knob sent so many shivers through her body that giddy didn't even begin to describe how she felt looking at him. Her legs grew week and she nearly came just from the sight of him. Before she could even say anything she caught the look in his eyes and found that somehow she managed, even through her shaking, to nearly leap onto him in a kiss to end all kisses.

His lips were like wine, making her drunk in her already overwhelming anticipation. His lips on hers made her tingle all over, and the sensation of her breasts pressed against his muscular chest made her moan just from the kiss. His smell was a sensual heaven into which she melted. And the heat from his skin seemed to mix with her own, passing more passion directly into her. She found that her hips were trying to grind against him while their tongues mixed their desires into a cocktail of sensual touch.

She felt nearly helpless in his arms as he carried her into the living room. She was kissing his neck, scratching at his back, grinding against him. She could feel his hardness against her as she moved and she found that her body trembled from the force of the tingles that shot through her in response. She had the stunning realization that she was already moaning and she nearly didn't realize they were entering her room.

He sat her on the chair that faced her computer desk and backed away slowly to look at her. She watched his eyes and it seemed every place they looked goose bumps followed. She couldn't stand it any more, her body was out of control and she loved that. Her chest felt like it was going to press clear out of her shirt when he looked at it, her legs rubbed together in the wetness as though she were so filled with desire that it was leaking. Her hair on her neck sent tingles down her body and every movement made her nearly come. Enough waiting, she thought, I want him now.

"Tell me," she said, discovering that her voice was breathy and so full of desire that her own demand nearly freed her to the decent into bliss. Her back arched in response to her request as she noticed his picture still on her computer screen. Her breasts pressed forward with the arching of her back as she realized this man was actually there with her. She couldn't stand her shirt any more, it felt so good that she was going to get lost in the sensation if she didn't take it off. So she removed it, sensually, seducing him, so surprised by her own boldness that another moan escaped her lips.

Her freed breasts seemed to swell even more and the heat she felt at the thought of his command flushed through her in a blush that covered her whole body. "Tell me. . . please," she said, running her fingers all over her chest, getting lost in the sensation of blissful tingles and warmth. She was blown away by the softness of her skin and once again nearly came from wanting to.

Jason began, "Take your hands and let them move to every place that feels good. Let them go anywhere but under your shorts. Feel your body ready to surrender to my command. Let yourself nearly beg to be told what to do. Then, when you are ready to completely surrender to my command, unbutton your shorts. Let that be the sign that you have let go, but don't do it immediately, let your fingers roam for a while first, think about what that surrender means, let yourself ache to be told first, then, when you are ready to surrender, do it."

Eva felt like she was going to burst, and that bursting feeling seemed to press wetness out of her in a slow stream and make her breasts feel so full, swollen, and heavy, that she was sure she had gained a bra size. In her stomach were waves that made her hips rock and her legs shake as she slid her fingers down her stomach towards that button. The tingles that occurred as a response put her so close to coming that she thought for sure she would before her fingers ever got to where she wanted them. She unbuttoned her shorts and found herself no longer in control of her body: it was his, blissfully, willingly his, and she knew what that meant in all of it's glory.

"Take off your shorts, slowly, seductively, and feel every motion as you do." Eva's hands moved nearly on their own as her eyes fixed on his, she watched his every reaction as she moved and the sensations of her trembling legs as her wet shorts slid off of them made her gasp for air. She looked him in the eyes and demanded, each phrase interrupted by a trembling breath, "Tell me. . . tell me to come. . . please. "

"Let your fingers trace the outside of your vagina, but not touching it yet. Feel yourself on the verge, feel your fingers ache to touch down there, then, as you are nearly ready to explode, let your fingers go directly to the sensitive outer regions and surrender to the bliss of that touch."

Eva's eyes rolled back in her head as her fingers found her clit.

"Think back to the last time you came, and then, let the memory of what happened before push you over the edge: come, come now."

Eva hear herself scream, "Yes!" as the levy finally broke. The second her fingers touched her clit the tingles had mixed with his command and she found her hips moving wildly in her computer chair, as her back arched and she grabbed her breasts. She had waited so long for this climax that when it hit her she couldn't believe how powerful it was. It seemed to last forever, the tightening, the tingling, the rushing from bliss into climax and when the explosion hit she nearly fell out of the chair.

As the aftershocks began she tried to sit up, she was going to leap onto him, tear his cloths off, but before she could fully sit up she could hear his voice:

"Let your fingers go wild, feel how the last climax only makes you want another, imagine what you want to do to me, and realize ho badly you want my command again."

Eva managed to get siting upright and look into his eyes just as he said it:

"Let that desire push you over the edge and come again."

"Oh god, yes!" She managed just before the climax hit her and she could no longer do anything but moan. She let her fingers go as she had flashbacks to the Jungle and realized that the man in her room might as well have been that representation of animal passion she had encountered there. She remembered how the jungle sun had shown on her skin and felt that it was back: only he was the source of the heat now. Her back arched and her breasts pressed outward as she fell forward over her shaking legs. Her hips ground her hand between her crotch and the chair as she looked up at him in utter bliss. She knew if she could stand she would be on top of him, but she could hardly control how her body was moving let alone stand. She gasped for air and felt the way, bent over as she was, the heat of her body spread everywhere. She had never been this hot before and she loved it. She wanted to yell at him to come fill her, but her breathing made it hard to speak.

"Now let your fingers press up against the entrance to your pulsing insides and let yourself want me inside of you."

He began to take his cloths off and Eva found that just watching his body emerge had her on the edge again.

"Let yourself wander how having me inside while commanding you will feel, and know that it will happen soon, let yourself anticipate that. Also let yourself contemplate how quickly you could come in a row if I told you. Let yourself realize that in surrendering it is possible for you to have a multiple orgasm, one after another, after another, like five or six pulses in a row. Let yourself sit on the edge of coming just from the thought of that and realize that all it will take is my command."

Eva's head spun as she found her one hand grabbing her breasts blissfully as her hips still moved wildly over the other. Would she really? Would she be able to handle coming like that? Would she pass out? She saw him finally take off his boxers and she realized she was about to come with or without his command just from seeing his erection.

"Slide your fingers inside and Come now, come multiples. Come, Come. .Come. . . . Come. . . . . . Come. . . . . . . . . . . . . Come."

Eva lost her bearings. She had felt her fingers slide in under her and then the explosions had come. Like he had said, one after another. Each climax hit her with a power that made her scream, and then, like a roller coaster, the next had hit, and as she thought that one was over she found herself wanting, and then getting another. Aftershocks were full blown orgasms instead of aftershocks. Inside this pulsing she seemed to loose her body, and there were just the pulses. She knew her back was arching, she knew her body was doing something, but she was still startled to find herself on all fours on the floor when he stopped commanding. She found she was shaking in this position and before she knew what she was doing. . . "Take your hand and reach under your naked body, to touch again. Feel the way your body reacts then realize I am behind you, naked, ready to fill that tightness inside. Imagine what that will feel like, imagine me pushing into you and realize that my command could give you multiples again. Let yourself want that so bad that you can't restrain your fingers as you anticipate my penetration."

Eva's fingers were so busy provoking the tingles inside that she nearly didn't notice she was so wet that it was actually dripping off of her. She imagined what she had seen earlier moving in her as her fingers pressed her open and touched her as though it were already happening.

"Come again, come multiples. . . ."

Eva Screamed.


Her body moved like a wild animal filled with passion.


Her back arched and her butt pressed skyward.


Liquid poured down her hand.


Jason's swollen head pressed lightly where her fingers filled her.


She removed her fingers only to be filled three fold by his massive manhood. She barely heard him say "When this becomes too much, yell stop and I will," as her insides found themselves pressed open and she was pushed over into another multiple orgasm. . . "Come again multiples."

She could feel her insides contract around his manhood and then the explosion hit her. He was moving in and out of her rhythmically, commanding her orgasms with each thrust, so that each pressure inside pressed all the way to another peak in the multiple climax.


Eva couldn't breathe as he filled her then withdrew slightly.


Her vaginal walls were pressed open in all directions and a wet heat exploded in return."


Eva almost blacked out. She realized that she was in such a frenzy she could no longer breathe.


At the peak of that last one she yelled stop and the second she had uttered it he was out of her. She collapsed onto the ground on her stomach, noticing the wetness of the carpet as she did. He quickly moved to caressing and blowing on her back as she shook and shivered in that place where one can take no more pleasure. She smiled. He hadn't pushed her any further then she could handle and she was grateful, the realization that he hadn't come hit her and she was amazed that she was actually turned on by how he had held back and let her rest. She knew immediately that they would continue later that night, she would make sure of it, but for now she needed to catch her breath at least.

She rolled over and looked at him. He smiled back knowing to let her rest for a while before trying to talk. He continued to caress and blow softly on her body until she began talk, which they then did for a great while about life, pleasure, and surrendering, until she somehow found herself ready again.

To be continued.

Again, special thanks to, Ginni, Beth, Tryce, Lexi, Ashley and to all my readers for such great feedback.

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