Surrender III

Eva wasn't sure when the desire for more had become overpowering. She had wanted him only moments after she had recovered, but that want had been something she could easily hold off till later. At some point Jason had picked her up and set her on her bed where they both laid and talked for a long time, and sense then ever so slowly, as they talked, her desire had built.

He was talking about life and how surrendering to desire in sex was much like surrendering to the beautiful complexities of desire and longing in all other parts of life. It wasn't that she wasn't interested, it wasn't that she didn't enjoy talking to him, it was that when he said the word ‘come’ casually in a sentence she had incredibly vivid flashbacks to earlier in the evening.

And so, as he talked, she found her imagination, eyes, and to her surprise, her hands, wandering . . .

She watched his eyes, so full of passion, so alive as he spoke. Those same eyes that had been, and still were, so full of passionate, as yet unfulfilled desire; desire for her. She let her gaze drift lightly over his muscular chest and arms which rippled as he moved his hands to talk. Then down, to his abs, the same muscles that would thrust. . .

She glanced briefly at his member, which was soft for the moment, but she knew that she would only have to look at him the right way to change that, and then it would throb, pulse, and grow, in front of her eyes until it was ready to fill her waiting insides. She suddenly became all to aware of the tightness inside and again she wondered when her desire had become so overwhelming as to make her unable to completely pay attention to his talking. She realized that her fingers, which were laying softly on her hip were trying to caress their way to where she imagined him inside her. She forced herself to look at his lips, in hopes that would focus her split attention.

Looking at his lips did focus her attention, on his lips. She watched them as he talked, they were thin, but as she remembered back to their first kiss she thought of how she craved to taste them again. In her mind she could see those same lips whispering the command that had earlier sent her into complete bliss. She found herself biting her own lips as she thought of his tong softly flicking the sensitive places where her thighs now urgently pressed together.

Eva gave up fighting and, leaning seductively forward placed a finger lightly on his lips to quiet him. He stopped talking and looked at her in a way that made her unable to even utter her request. His eyes stared into hers with an intensity of desire that sent goose bumps down her spine. Had he wanted her this badly the entire time? His desire mixed with hers in the exchange between their longing looks. His eyes drifted slowly from their locked glance down her body.

Eva took a deep breath as she sat up and her eyes fixated on his face. He was smiling mischief as his eyes seemed to savor every inch of her breasts. He didn't even have to ask for her surrender this time, it was already in progress as her nipples hardened from his hungry look. She let him, his look, and her desire have control of her body and imediatly, as she consciously let go, she felt herself reacting to his look as though his eyes somehow poured a liquid pleasure into her body.

His eyes, so intently on her breasts made them swell, as though they were somehow drawn toward him by some invisible force. That same force seemed to make her nipples harden as though they would pull themselves to his lips even if they had to drag the rest of her body with them. Eva felt her back arch and a tingle shoot through her as her breasts seemed to press themselves toward his caressing glance. She didn't know how, but she quickly realized her body was seducing him on it’s own, she found herself, kneeling on the bed, back arched, breasts pressed forward, and lips parted in a deep breath.

His eyes continued down as her hands pressed her breasts together in a desperate need for touch. She could feel his eyes on her stomach, filling her insides with fluttering as she breathed. goose bumps exploded from her stomach and raced up her sides, breasts, back and neck. She rose to her knees as his glance sunk below her belly button. She found her hips moving on their own and she quickly realized how much she loved how his eyes followed them. She could feel his look on her swollen lips as her hips moved, back arched and she held her wonderfully swollen chest.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” She said, again biting her lip and feeling her body seduce him as she spread her legs and laid back on the bed, letting her eyes lock his into an embrace of lustful sight. Again she glanced down his body as her hands played softly with her sensitive breasts. He was hard and visibly throbbing, as she knew he would be.

He reached forward and pulled her gently to the edge of her bed so that her but only barely stained on and her spread legs left her feat on the edge. All night she had imagined his tongue where her fingers had touched and now, as he kneeled by her bed, his head between her legs she couldn't wait for the real thing.

“I want you to describe everything you feel until you simply can’t talk anymore.” He said, looking into her eyes as his hot breath caressed her wetness, “What are you feeling right now?”

Eva took a deep breath in and to her surprise the act of naming the sensations running through her body seemed to make them things which happened on their own, things outside of her doing, as though by paying attention to them they intensified.

“I have goose bumps all over.”


“On my arms and neck, where my hair touches it, on my breasts, around and under my nipples, and especially on my stomach, I can feel your breathing on my stomach and on my clit and it’s tingling so much I can hardly sit still,” Eva shivered and bit her lip as her hips moved slightly on their own in response to his breathing. Eva let out a little gasp.

“God, and when I breathe in I swear my breasts have gotten heavier, it’s like they’re longing for something, like they are being filled with an aching for. . . for attention.” Jason looked up from between her legs at her chest, his breath now hot on her throbbing lips. Eva moaned in response to his eyes again on her chest, “I get butterflies when you look at my breasts like that.”

“Where do you get the butterflies?”

“In my stomach, below my belly button.” Eva’s back arched as the butterflies seemed to become overwhelming just from talking about them, she could no longer hold herself up with her arms, they were trembling, and so she laid down looking at the ceiling and feeling his breathing between her legs. Her legs seemed to tremble as she began breathlessly, “My legs can’t seem to stay still. . . my thighs are hot. I can’t seem to stop my hips from moving either, your breathing makes me tingle. . . it almost tickles. God, I can’t stop smiling, I’m giddy. I can’t stop squirming, my hands want to either grab onto something to try and hold still or to. . .” Eva gasped as Jason’s tongue lightly flicked where she was thinking of putting her hands, “mmmm, please do that again.”

Jason smiled, “Not yet,” she could feel his talking, so close to her now throbbing lips, “I want to touch you first, but I want you to do something for me. I want you to call out a number from one to ten for each place on your body I touch, one meaning it doesn't do anything, nine meaning that if I kept doing it you would climax, ten meaning your having an orgasm from it. Right now, if you had control of my hands where would you want them?”

Eva closed her eyes and imagined his hands all over and breathlessly answered, “I want you to touch my face, run your hands through my hair. . . my breasts. . . SIX!” She called out as his hand lightly caressed her pelvic bone to the right and slid it to her hip, sending chills up her right side that converged on her already hard nipple. She felt him mount the bed and from there he lightly slid his fingers up her right side, following the goose bumps until right under her breast.

“Five. . . Six” She felt her back arch in response to his touch moving her right side closer to his hand, trying to feel more. Eva shivered again and her legs shook. His hand caressed her cheek lightly and then ran up into her hair.

“mmm, six,” She said as tingles began to pour down her neck and into her swollen chest as her hips moved on their own again, she wanted his mouth there again. Jason looked into her eyes as she quivered, “How do you feel?”

“Like my mind and body aren't together. . .my body seems to be moving on it’s own. . . please, I want you inside so bad. . . Six, Seven!” She exclaimed as his fingers lightly traced her color bone and then between her breasts and across the underside of her swollen left breast. He breathed softly on her nipple.

“Seven, god.” She reached to touch her nipple, to somehow make the touch more substantial, but as she moved her trembling hand he caught it in his own and then traced lightly from her palm up her arm, “six.” She said in response to his caress, her nipple still aching for a full touch.

She suddenly felt his hand on her breast, still not touching the aching nipple, and then his tongue, slowly doing circles on the outside of the areola. Her feet fell off the bed in a rush of trembling as she yelled, “EIGHT!” And then, to her surprise it got more intense as his lips closed around her nipple in a sensual kiss that made her feel like she might come from her chest if he kept it up, “NINE!” She gasped, short of breath as her thighs closed together and she felt her insides react.

Then his touch was gone, she felt him getting off the bed and opened her eyes. Her vision was surprisingly blurry as he pushed her kneed apart, spreading her legs again. He began kissing from the arch of her foot.

“Five,” she called out and then he kissed up her calf, “Six,” the back of her knee, “holy. . . seven,” up her inner thigh and her legs shook again as she managed a half moan, “Ei. . .Eight.” Eva found herself trying to grab the sheets with her hands, she had to hold onto something. He lightly kissed her clit. “NINE!”

Jason grabbed her other foot and began the same slow journey down her other leg. Eva’s body was shaking as she became unsure she could restrain her hands much longer. He reached her inner thigh and she found herself screaming, “Nine. . . god. . . NINE!” Jason stopped kissing right before her clit and she sat on the verge of orgasm, so close she couldn't speak, as she tried desperately to find something to hold onto.

Jason began to speak, “Let yourself wonder what would happen if I touched a ten and commanded you at the same time.”

Eva found herself begging between moans for him to do it.

“Let yourself realize how hard you would come from that, you may feel like you have to pee and you may shoot liquid, don’t worry, that’s normal, relax and just let that happen.”

Jason slowly slid one finger inside of her as she began to scream, “NINE!” Then, he hit something inside that was a definite, “TEN!!” as he said, “Come,” and began licking her clit while his finger moved back and forth quickly on that spot.

Eva suddenly felt warm as her stomach tensed, she couldn't control the movement of her body as it seemed the orgasm involved her whole body. The pee feeling quickly turned into a warm rush like nothing she had felt up to this point. The explosion of climax seemed to be filled with a warmth that filled her insides and then poured out in a release that she couldn't think through. Then, like a strong heartbeat, her insides contracted again, she could feel herself contracting around his finger, but it was more then that, her contractions were pushing something out, something warm and incredible.

As she came she felt her lips seem to part as liquid actually shot out in a rush of heat that poured through her whole body. She found herself grabbing onto the blankets and her hair in an attempt to ride out this incredible new feeling which mixed with her orgasm and seemed to make it last longer, as though it couldn't end until there was no liquid left to push out. Eva could feel the gushing splash on her body, on his body and a little in his mouth as he seemed to hungerly lick it up, and then, as he stood quickly, she was suddenly filled by his manhood. He grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders as he began a rhythmic thrusting deep into her while leaning forward so she could look into his eyes as he once again commanded her, “Come, come multiples.”

Eva had been sure that after the first wet orgasm had ended she had no more liquid inside. She quickly realized she had been wrong as she felt each thrust and each command press against the place his fingers had now made so wonderfully sensitive.

Once again there was a rush of warmth as her insides tried in vain to grip onto his hardness through her lubrication. “Come,” he said as she pulsed inside as though a heartbeat of warm bliss had begun it’s beating inside her more then filled vagina.

“Come,” She felt her wetness spray him as she screamed, her legs shaking and flailing as he kept pressing liquid out with each thrust.

“Come,” Eva couldn't even keep her eyes open.

Jason spread her legs and laid on top of her in a motion that didn't require him to take the wonderful pressure inside out of her, for that matter, she found herself loving how his body felt pressed against her heaving chest. He was moving in and out in a motion of the hips that she had seen male strippers do.

Jason moaned, “I’m goina come,” then whispering in her ear, “Come with me.”

Jason and Eva began to move together in the throws of passion. Their bodies pressed together in a warmth generated by desire. As they came, the came together, as though starting from the same place they were no longer separate people. They moaned together, both filled with the bliss that was pouring through them. They screamed together and moved in the aftershocks together. They caught their breath together, the warmth and intensity of their mutual collapse heard in their ears as their bodies remained entwined in an embrace.

It is this position, with only the modification of Jason no longer being in Eva, and the fact that they were now laying on their sides, that they fell asleep in, wrapped together as though they were one person, and it was this way that they slept all night, until the awoke the next morning and both had to get ready in a rush to get to work and college respectively. They left each other with a kiss on her doorstep, the same place their first kiss had been, and then parted, knowing very well that this was not going to be the last night they shared together.

Again, special thanks to, Ginni, Beth, Tryce, Lexi, Ashley and to all my readers for such great feedback.

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