Surrender IV

Eva shifted in her seat as her eyes scanned the first line of the erotic story. It was one of Jasonís and after what had happened last night she couldn't help but wonder what other erotic adventures he had floating through his head. Evaís skin was getting a little warm, heating up with the story, and so she took off the jacket she had been wearing to combat the over air conditioned atmosphere that the library always had.

Eva smiled and unconsciously bit her lip as the thought struck her: This is how last night had started, a story which had gotten her to feeling a little aroused, followed by some chat that had gotten her imagination to wonder, and then the phone call. . . And from there it had been one long spiral into bliss. She crossed her legs under the computer table as thoughts of her night with Jason flew through her mind, mixing with the details of the story she was reading.

ďExcuse me,Ē Eva nearly jumped out of her seat as some guy tried to squeeze by her, in between the chair she occupied and the wall behind her. Eva had always been the type to get lost in reading of any type, erotica was no exception. As usual she had nearly forgotten she was in the library. Then again, she had been a little distracted for most of the day. She smiled, noticing his cologne and scooted forward to let him through. On the positive side, she was the only one at the computers now.

Eva laughed to herself a little, at least she hadn't blushed like earlier in the day when her math teacher had caused the flashback of a lifetime. ďEva, ĎCome,í up here and demonstrate. . .Ē She had barely heard the rest of the sentence. For a moment she could feel herself back at her house responding to the command and by the time she stood to walk she was blushing so much she could feel the heat radiating off her. All the way up to the board she had to focus on the task at hand. And while she managed quite masterfully to focus her attention on the equation she could feel herself wet by the time she began to write.

So the day had gone, ďEva Ďcomeí here and look at this,Ē ďEva are you Ďcomingí to coffee with us?Ē Every time someone said it she found herself in a frenzy of memories of her first orgasm, and her second. . . and well, the whole night, and while she hated to admit it, she kinda enjoyed the sexual tension that had built up in her over the course of the day, making her see every normal interaction a little differently then she usually did.

It amazed her that the most mundane things could be taken sexually. Someone licking their lips, the feel of her cloths on her body, cologne, and of course the word that had set her screaming last night. . . Even now, just siting and reading a story, she could feel her body react to it wonderfully, the butterflies, the tightening inside, the wetness. . .

The printer stopped and Eva got up to retrieve the pages she had printed for her report. As she walked she could feel her hips, her thighs, the weight of her breasts, the nerves in her body were alive like they had been last night. She decided to hilight the research after she had finished reading the story.

She laughed at herself as she sat and began reading again. Eva had always multi tasked like this, work on a project, find something to do while things print, hilight while typing, and so on. Usually she didn't get quite this distracted though. She decided that she should find something less interesting to do next time she found herself waiting for something to print. It had just seemed quite natural to read a story in between, after all, she had the time and was in the mood. Only now, as she realized her skin was hot to the touch, did she start to wonder how good of an idea that was. She looked around. No one was near enough to notice her blushing.

She continued reading, and, as she read, images and feelings from the night before flooded vividly into her thoughts. She imagined herself in the story, the sensations of climax so fresh in her mind that when she read about an orgasm she had to shift again in her seat.

Eva read the last line and realized her legs were shaking. She took a deep breath and leaned back in her seat with her eyes closed, letting her imagination ponder over the combination of the night before and what she had just read. Eva decided that when she got home she was defiantly going to get some ice, call Jason, and have him try that. . .

She shifted in her seat again, feeling like the tightness was almost too much for her to contain in a place as public as this. She took in a deep breath, feeling her body as she did and then decided she should get back to work on her project before she exploded or something, but before she had completely finished her daydream, her computer startled her awake with a noise she recognized well.

Jason1982 : Hey, how are things going?

Eva was sure her face got redder and the butterflies in her stomach nearly stooped her breathing.

Sweet_Eva_001 : Actually, to be totally honest, Iím horny as hell. How are you doing?

Jason1982 : lol, Iím great, especially hearing how you are doing, lol. Why so aroused?

Sweet_Eva_001 :Iíve been like this all day, I keep having flashbacks of last night. Every time someone says Ďcomeí I get the chills, blush, the whole nine yards. I swear Iím going to have problems with that word for like a month.

Jason1982 : lol, having fun?

Sweet_Eva_001 :Yes, but itís driving me a little nuts. Where are you and what are you doing tonight? I have some ice I want to melt.

Jason1982 : lol. Iím at work for another couple hours. After that I donít have any plans. Where are you?

Sweet_Eva_001 :Iím at the library finishing up a project for English.

Jason1982 : Really? Anyone else around?

Sweet_Eva_001 :Not at the moment, why?

Jason1982 : I canít help but want to try something, hearing how you are doing and all. Can you do something for me?

Eva looked around. There were people in the main library, but no one near the computer area and she was very curious about what he might try. If it was too bad she could always just not do it and say she had. . . Eva bit her lip.

Sweet_Eva_001 :Sure, what do you want me to do?

Jason1982 : *smiles*

Jason1982 : Take in a deep breath starting from your lower abdomen, picture yourself in the jungle with me, both of us naked, siting facing each other. Feel the breath move up into your body, filling your breasts and sending tingles down your spine.

Eva went ahead and did it, remembering the night before and loving the way her body felt. No one would notice so why not?

Jason1982 : Breathe out slowly, letting the energy in your body flow upward spreading from your lower abdomen and into your whole body. Take your hands and place them on your stomach.

Jason1982 : Feel the hollowness of your insides. Feel the heat that begins to build there as you take in another deep breath. let your breath bring awareness to your body, lighting up every nerve.

Jason1982 : Breathe out again, feeling how your insides want to be filled. Become aware of your hands on your stomach, how they feel the heat inside. Remember how those hands had felt on your stomach before, feel your fingers want to wander, to caress.

Jason1982 : Take in another deep breath, letting it put pressure on your insides, making you tight and tingly all through your stomach and breasts. Feel the swelling of your outer lips, of the soft tissue between your legs and the swelling of your breasts.

Jason1982 : Then let it out again slowly, feeling your body shake and your need to be filled. Feel your heartbeat in your lower regions pulsing in your most sensitive areas.

Jason1982 :Breathe in again imagining me with you in the jungle, feel the heat of my body not far from yours, let yourself fill with desire, with the animal passion of that place. Breathe that essence into your body.

Sweet_Eva_001 :OMG, Iím already shaking, I donít know if I can take this, I feel like Iím going to burst.

Jason1982 : If you want me to stop, I can, I just kinda like teasing you when you canít do anything about it.

Eva thought for a moment, she couldn't believe how wet she was, she could actually feel it between her legs. Eva straightened her skirt and crossed her legs. Every time she blinked she saw that jungle and thought of last night. . . she wanted him to continue. . . but how would she get release? Surely not here? There was no one around. . . but no, she couldn't. Maybe he could just continue for a while, get her all riled up and then they could meet after he got off of work. . . Eva could feel her heart beating between her legs, on her inner thighs, and most of all in the place she wished his tongue was. She uncrossed her legs.

Sweet_Eva_001 :No, go ahead, I just donít know how much of this I can take.

Jason1982 : Take in another deep breath, this time, as you breathe in, let your inner thighs press together as they already want to do. Feel the heat in your inner thighs, and in your lower stomach.

Jason1982 : Let the breath fill your body, spreading the heat as it goes. Then, as you breathe out, tilt your hips and arch your back so that your hot, wet center grinds against the chair.

Jason1982 : Feel the tingles pour up into your body. Breathe in again, breathing those tingles up through your breasts as you relax your legs and stomach back to a neutral position.

Jason1982 : Again, press your inner thighs together and as you breathe out arch your back and feel yourself press lightly against the chair.

As Eva felt her swollen lips press against the chair she barely stooped herself from letting her breath out in a gasp. She couldn't believe how sensitive she was.

Jason1982 : Breathe in and relax your hips and legs as you imagine me looking into your eyes, both of us naked in that jungle.

Jason1982 : Again tighten your legs and tilt your hips as you breathe out.

Sweet_Eva_001 :*shivers*

Jason1982 : Relax again, feeling the warmth that is being generated inside of you as you breathe in. Let that breath fill you, let it spread the warmth through you and just be aware of your body.

Jason1982 : Leave your stomach and legs relaxed and let your breathing move as it wants to. Let your imagination drift back to the way it felt when you first came in the jungle. Let your imagination drift to how it felt to let go and just feel your pleasure.

Jason1982 : Feel your hands want to move, to fill the hot emptiness that begins to build in your stomach. Restrain them and place them on the keyboard so that you can type if you want to, leaning forward so that again you press against the chair.

Sweet_Eva_001 :Youíre evil.

Jason1982 : I know, but you are so fun to tease.

Sweet_Eva_001 :Careful Mr. ďIím at work,Ē I can tease back. I mean, here I am at a library so wet that I can feel it on my legs. Shaking, and getting hornier every time I breathe in. You should see how red I am, hot, my nipples hard. . .Ē

Jason1982 : Ok. I see your point. I hope I donít have to stand up or anything now that Iím completely hard.

Sweet_Eva_001 :lol

Jason1982 : Of course if you get me too turned on I will be forced to find out what I am really curious about: if you will still climax when I tell you to.

Eva felt a tingle shoot through her body. She was already having trouble not moving her hips back and forth to cause that wonderful feeling that still lingered from only moments ago. Dare she tell him that with every breath her breasts seemed to swell with the same intensity as they did the night before, brushing against her bra in a way that made her want to remove the clothing. What would happen if he told her to now? Her legs shook as the night before flashed through her mind with such vivid feeling that she let out a little gasp for air.

Eva tried to adjust her legs only to find that as she did so her hips shifted backward and she could hardly stop herself from just continuing to grind into the chair. She looked quickly around the library, then at the screen. She took in a deep breath and was suddenly all too aware of her body.

Her butt and legs ached to move and with every little shiver the contact they made with her chair was almost too sensual to remain sitting. She could feel her wetness against the bottom of her skirt and as she breathed she swore her opening was pulsing against the chair. That pulsing mixed with a wealth of tingles in her stomach made it nearly impossible to not arch her back and press her chest forward, like she had done the night before into his waiting lips. Her breasts, like her stomach, felt like they might explode at any minute and as she breathed in she could feel the way her bra held them gently, like his hands, cupping the swollen sensitive flesh, the soft material both supporting their heaviness and caressing the skin. Her nipples were so hard that her bra nearly hurt from being to tight. Had her breasts actually swollen?

She realized her breathing was faster then normal, although it still seemed with every breath to make her insides quiver. She could feel her heartbeat in her ears, in her nipples, in her wet insides. There was a warmth inside like there had been the night before. She thought back to how the pressure of him inside her had turned that heat into bliss.

She imagined him inside of her, filling the all too obvious emptiness she felt. Her imagination was so vivid she could nearly feel him entering her from behind as he had the night before. She pictured the pressure of penetration, the way it makes you want to explode. She felt like she was filling with liquid as she had the night before. She remembered the wonderful feeling the release of pressure had been as liquid heat had flowed through her.

Her head was hot, and her hair dangling on her neck seemed to caress her softly. She imagined his hands, and then his lips caressing her there while they made love in the jungle and she began to wait for him to wispier the command in her ear . .

Jason1982 : you there?

Eva snapped back to the library and felt like she was on the verge of climax as she accidentally leaned forward a bit too much to type, making her most sensitive outer part press a little too much on her underwear. Suddenly her underwear became too tight, she couldn't seem to escape the pressure they put on her swollen entrance. It was all she could do to not squirm, or grind, or reach down. . . she busied her fingers typing.

Sweet_Eva_001 :fgeel light headed

Jason1982 : You ok?

Sweet_Eva_001 :too ok, feel like I am having sex.

Jason1982 : Should I continue?

Sweet_Eva_001 :uh hua, feel like Iím floating

Eva felt like she was on some sort of drug. Her breathing had her light headed and from there it hadn't been long before she felt like she was floating. Every time she thought of last night the flashbacks seemed more and more real, as though she might float off the chair and into a dream of bliss.

Jason1982 : imagine that you are sitting on my lap in the jungle. Breathe in and as your breath fills your lower regions imagine that I am pressing into you from underneath.

Jason1982 : imagine my hardness pressing your lips slowly apart, slowly filling that hollow. Feel your insides try to contract around me like they did last night.

Eva put her hands on the table in front of her as her back arched and her hips rocked forward on their own. She swore he really had slid inside of her as her most sensitive spot pressed against her underwear in a rush of tingles. And then, as she sat, leaning forward, back arched, and swollen, pulsing wetness solidly pressed against the chair, she took a deep breath and her love button finally found contact with the chair. Evaís legs shook from the tingles that shot through her. A short soft moan escaped her lips. She found the keyboard.

Sweet_Eva_001 :OMFG

Jason1982 : imagine me moving in and out of you slowly. Pressing your lips open and then slowly expanding your insides until they contract. Then, sliding slowly outward, brushing my swollen head against that place inside that made you scream ďtenĒ last night. Feel yourself want to find release, feel your hips want to rock but keep them still as I move in and out of you sooo slowly.

Sweet_Eva_001 :i wnt to come so bad, but I canít here, canít touch people will see

Jason1982 : Donít worry about coming, just feel yourself want it, feel the desire and pleasure flowing through your body as I keep moving on that place inside.

Sweet_Eva_001 :mmmm.... can almost feel you

Jason1982 : As you breathe in feel me press slowly and firmly inside. Feel your breath and my hardness press your tightness open in all directions, the pressure of penetration making you want to explode.

Jason1982 : With every breath out feel me slide slowly against your most sensitive insides and let yourself ache to be filled.

Jason1982 : Now feel yourself want me to release you. Remember me moving in and out last night and how you felt. Feel yourself want me to tell you . . .

Sweet_Eva_001 :I do so bad

Jason1982 : Let your breathing begin to quicken as you imagine me moving in and out of you faster and faster, with each breath imagine me filling you, with each exhale imagine me moving out, sliding against the place inside that pulses.

Jason1982 : In, pressing you till your are sure you will explode.

Jason1982 : Out, your insides trying to grip me and hold me in.

Jason1982 : In, your lips pressed open followed by deep pressure.

Jason1982 : Out, feeling every inch and wanting it all back in.

Jason1982 : Feel your body move to the edge of climax, so close. . . if only you could touch. . .feel yourself overflowing as it becomes harder and harder to stay still. Feel the warmth inside ready to burst out.

Eva couldn't take any more, she decided she was going to tell him to leave work and meet her right now at her house. She was going to. . .

Jason1982 : Come.

Sweet_Eva_001 :I want you to go to my hou

She had been typing, but that didn't matter now. The tightness had suddenly gone from a mere tightness into something totally different. As though something had run away with itís self. Tighter, tighter, tighter, then suddenly warm, then tingles, tighter, tighter, more tingles, and then, like the difference between a candle and the sun her orgasm had come.

Eva fell forward, hands on the table as she bit her lip and tried to make as little noise as possible. She couldn't keep her eyes open as the orgasm seemed to happen out of nowhere. Her hair draped over her face as she covered her mouth, her hips shifting on their own against the chair.

Eva stood up and let the chair roll back as the full climax hit. Her back arched, pressing her breasts forward and her butt back, as though it were searching for his manhood to press against. She could feel wetness pouring down her leg as she found herself nearly unable to stand. The tingles shot in every direction from her hot center, filling her stomach, making her legs week. And then it passed, slowly, back into aftershocks, only, as before, she seemed to want more. She grabbed her stuff, bent over to type, feeling her legs still trembling underneath her.

Sweet_Eva_001 : You had better be at my house by the time I get there because I wonít wait for you to start.

And with that she shut down her computer and headed shakily for the door.

Surrender V

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