Emily had no idea why she was so drawn to this man she didnít know, but she could no longer deny it. She had only seen him twice in the royal court before tonight, and tonight, against all sense, she had slipped him a letter. Now, somehow he stood in the doorway of her bedroom and did so by her request. How had this gotten this far?

He took off his over shirt and looked into her eyes, and to her surprise, Emily found herself not caring that her father had arranged her to be married to the Duke of Ellingsworth, not caring how things had gotten this far, the only thing that mattered was that she wanted him like a drowning woman wants air.

From the moment of their first embrace Emily melted in his arms. It was as though nothing in the world mattered but the passion coursing through her veins with every heartbeat. Somehow she couldnít get enough of his lips and somehow when her clothing hit the floor there was no second thought.

He held her, looking into her eyes, his bright blue spheres somehow making her knees go week and her insides shake. His hand slowly traced down her heaving breasts and across her stomach. With each inch her breathing quickened and though she wanted badly to beg him to touch her, she found herself unable to speak; somehow he had completely overwhelmed her senses.

When his hand reached her bellybutton she found herself unable to stand because of the quivering inside, but that didnít matter, somehow he held her body where he wanted it. His fingers made every nerve in her body tingle, her insides were so full of butterflies that she thought for sure she would explode and die in tingles before his hand ever reached her most sensitive places. . . .

* * *

Seanne nearly dropped the book in the bathtub. Had she just done what she thought she had just done? She looked at her fingers which lay not an inch from her own hot spot. Yes, she had, she had actually jumped from the touch of her own fingers. She set the book down nearby and covered her blushing face fully realizing that there was no one to see what had just happened.

The thing that made her blush wasnít really that her fingers had gone there, no, she had them there before but it hadnít done much. What made her blush was that that it had felt good. Really good. And that, she was not used to.

She got out of the bathtub deciding she was done reading for the night. Perhaps she could finish the rest when her boyfriend was home to fulfill the desire it seemed to be causing. A desire that had made her jump from her own touch . . . how had that happened? She dried off, all the while contemplating the reason for the spark of tingles that was still fresh in her memory.

Maybe it was that she was just really missing her boy friend, Jeremy, who had been out of town for two weeks. Surely that had something to do with it, after all, when he had called earlier she had been all to anxious for him to come home, the very sound of his voice provoking that tightness inside. It had been a while.

Then again, she had gone long periods without sex and not been this aroused. So it couldnít have been purely that. Maybe it was the book? Maybe it was just really good. Itís not impossible to get caught up in a good story. But, she had read better stuff then that and nothing had ever made her consider pleasing herself before, so even that didnít seem to account for it.

She blushed. Was that what she was really considering? She didnít want to admit it, but it had seemed so natural. What on earth had gotten her this aroused?

Maybe it was her dream? It had been a couple of nights sense the last time she had it, but it was possible that it had something to do with it.

Lately she had been having a recurring dream, perhaps spawned by the plot of the book, perhaps out of a deep seeded longing within her, either way, every time she had it she had woken up desperately turned on. . . maybe it was a combination of all of these things?

Seanne slipped into her nightgown and headed for bed. With each step she could feel every nerve in her body still alive. Her hair on her shoulders made her think of a manís light touch or kiss there and it sent shivers down her spine. Her nipples didnít seem to have any idea that it was ninety five degrees and humid outside in the night time ocean air, they were hard enough that they hurt. With each movement she could feel her breasts, heavy and aching for attention, attention like that of the man from the book. . . like that of the man from her dream.

She wished that either Jeremy would come home or the man would just leap from her dream into reality and relieve the overwhelming sexual tension that just wouldnít let up. She sighed and got into bed knowing the full impossibility of either of those, Jeremy couldnít just come home from half way across the country and dreams had a way of staying annoyingly separate from reality.

She remembered telling Jeremy about the dream over the phone in hopes that he would realize how bad she missed him. He said it was ďfascinating, a real insight into her mind.Ē Sure, maybe, or maybe she just needed him to come home before she discovered if her fingers really could take her all the way. . .

She laughed at herself as she lay down. She had never been one to even really think about that. She decided she had better get to sleep, when she woke up in the morning this sexual tension would be nothing but a memory.

Seanne tossed and turned for what seemed like an eternity, trying to get her legs in a position where she couldnít feel her heartbeat or the wetness between them. Then she had to focus her attention on anything but her breathing, and after a while she feel into a restless sleep, and then, to dreaming. . . .

Seanne was on the beach, she had fallen asleep there during the day and had woken up at sunset. It wasnít cold yet, but it wasnít hot anymore either, which had been what woke her up for sure. She opened her eyes and sat up only to find that the explanation of how she had gotten there didnít matter the second she saw him, naked on the beach, simply looking at the ocean.

Seanne had always been sure that it was the woman who had all the seductive power in her form, that men were always turned on by a naked woman, but it had almost never occurred to her that the same was true of women when looking at some men. Sure, some men were attractive, but this was not a small attraction, this man could be called beautiful.

She stood quickly and hid behind a nearby rock, watching him, unable to take her eyes off of him. He was tall, tan, with dark hair. His muscles shined in the setting sun in a way that painters would have envied, and his movements, the way those muscles rippled and glided with him was something that no artist could ever capture. His movements were so fluid, so powerful yet gentile, so sure and natural, as though he somehow embodied the power and grace of the crashing waves behind him.

Seanne was already all too aware of the butterflies in her stomach. It was as if by shear sight she was being drawn to him by a force she couldnít deny. Her chest seemed to reach out for him, swelling, her nipples hard, as if to somehow get his attention. Her eyes locked on his manhood, she couldnít believe she was actually staring at that. Usually she didnít find those the most attractive things in the world. But on this man it was different. It hung in a state that could only be described as half erect, as though ready. . . ready for what? What was she thinking, she had a boy friend. . . but it too was somehow beautiful, it hung solidly, like the rest of him, itís movements fluid yet strong like the ocean and she couldnít help but imagine the rocking of his hips. . .

All of her good sense told her to look away, to go home, to do anything but sit there and stare, but something had stirred deep inside of her. Something that had to know this man in the intimate way one can know a man, to be one with him, to drown in the ocean of his eyes, to ride the movements of. . .

Seanne froze. In a slow but very deliberate motion he had turned his head and looked right at her. She had seen that he was going to but somehow she had not been able to look away. His eyes met hers and her heart seemed to flutter. Her insides felt an immediate tightening, as though somehow, by look alone he had looked deep inside of her and seen that deep stirring of desire. He could somehow know her intimate wants and needs, the waves of emotions and sensations flowing through her body and mind. He could somehow feel it, and what seemed impossible, through his look he could somehow call it out.

The deep blue of his eyes trapped hers, she did indeed drown in them like the ocean. He was walking towards her but she couldnít move, she couldnít even look away. Each step he took made her legs weaker, her heartbeat quicker, her breathing closer to a moan. She couldnít tell how close he was, she could see him walking toward her from the ocean, but somehow she swore she could feel him already inside of her. . .

She lost his eyes for a moment as her vision drifted directly to what she swore was pulsing deep within. It was hard, fully erect, and it was like seeing pleasure in a physical form. Itís head was swollen, pulsing, and the shaft hard and thick. It hung solidly, proclaiming his desire for her, a thing of intense beauty between his chiseled abs and strong legs. She couldnít believe that she even imagined how his balls would feel hitting her with each thrust. Somehow everything about this man had her aroused, fixated and unable to think clearly. And yet in the dark she couldnít even clearly see his face.

Seanne felt her body go weak, her legs shook as her insides quivered, she was sure she would come just from looking at him. And then he touched her and she melted into his arms. She did not know his name, but then, in the intensity of his touch she could barely remember her own. Her body was heaving as he gently lay her down on a blanket. He kissed that sensitive place where her neck met her shoulder and as she moaned in the embrace she could see a tattoo of a lotus on the back of his neck.

He pulled back for a second and then took her hand in his, kissing each finger softly while looking into her eyes. Tingles shot through her body as though his kisses began sparks that went straight to her core. He moved her hand slowly from his lips and pulled it gently across his muscular chest. The contact with his body made her head spin and her body quiver. He brought it slowly across his beautiful body, down his perfect abs, the strong muscles that would eventually move him in and out of her in the same fluid motion that the ocean knew, and then her hand reached his throbbing hardness.

Seanne could hardly see straight as the tingles seemed to flood her entire consciousness. She couldnít think about anything but this man and with his hardness in her hand she no longer cared about holding back, she began to caress.

With each stroke she somehow became more aroused, touching her masculine seducer somehow made her want him more with each touch, to be filled, to be his. She wanted to please him, to beg him for the bliss his moving hips would make. To make love to this beautiful man for an eternity.

Seanne could not believe how her insides pulsed and shook, the warmth building in them simply from holding him in her hand. Never in her life had she wanted to please a man more then now, because somehow, she knew that pleasing him would only cause her more bliss. She could literally feel wetness flowing from her, as though what was in her hand was inside of her too.

Then he gently took her other hand. He held it up to her lips where she kissed each finger lightly. How was it that this made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end? How was it that her whole scalp tingled from this? Was it his holding of her hand or was it the sparks that leapt from her own lips? And then he guided the fingers down her chest, across her heaving breasts as he kissed her. Her own hand didnít satisfy her need for her breasts to be touched, it only intensified her want for his hands to do the same, which only made her touch more. . . her desire began to feel so good that she wanted nothing more then for him to maker her want him more. How was it that he made her desire desire?

And yet that was exactly what she wanted; for him to take her desire further. Even though she already couldnít control the movements of her body, the arching of her back, the near orgasm pulses coming from her insides, the rocking of her hips, her hands on her chest, the stroking of his shaft, somehow she wanted more. She wanted to drown in desire, for him to reach out and touch the deep stirring in her and intensify it to a point that she could not contain, and then more. . .

In the presence of this man it was as though nothing in the world mattered but the passion coursing through her veins with every heartbeat. Somehow she couldnít get enough of his lips and somehow when she tore her top off there was no second thought.

He held her, looking into her eyes, his bright blue spheres somehow making her legs shake and her insides quiver. His hand, still holding hers, slowly traced down her heaving breasts and across her stomach. With each inch her breathing quickened and though she wanted badly to beg him to touch her, she found herself unable to speak; somehow he had completely overwhelmed her senses.

When his hand reached her bellybutton she found herself unable to control her body because of the quivering inside, but that didnít matter, somehow he held her body where he wanted it. His fingers, guiding hers, made every nerve in her body tingle, her insides were so full of butterflies that she thought for sure she would explode and die in tingles before his hand ever reached her most sensitive places.

And then a spark that made her mouth open and moan rush from her that she couldnít have contained if she had wanted to. It was as if his hand guiding her fingers had somehow sent such a rush of pleasure that it had to escape out her mouth or she would explode.

He kissed her while beginning little circles with their combined fingers, she felt his hardness throb in response and the combined sensation made her unsure if her pleasure was coming from her pleasing him or from her own fingers. The feeling moving into her was so intense that for the first time in her life she let her own fingers, under his sensual hand, begin to rub in exactly the way she wanted it.

He smiled as she gasped for breath, almost unable to breathe, as the tingles spread. She was moaning, and she was close, so close. Her fingers went wild on both their sources of pleasure, knowing that they would soon be joined. She began to scream as she felt herself tightening, ready. . . .

Seanne awoke from the sound of her own moan, quickly pulling her fingers from where they sat between her legs. She tried to sit up but nearly came from the act of flexing her stomach muscles. So she lay there for a second, catching her breath. Who was this man that could make her loose such control of herself?

Her hand somehow felt as though the heat of his touch still lingered on it. She looked at her hand. It was actually covered in her wetness. When she had woken up she had found herself so close to coming it was scary and she could literally feel liquid flowing. Never had she been like that.

Seanne stood up on shaky legs, her insides still quivering, and walked to the bathroom in her now wet nightgown. She washed her hands and her face, trying to snap her body out of the state of pure lust that he had brought into her. She saw the bathtub in the reflection and shivered a little shiver of pleasure knowing how he had made her feel. . . .

It was him, it was the dream. It was this man whom gave her desire, who could make her do anything and she would willingly consent without questions, but never before had the dream gotten that far. She had always woken up at their first kiss. Was it the book that had caused that last part?

She almost didnít care. He had made that feel so good that Seanne nearly considered actually trying it, finishing herself, but she knew it wouldnít be the same without him. Who was he? How did he take hold of her desire and lead it along with a gentle yet strong hand. How did he make her into the sensual creature she saw in the mirror, biting her lip and still breathing in such a way that her breasts rose and fell like the women in stories?

Seanne walked back into her bedroom and turned the light on almost hoping beyond hope to find him in her bed. He wasnít, but the book lay nearby. She picked up the book and looked at it. On the side was a single lotus. She laughed at herself for that. He was imaginary. Even so, she wondered if a man like that really existed. She let her mind drift a little, wondering what kind of thoughts went through a man like thatís head. How did he see her? What would he think of her when she melted in his arms like that? How did he have such power over her? The questions came one after another until they were stopped dead by something that made her knees go week and her heart nearly stop.

On her dresser was a single lotus in a vase, next to it a card. This had not been present when she had fallen asleep, she was sure of it. Jeremy? No, he was half way across the country. She snapped herself out of it and shakily walked to the flower, half expecting it to evaporate like a dream, but when she picked up the card it was defiantly real. She opened it.

ďTo my one and only love,

ďThe other night on the beach was the most fantastic night of my life and I want nothing more then to share that with you for an eternity. When you get this, go to your living room, I have left you a gift, and then meet me on the beach, you know where.Ē

It was signed with a picture of a lotus.

Seanneís head spun and her heart raced to the point that she nearly fainted. Was she still asleep? Jeremy had told her he wouldnít be back for three days, had she misunderstood? Was this stranger real? Had that really happened? Was she going crazy? Was. . .

Her heart pounded in her ears, in her chest, and most noticeably deep inside her belly and a little lower. She felt like she was going to come. Something inside of her was stirring like it had in her dream. Was he real? She told herself not to walk out to the living room, this was crazy, she was dreaming. But her legs moved on their own, and she somehow knew he was real even though it defied all logic: she could feel him calling to that desire deep within her. . . .

* * *

He had waited by her bedroom door for what seemed like an eternity, trying to control the beating of his heart. He hoped to god that he wasnít overstepping his bounds in even being here, let alone carrying out this crazy idea, but the truth was that he wanted to make love to her more then anything in the world and he wanted it to be as romantic as the books she sometimes read, to be somehow more even then the last time they made love.

He looked at the vase and card in his hand. He hoped she would like them and would be surprised to see them in her bedroom. This had taken a lot of planning and he hopped it would all work like he wanted, bringing them to the heights of ecstasy together in an unfolding plot of beauty and romance. He knew what she liked, what she dreamt of, and he wanted more then anything to fulfill her every fantasy. And so he had waited until a half an hour after he was sure she had gone to bed to come into her room quietly, silently, hoping not to awaken or accidentally frighten the beauty that slept there. He cracked the door, and then, seeing nothing but darkness, opened it. There she was, asleep in her bed.

He had repeated to himself over and over again while planning that this part would be nothing but a quick in and out so as not to wake her too early. He would place the vase, then call her name in a whisper from the cracked door until she woke up, leaving her a letter trail to follow him by. But the second he saw her, his plans evaporated.

He set the flower on her dresser and then hovered over her bed looking at the beauty of her sleeping figure. She was so peaceful, so quiet, so perfect. His eyes traced the graceful soft beauty of her face, the shine of her hair in the moonlight, the shape of her body outlined by the sheets. She was so beautiful that he nearly forgot what he was doing.

He smiled, laughing inside at the power she had over him. Even in sleep she was breathtaking, the picture of feminine beauty, a goddess of legend. He thought about how lucky he had been to meet her, to share what time they had together, and how he loved the way her simple glance could give him peace, comfort, laughter, and when she wanted, how her simple look could make his body hers to do with as she pleased.

He sighed, finally deciding that he had to leave if she were going to follow him, but before he could bring himself to turn, something caught his eyes. Under the covers her hand was moving ever so slightly on her breasts. Was she. . .?

He watched, utterly transfixed by the beauty of sexual energy blooming in front of him. He watched her breathing quicken and her lips part. She shifted where she lay, the sensual movements of her body more enticing then anything he had ever witnessed. It was as though she were filled with a passion that nothing could contain, as though in being asleep she was caught in the raging of her desire. She was dreaming and it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

For a moment he forgot all of his plans. He became so enthralled in watching her that he was taken by surprise by the hardness pressing at the button of his pants. She was gasping lightly and it was driving him wild.

Inside he could feel heat flowing. It spread from just below his belly button down into his erection in pulses, pulses that flowed both to the head and into his now hot body. Just below his manhood there was a throbbing that made him shift where he stood. He had to move he had to do something. He stopped his hand from reaching to where his throbbing head now felt like it might explode, knowing all to well that if he let this desire overtake him there would be no completion to his plans, but he couldnít look away, let alone walk away.

He looked at her body filling to the brim with an energy that he couldnít escape. It was as if looking at her alone made him hers. He wanted to touch her, to intensify the pulsing in both of them. To join their bodies in combined bliss. He realized that he was so hard that moving at all brushed his all to sensitive head against the cotton of his boxers, which were now wet with precum. He wanted more then anything to release it from the prison his jeans had become.

Then his hands, as though rebelling for being kept from his throbbing hardness, suddenly reached towards her. He had to touch the skin of his love, to at least have some contact with the beauty that had him loosing control. He told himself this was crazy, that he was going to ruin everything he had been planning, but he had to feel her, had to somehow touch and feel this energy that was taking a hold of her in her sleep. He reached out and placed his hand over hers.

At the moment of contact he somehow knew he had reached out and touched pure unbridled feminine desire. Their hands moved as one down the curves of her body and each inch made his breathing quicken. His manhood was throbbing with an intensity that made him unable to think clearly. He felt the same giddy excitement that poured through him the first time he had kissed her, the sense of absolute awe at her beauty, but added to that was something purer, something he had never seen in her before: this unbridled passion that would drive her to dream like this. He felt his hips rock forward gently, as though she had control over the motion his body would make.

Their hands reached her wetness and her back arched in a way that could stop a manís heart. For a second he was sure thatís what had happened as he realized he was holding his breath in the midst of a heartbeat that made him sure his manhood would explode. Their fingers began to move on her body and he could feel her wetness flowing so that it reached through her fingers to his.

Inside, his desire became unbearable. Everything below his waste seemed to pulse in time with his hardness. He realized he had reached the point where he could feel sexual touch all the way up his stomach. If she were awake, to touch his abs, to caress lower and lower, every inch of his belly would be as sensitive as his hardness, and his pants nearly did the job, teasing him as they moved with his manhood.

Inside he felt a pressure, as though he would explode. It started deep in his lower stomach and seemed to press on his manhood making it even harder. He could feel the muscles down there beginning to pulse with tingles. Little twitching that let the liquid tingling out in the form of precum. His stomach muscles filled with heat, contracting lightly as though to convince him to move forward as the muscles in his legs tightened. He was nearly thrusting with each circle she made from the intensity of heat and pressure down below.

Then she moaned and the pressure in his pants grew to a point that he knew he had to either get out of the room, or come just from the intensity of her passion. He realized that he had to do what he had set out to do. He had to direct that passion at him so that their desire could join as one. It was the hardest thing he had ever done that moment, as he lightly let go of her hand and backed away towards the door watching her perfect feminine passion flowing unbridled by her inhibitions.

He slowly closed the door, his hardness making normal walking difficult as her moans reached a level where he thought she might actually come, and him with her. He feared that if she did he would be unable to take his eyes off of her, but the last thing he saw as he closed the door was her sitting up, trying to suddenly contain her desire, and he knew tonight would be the most intense night of his life.

* * *

Seanne found herself propelled out of her bedroom by a force she couldnít deny. Her mind kept telling her that this was crazy at best, that she should be doing anything but following him. She should call the police, she should see a shrink, she should pinch herself to wake up, she should say no if this was real, but something other then logic, something other then her normal voice of reason moved her forward.

Curiosity, passion, desire, the things she always wanted more then anything in life propelled her feet. If this was a dream she didnít want to wake up. If this was real then she didnít want to miss the chance to fulfill her every fantasy. So many unknowns, this was crazy, but somehow it was exactly what she wanted.

Into her living room she walked as her heartbeat became so intense she thought it might explode. Her breathing came in shaky gasps and her body quivered inside. She could feel her lips rub together between her legs in an abundant wetness that flowed from the source of her overwhelming excitement.

Her senses seemed to drown in desire as she smelt cologne, a beautiful scent that was the presence of her lover. She looked for him, hoping to see his beauty again. Her eyes scanned the room and settled on a box with a yet another lotus on it, sitting in the middle of her couch. For a moment she couldnít move, frozen in time as the room spun. Her breath flowed hot across her parted lips as the second confirmation of his existence sent shivers of excitement through her. Like the pure energy of love goose bumps flowed from her head, down her neck and through her body like a jolt. It shot straight to her center in a pulse that made her legs shaky.

For a moment she was stunned at the little contraction that followed. It wasnít an orgasm, but it wasnít not an orgasm, and as a confirmation of itís gentile spark, she felt wetness actually pour onto her thighs. There was an intense warmth and she was quickly snapped out of her trance by the necessity of grabbing the couch. She had lost all balance.

She sat down with a little shiver and picked up the flower, smelling it before opening the box. Its fragrance mixed with the smell of him in an intoxication of the senses that made her fall back into the arms of the couch in a giggly bliss.

She looked at the box, and sat up quickly, provoking a new wave of tightness and tingles in her stomach. She opened it.

Inside was a black see-through nightgown without bottoms that was laced in beautifully embroidered lotus flowers and another card:

ďMy love,

I am waiting for you on the beach, I only hope that this piece of fabric can but match a hundredth of your own beauty. I have only two requests, wear it when you come, and remove it sensually when you arrive. I want to savor my longing for your touch. Be quick though my darling, for my aching for you is already great.Ē

She slipped it on drowning in the sensations her own body made as she did. It was as though she were living in a dream and she was so giddy that she alternated between giggles and quick breathing. When she giggled there was an intense tightening inside, as though her body could come any second, and then she would gasp from the feeling, which would make her smile and nearly giggle again from the way that her body had lost all sense of what it could do. She didnít even know what she was feeling at this point, but it was intense, and with the movements of a sex goddess she walked from her house carrying the flower in nothing but the lingerie.

* * *

He had walked through the living room and sprayed his cologne in the air to tease all of her senses when she emerged. He couldnít believe he was doing this but it was exciting, extremely exciting. At some point in his life he had realized that desire, anticipation, and the circumstances of sex were at least important as the sex itís self and this was no exception. Although as he walked his hardness begged him to turn around, he knew that by waiting, by all this effort the end result would be far better. Romance was about waiting, surprise, unknowns, and teases, about pleasure delaying, and pleasure savoring,.

And so as he walked he savored the movements of his body, knowing, as he left the house, full well she would soon follow. He could feel his breathing quickening, his heart racing and each heartbeat pulsed in his hardness as his eyes traced her outline among the stars in the sky. Somehow the difficulty of it all, the wait to see if it would work at all, the effort put into it filled him with a nervous energy that intensified his desire ten fold.

He was so energized that he would have run, were it not for the fact that his hardness prevented it. The energy seemed to heat his body to a point where his skin was hot to the touch and as the wind blew he could feel goose bumps on his skin. He began to take off his cloths, finally freeing his hardness from itís prison and so he walked from their beach front house, just past their trampoline and to where he stood on the sandy beach overlooking the ocean.

There he stood waiting for her as the moon rose softly over the ocean, casting itís beautiful glow on the water and onto his skin. He stood, trying not to turn around and watch for her, knowing that he had to wait until the right moment so that their eyes would meet the right way.

As he watched the ocean he thought about how she had looked on the bed, so full of perfect beauty, so full of feminine desire. She was a goddess of beauty and love. He thought back to the way her fingers had moved, to the way her touch guided his, and as his imagination began to run away with itís self he felt his hardness throbbing in the night air.

Each movement of her body made him feel full of life. It was as if her moans breathed something into him that overpowered him. Never had he seen her so enthralled in passion, so perfectly in bliss. She had somehow let loose a side of her that she could never quite let out before. For a moment she had become an enchantress, taking control of his thoughts and movements. She had seduced him in her sleep!!! Such a passion had never been seen in the world and he was sure of it.

Yet there she had been, desire without boundaries, beauty without reason, the embodiment of all feminine sexuality like no seductress had ever been. She had not known he watched and so she had not held anything back. She was, for that moment, pure womanly passion, and that made him dizzy with desire for her.

He looked at the moon, waiting, unable to calm the heat pouring into his body from below, waiting as his desire built to levels he did not know were possible.

* * *

Seanne didnít know how it happened, how things had gotten this far. She was walking outside in nothing but a see through top and it was the most exciting experience. She didnít know when she had become a seductress, how she had become pure desire walking to seduce a man she didnít know, but she didnít care, it was heaven.

She walked toward the moonlit ocean, her breathing fast and full of tingles as her hair danced on her shoulders like a loverís fire. With each step her insides contracted, and made her need for him more urgent. She could feel herself on the verge of coming, and she feared that when she saw him she would simply pass out from the orgasm that would hit her. She didnít understand it but she thirsted for his eyes in a way that she had never wanted anything in her life.

Then, suddenly, there was his figure, bathed in moonlight. He was looking out at the ocean as he had before, his essence one with what he saw. Her feet couldnít move any further, no matter how she tried she couldnít move pass the trampoline. She was shaking, her legs too week to move as heat poured from her insides. He was beautiful, the moonlight tracing the muscles in his arms and the contours of his body. She looked and could somehow tell that though she could not see it from behind he was fully erect and ready for her.

She suddenly became aware of her breathing, little gasps, moans almost, as each breath brought a little contraction. She was on a run away sensation that seemed to be building on itís self. The more she wanted him the stronger the tension inside, the stronger the tension the more she wanted him. His presence, his simple existence, had overwhelmed her senses just like she had dreamed and somehow she couldnít contain herself.

Then she saw it, on the back of his neck, in the moonlight, the tattoo of a lotus and she couldnít contain the run away sensations in her body. She moaned as a contraction like the one inside hit her, a light taste of an orgasm that only made her want more, and then he began to turn. . .

* * *

How long had he been waiting? He didnít know. He was so caught up in the memory of her that he had lost all concept of time. It was as if he had awoken from a dream only to find himself naked in the moonlight looking at the ocean. Inside he felt a throbbing that seemed to penetrate every fiber of his being. He wanted her so bad that his face felt flushed, hot. He thought about moving but the slightest movement made his manhood swing in a way that caused an eruption of tingles to pass through him and a little pulse that wetted the end. He was so hot that he wanted to take off cloths he didnít have on.

Then, he heard her footsteps. She was nearby. He resisted turning as his hardness throbbed till it hurt in the night breeze. He could actually feel pulses travel from below, up into it, through it, to the head, and then somehow into his stomach. Every muscle in his body ached to be touched, from the tightness in his stomach to his chest. From the back of his neck to where her hands would clench on his butt. Every nerve was caressed by the ocean air and he nearly couldnít turn around, lost in the sensations of his body and the memories of hers.

Then, he heard her. The footsteps had stopped and something else had come to his attention. It was her breathing. His scalp was covered in tingles that shot down his spine and converged on the throbbing below. It was the most incredible thing he had ever heard, short light gasps, nearly moans, as though she wouldnít be able to contain herself for long. He listened, his own breath nearly stopping in his throat as her sensations mixed with is in the night air.

Then, it intensified, her breathless gasps turning more and more into sounds of pleasure. He lost all restraint and as he heard a full on moan and turned his head, feeling his whole body fill with a light pulse from below that it took all restraint to prevent from being an orgasm.

* * *

Seanneís legs began to loose all strength as her insides tightened in a wealth of warm wetness then relaxed again, this time closer to a full climax as his body fully spun around to face her. Their eyes met and something happened, he did look deep into her soul and grab hold of her desire. She did not know how did it, how he had taken hold of her deepest desires and made them real, how he had become the lusty perfection she now saw in the moonlight before her, but she knew it had taken a lot of thought and effort, and he must have truly understood her deepest desires. Her breath caught in her throat as she drown in his eyes, Jeremyís eyes.

* * *

The second he saw her he felt her orgasm. It was as if their eye contact in this dream state could connect them perfectly, allow them to feel each other. They had become the archetypes of sexual beauty and seduction for one and other and in the union of passion that seemed to produce there was no space between them.

Seanneís tightening ran away in a moan of pure bliss that did something to Jeremy that was indescribable, as though her pleasure poured into his soul. Before he knew what he was doing Jeremy was moving toward her, needing to touch her, needing to make love to her with an urgency he had never felt. He throbbed with each step, his hardness bouncing in tingles as he walked.

Seanneís legs simply could no longer hold her as the bliss from within melted her whole body in an explosion that was like a river. The world spun and she shook as she fell into Jeremyís strong arms. She grabbed hold of him as he lifted her onto the trampoline where a blanked awaited them.

Jeremy wasnít sure how he had known to do that but he wasnít wasting any time to think about it. It was as if he was caught in the power of something that had taken on itís own life. He was in a fantasy, a perfect fantasy with the girl he loved and it seemed as though every movement was natural.

Seanne was still moaning as Jeremy set her down gently, her fingers had traced their way down to where she had come from and were moving on their own. She lay on her back, looked into his eyes, seducing him with her pleasure, asking him without words to fill her as she came for the first time from her own touch.

At that moment all routine was broken. It was as if they were different people while still being perfect lovers. Jeremy caressed her body with a touch that emerged as he did it, tracing all contours of her body as his hardness pressed into her still throbbing insides. Their embrace was new, dreamlike as he slid into her, filling her as her fingers continued on her clit. Seanne screamed from the sensation as he slid in, slowly, inch by inch, while she came. She could no longer see straight, but she still wanted more from her lover, she wanted more and she wanted to come with him.

Jeremy felt her insides pulsing, clenching and releasing as he watched first the head, then the shaft slide effortlessly into her hot wetness. He was absolutely overcome by the sight of her fingers moving next to his hardness as he felt the sensations of her body. She was so warm that it seemed she poured warmth into his body through his already hot shaft. So wet that he felt surrounded in the liquid of her bliss. The movements of her insides were the greatest pleasure he had ever felt as she came. It was as if her orgasm caressed and tightened around him, he couldnít believe how badly he wanted her to come again and again just to feel her ripple around him.

Seanne felt him begin to move in and out as her already moving hips seduced him to motion. She could feel his hardness filling her, throbbing inside of her and then suddenly a blissful touch of something deep inside. She moaned with pleasure as they began to rock in time, moving with the now swaying trampoline. He moved fast, then slow, then fast, but always keeping the motion perfect to what she wanted.

Somehow he felt the motion of her hips and matched it perfectly. Seanne found herself needing to hold onto something badly and so grabbed his body, the body of the man from her dream and pulled it close to her. The intensity of his pressing into her from that act sent her over the edge again and Jeremy could no longer hold back.

Suddenly they were both one, feeling the sensations of bliss together, his pulsing in time with hers so that his throbbing met with her contractions. He felt the release of the tension within like a valve had been opened in heaven and let ecstasy pour into him, she felt her insides lock in an orgasm that seemed to be more of a combination of many then a single one. And together the moaned looking into each otherís eyes.

Jeremy collapsed onto her naked body and they held one and other in an embrace of love, silently, not needing to speak. Then they both turn and lay naked watching the stars as the ocean waves echoed in the background.

After a while it was Seanne who spoke, ďIs the tattoo real?Ē

ďNo, press on, I didnít want to get a real one if I couldnít pull this off.Ē He said still staring at the stars.

ďWhat happened to the business trip?Ē

ďI thought of this right after you told me the dream, I just told you I would be gone longer then I was.Ē

She laughed and looked at him playfully, ďWell, I hope you bought more then one of those press on tatoos, because I want to be paid a visit by my mystery lover again someday.Ē

ďOh believe me, heíll be back.Ē Jeremy smiled.

For Seanne and Jeremy. Special thanks to Gini, Kim, and many others for discussions of "the misterious stranger" archetype.


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