Jeremy set aside what he was reading for a moment and took a deep breath, trying to clear his head, and more notably, trying to regain some control of his body. Never in his life had he been turned on so much by text. To his astonishment he was actually shifting around, trying to sit in a way that didn’t cause the throbbing in his manhood to drive him wild.

How had she written this? It was incredible. Page after page of intense sex and romance. Story after story of seduction and bliss. He laughed at himself: he was actually blushing, he could feel the heat in his ears. But that wasn’t anything compared to the heat running through other places in his body.

He looked down, realizing that there was just a bead of precum showing through his pants. He was so turned on that the pulses were starting to let out little amounts of liquid. He shook his head.

When he had asked her to write down every sex dream she had, a dream journal of sorts, this was not what he had expected to get. Somewhere buried deep within Seanne was a permeating erotic energy just waiting to break out. She dreamt of mysterious lovers, perfect kisses, touches that melted her inhibitions. She dreamt about being dominated, about romantic places that inspired awe, about her desires unleashed and unbridled into a world of sensual beauty. She dreampt of being seduced and seducing, and sometimes she only remembered the last couple of seconds before she awoke insides tight, breathing heavily, and wanting.

For the entire time they had known each other he had seen glimpses of this side of her, but never like he had the night he brought her dream lover to life. The night he Role Played out her fantasy and seduced her the way he dream lovers did. Sense that night he had been plotting, determined to again bring a dream of hers to life, and so, since that night she had kept this journal, giving him unrestricted access to her hidden fantasies.

But now, less then a month later, he had in his hands more then he had bargained for: she had nearly filled the diary, and he could barely read through it without her very fantasies seducing him to immediate pleasure. On top of that, while some of the fantasies were possible to recreate others offered nearly impossible challenges. Buying a sail boat and finding a secluded island sounded wonderful, but not something one could do on a whim.

He sat reading, thinking, planning, while trying, but failing miserably, to keep his hands from wandering. Just as he was about to give up thinking about it and just please himself, the thought struck him. . .

* * *

Seanne’s heart nearly skipped a beat, on her dresser was a vase with a single lotus in it, and next to that, a card, and a box. She couldn’t believe how week her legs had suddenly gotten when she saw it, as though the pleasure that was certainly on it’s way was present just in the promise. She took a deep breath, trying to ignore the fluttering beats of her heart and went to pick up the card.

“To my one and only love, We have a date tonight. In the box is a dress, please try it on and be ready by 8:00.”

The signed lotus ended the letter and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. She had gotten home from running errands on a somewhat normal evening, and then, here she was, as though she had simply stepped into a dream world without warning. She sat on the edge of the bed trying to somehow contain the spiralling emotions. What did he have planned? What dream was he thinking of? Where were they going? She couldn’t help the sudden obvious wetness between her legs, the last time she had seen a lotus like that she had came just from wanting, what was he planning tonight?

She took a deep breath and lay back on the bed almost giddy in anticipation. Dream after dream flashed through her head, each remembrance filling her body with more and more hot desire. It was almost unbelievable how quickly she began to feel her insides quivering.

Then again, it was almost fitting. Sense the night he first made her dream reality, she had been woken up every other night with another dream. It was as if something that had been only internal had somehow been unleashed by the crossing over into reality. Fantasy after fantasy woke her up in the midst of moans and on the verge of orgasm. More then once she had woken Jeremy with a lusty kiss and made love to him in the middle of the night or early morning.

Then later, when she went to write down the desires that had woken her, she would find herself nearly feeling the dream just from remembering it. By the time she finished writing she sometimes found her fingers wandering, and sometimes she didn’t stop them.

For nearly a month the echoes of that night had kept her in a wonton state, her dreams, her writing, and her memories filling her with a thirst for him, for bliss, for sensual pleasure. And then, as if confirming the idea that at any moment, any day, her mystery lover might suddenly return, without warning, and in the middle of an otherwise uninteresting day, and overwhelm her. The lotus on her dresser meant that, suddenly, that at any moment, one of her deepest fantasies could simply come to life.

She began getting ready, putting on the tight, black, miniskirt in the box. It fit her perfectly and she considered seducing him in it, slowly hiking it up until he pinned her down and didn’t even wait to remove their cloths. . .

An hour passed and 8:00 arrived. She sat, dressed to kill, in her living room, waiting for Jeremy to arrive, which he did shortly. As he entered the house she looked him over, letting the way she felt be obvious in her eyes.

He was dressed well, not formal, rather, almost like a singer on MTV. He walked in with yet another box, which he sat down in order to kiss her hand. On his neck the tattoo had returned, the sight of which made Seanne nearly gasp as she subconsciously bit her lip.

“One more touch my lady and we will be ready. Stand up and close your eyes.” He said with a smile and a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Ok,” Seanne said, wondering what on earth he was doing.

“I bought you the sexiest underwear I have ever seen, and I want you to wear them tonight, but I want you to also be surprised by them. So you can’t see them on you until the dress comes off.” He said, while gently running his fingers up her legs and under her skirt. His touch was a warm unbearable teasing; far to close to where she wanted him to be. As his hands removed her underwear she could feel tingles from every place they touched. Her eyes being closed almost made the sensation worse, and by the time he had put her new pair on she was so deep in the sensations that she forgot how weird his request had been and almost lept onto him. By the time he pulled her skirt back into place, her legs were literally shaking.

“Ok, lets go.” He said, and so they left.

* * *

All through the car ride Seanne was lost in a sea of dreams, wondering where they were headed, her insides remaining full of butterflies that seemed to respond to every bump in the road, but as they pulled up to a dance club she felt reality fall to the wayside.

The dream had been a recent and a very potent one about a dance club. Her and Jeremy were dancing a very sensual dance, hands wondering all over each other’s bodies as the beat moved them as one. And then suddenly it had gotten hot, the whole place seemed to fill with pure sexual excitement. His touch was driving her wild and everyone around seemed to slow down, their every dancing movement full of sexual tension.

She no longer cared what the crowd thought: they were part of the sexual energy of this place. The quietly wanting Seanne suddenly wasn’t holding back. It was as if she was free to have what she wanted when and where she wanted with no questions asked.

She began to strip as his hands caressed every inch of her. She ground against his hardness as her breasts became exposed. People began to look, but she almost felt like she was seducing them too, their desire mixing with her own and Jeremy’s. He took off his shirt as she unbuttoned his pants and soon they were dancing naked, body to body, hips grinding together to the music while they became the centre of attention.

And then, as Jeremy could no longer hold back, his wanting her overwhelming, he had thrust into her. Seanne had felt her insides pressed open as the pressure of penetration pressed a moan from her mouth. It had felt so real, him inside of her as they made love passionately to the music. It had almost felt more then real. She could feel him so deep inside of her that she nearly felt like he filled every inch of her insides. It was as if every grinding, every thrust pressed all of the air out of her in a moan. Even the swelling of her breasts seemed to be from his penetration.

She remembered so vividly the looks of everyone around her, looking at them as she moved closer and closer to extacy. She loved the freedom to fulfil her desire for him regardless of their location, and she loved the lusty looks of everyone around her.

And then in a moan she had woken up, on the verge of coming, breathing hard, desperately missing the feeling of him inside of her, needing to be filled.

Now, only days later they were really entering the club, her need to be filled returned, almost stronger then it had been when she had woken up.

Jeremy immediately went and ordered a water and then turned to Seanne, “Go dance, I want to find you on the dance floor.” Seanne didn’t hesitate.

* * *

Jeremy finished his water and turned toward the dance floor. He didn’t see her immediately, but that was ok, he knew he would have no trouble finding her. He stuck his wallet in his pocket and bumped the one other thing he had placed in there. He smiled as he felt it, suddenly all to conscious of his member hardening from the thought of what he was about to do. He hoped this would go as well as the other night had.

He walked into the crowd, his eyes passing over the people around him, attracted to the forms he saw, but wanting her specific shape. And then, there she was. He looked her over, dancing as he watched her sway to the music. She was beautiful and the way she moved made the throbbing below return. He smiled as she looked up at him. Their eyes met and a knowing glance passed between them, uniting them for a second.

Seanne turned slowly, breaking their eye contact as she gently gyrated her hips. She knew his eyes would drift slowly down her body, seeing her movements as he had in the dream. Inside her chest she felt the beat of the bass, in time with her pounding heart. What did he have in mind? Surely he wouldn’t try to actually have sex with her here? Could she really do it? She knew he wouldn’t do something that daring, but if not that, then what on earth was he planning?

At the same time, however, she almost wanted him to just make love to her there. With every movement of her body since she had walked onto the dance floor she had felt her dream all around her. The club had almost taken on the mysterious wanting of her dreams, as though the place, the dream it’s self mixed with the reality around her. Her movements teased her sensitive body, the music’s beat seemed to fill her insides, almost making her feel him pounding in her with it. Every once in a while she would catch a hint of cologne, or brush against someone’s body and would get goose bumps from it.

Without warning, Jeremy’s hand wrapped around Seanne’s waist and pulled her up against his body. His hand on her stomach brought on an all new wave of tingles as his hardness pressed up against her butt. Without having to think about it her back arched, pressing into him and she began to grind against what she wished desperately was inside of her.

Her body began to heat up as they pressed together, their combined heat flowing through her. Seanne found herself beginning to seduce him, bending over and letting her butt shake on his crotch as his hands caressed her hips. She stood up and turned around pressing her breasts up against his body and looking into his eyes.

Her lusty glance sent a shiver down his spine as the heat of her body pressed up against him. It was time. He slipped one hand off of her butt and reached into his pocket, taking out his surprise. He slid his hand up her body with the small black box in it as he looked into her eyes mischievously.

Seanne felt suddenly excited, her breathing quickening from the look he had just given her. She knew she was about to find out whatever surprise he had in store for her. She turned around, pressing her butt against his hardness again, while leaning back and placing her hands over her head and caressing his neck. She tilted her head back, bringing her ear next to his mouth as he placed his head over her shoulder and gently ran his hands up her body.

“Close your eyes and picture yourself back in the dream.” He said to her and she obeyed, “Imagine that we are both naked already, pressed together like this on the dance floor, people looking, not sure what to expect next.”

Seanne could hardly stand the feeling of the bass inside of her, it was teasing her horribly as she imagined that Jeremy’s hardness was only inches from being inside her. Each motion of their bodies made her want him more, as the images of her dream mixed with reality. With each swaying motion of her hips she could feel the tightness inside, her stomach sensitive to the touch. Her chest was beating with the music and with her heart and her nipples would be hard for everyone to see if she really were naked. She imagined people looking at her and felt a wetness and heat between her legs.

The dream started to come back to her more and more vividly with each moment that past. It was as if the simple act of remembering how she had felt in her dream made her feel it again. She really did feel like she was dancing naked, and she knew that in moments he would press into her, making her scream his name on the dance floor. It was so real, the memory of her dream, that she wondered if she would come just from thinking about it. If this was all he would do tonight, then she would be more then happy.

Seanne’s dress danced on her chest, caressing it with each movement as every inch of her skin grew hot. Where their bodies met she felt his body heat, as though they were naked. Her hair teased her neck and the goose bumps it caused flowed across her scalp and down her back, across her chest, from her aching nipples. His arms around her were practically holding her up as they danced, their strength making her feel light as a feather. Her stomach was so sensitive that the simple movement of the fabric against it reminded her of his fingers. Her butt against his hardness made her want him inside desperately. So much so that even her underwear and skirt teased her. Her skirt tightly holding her legs with each grind, and her underwear brushing lightly against what was now noticeably wet.

“Now, bend over, imagine me at the edge of you, teasing you, my hardness barely touching your wetness. So that with each grinding motion I almost press into you.”

Seanne bent over, as she had done before, pressing her butt against him, grinding with the music, if they were naked they would be very nearly in the position for doggie. His hands grabbed her hips and Seanne felt his hardness press so close to her lips that her lips really did pulse as she imagined his tease, her insides quivering. He grabbed her waist and ran his hands up her body as he stood her up again.

“Then, as your back arches and your butt presses against me, feel me suddenly slip inside.”

His hands ran up her stomach, sending a wave of tingles downward and making her back arch. She felt his hardness against her and then, inexplicably, she came.

It had started with him pressing against her, that had turned her on more then she imagined it could, but then, as she imagined that hardness slipping inside of her there had been a sudden vibration below, in time with the bass of the music. It was on her all to sensitive clit that she felt it, a spark of vibration that had made the image of him sliding into her nearly a reality of sensation. Then, with the beat of the bass, in time with the music, she tightened and exploded.

Seanne’s legs went week as the tingles rushed through her body. His hands wrapped around her kept her swaying to the music as she stifled a scream of pleasure. What had just happened? Was she dreaming? She managed to recover enough to continue dancing, only now, her dance was a full seduction, unable to hold back the passion that had just burst to life.

She felt the freedom of her dream course into reality as she opened her eyes to see that some people were watching them, only they didn’t know what made their dance so hot. She did. It was the fact that she could come, at any given moment from the vibrator he somehow controlled. Though they were still clothed, free from the exposure that nakedness would bring, she could still have all the bliss of sex, right here, right now, and no one but them would know. And that was total freedom without the consequences. Bliss without worry. Her desire could be fulfilled without hesitation. Sex on the dance floor, her dream was real.

Seanne began to dance in a way she had only ever dreamed of, seducing him with every movement, feeling the sensual curves and rotations of her body. She pressed her butt into him as the vibrations started again. She bent over imagining him inside of her as each movement of the dance brought her closer to ecstasy. She let her butt grind against his hardness, knowing full well the pleasure her motions would give him. She could feel the bass deep inside of her as she slid her hands across her hot body, teasing him as his hands held her hips, swaying to the music.

She turned her head and looked up at him, biting her lip in a seductive look that she had never let escape her before. She looked into his eyes, which were full of wonder and desire.

Seanne’s eye contact made Jason seriously consider actually taking her on the dance floor. That look of absolute desire something he couldn’t resist. He knew what her stifled moan had meant and somehow he was watching the release of an undeniable seductive force. Her dancing was becoming hotter and hotter as the seconds past and he only had the vibrator on it’s lowest setting. He pulsed down below as her butt began an unbelievable motion he had only seen stripers ever pull off.

She was practically jacking him off through his pants with the motion her hot body made, caressing up and down in a way that made him want to lift up her skirt, and thrust into her until they both collapsed in ecstasy. He wasn’t sure how much of this he could take. His body was already so hot that his sweat mixed with his cologne and his hardness throbbed with every motion of her round shapely butt and hips.

He imagined himself inside of her and couldn’t’ help the sudden need to see her come again, he turned the vibrator up. She put her hands on the ground and arched her back to the beat, actually pressing her vibrating wetness against his hardness as she looked back at him with a look of desperate bliss in her eyes.

Something in his eyes told her that this was not the highest setting of whatever now made her gasp for air. She felt her back arch and then her stomach contract and somehow she was inching closer and closer to an orgasm with each movement of her butt. She steadied herself with her hands on the ground dancing a sexual dance into bliss, rubbing herself against his hardness, imagining him deep inside of her.

Then, as the vibrations seemed to overwhelm her, she closed her eyes and held in another moan. She felt his hands on her hips and desperately wanted to feel him pounding into her. For a moment it was almost as if her wish had been granted, a spark from her clit igniting a tightness inside that first felt like penetration, and then, like much more. For a moment it was as if the music stopped. There was a beat, deep bass that penetrated her body. Then a tingling shot down her spine. All around her people watched what was now the most sensual dance on the dance floor, but they had no idea that at that very moment Seanne tumbled into bliss. The tingle shot from her head, down her back, covering her heaving breasts, flowing down her stomach and back, converging on where her butt pressed against his hardness, then travelling inside of her to unlock the flood.

Tightness became tighter as her butt shook against him, legs trembling and insides quivering. And then it seemed a massive pressure released, heat and wetness poured from her and tingles shot into her body so intensely that she nearly lost her bearing. She couldn’t keep her eyes open as her body shook against his, her legs barely staying up as his hands held her. And then suddenly the vibrations stopped. Seanne managed to look up at where Jeremy held her hips.

Jeremy knew she had come again, the shivers in the middle of her dancing were a sure sign of it. But he wasn’t sure what to make of the look in her eyes. Surely she didn’t want more? But before he could really ponder the question she was turning and pressing her body against his. He noticed that she was having trouble standing, yet somehow she managed into a locked position, arms around his neck, body to body, her breasts pressed against him, their legs intertwined, breath in each other’s ears.

Her breathing was noticeably different then his as their hips ground together in one motion. Her breaths were in short, quick, breathless hot gasps, like that of a women in the middle of sex she never wanted to end. Jeremy began to worry he would come just from the sound of her voice and the way it sent shivers from his ear, down his spine and ended in a throbbing that made his head swell almost painfully. He was feeling the pressure inside of building liquid and knew that it wouldn’t be long before the throbbing turned to pulses and then into the tighter and tighter full of tingles contractions that would result in the one big one. She whispered in his ear, “Don’t stop now. . . . not now that you’ve gotten me like this. . . . .. I want more. . . . . and then I need you inside of me. . . . . I can’t stand to not have you in me.”

She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes with the desire that she had written about in her journal, the desire that filled her dreams at night. She felt it now, undeniably. She was free to come here and she was going to until she had to have him solidly in her. There was something terribly exciting about the fact that she could just tell him to make her come, even here on the dance floor and he could fulfil her request. But there was something that each orgasm made her crave even more: his hardness pressing against the tension of her climax, filling her as she came.

Somehow that was part of what made her want to come more and more even though normally she could have been satisfied by now. She needed him inside of her. That and the excitement of coming in an unknowing crowd made her want him so bad she could nearly feel herself reaching an orgasm before he ever returned the vibrations.

And then, the vibrations began. She moaned softly in his ear, letting his body hold hers as they danced. They were so close, almost one. If he had been inside of her she would have been sure that they had reached the point of being one person, not two.

With each movement she could feel the muscles in his body pressed against her. His arms, holding her effortlessly. His chest muscles pressed against her tingling nipples. His abs against her stomach moving in waves with hers as their hips gyrated on the returned vibration which pressed against his leg.

She began to moan softly in his ear with each breath, the beat of the music pulsing in her with the movements of their bodies and the vibration below. She could feel him slowly turning it up and as each moment passed the tingles from her clit got more and more intense. She began to feel waves of pleasure in time with the music and their dancing. When their hips were grinding to the beat there would be a wave of tingles and a near orgasm, and then she would moan, they would shift the other way, she would gasp for breath, just in time to grind again and feel another wave of vibrations, making her insides tighten and release.

With every movement of her legs against his she could feel her lips pressing together and then separating, aching for something to press inside. Then, he turned up the vibrations again and the room began to spin. Her dancing motions became the movements of sex, hips in and out, around as he steadied their bodies with his strong arms. She imagined him inside of her and desperately wanted to feel the hardness she pressed against deep within. Seanne began to moan in time with the bass, each beat and each movement of their bodies a slice of pure sensual bliss.

She dug her fingers into the back of his neck and grabbed his hair as she suddenly became so hot that she desperately wanted to take her cloths off. Her stomach tightened, hips pressed forward as she held onto his body for dear life.

She found her stomach and hips making a motion that she had only ever seen belly dancers do as she became tight, then tighter, then tighter, and yet tighter. And then time slowed again, as though she could feel every part of her orgasm in the intensity of this one. Her clit tingled unbearably, and then vibrations ran down her wet lips and inside. She felt her lips contract, tighten so much that she felt liquid pour out. Then, as though that sensation weren’t already too much, just inside of her lips tightened, and then a little deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Her lips seemed to remain locked as each part of her insides clenched in a wave that seemed to go well past her belly button inside. She almost felt as though the tightening went all the way to where her nipples suddenly became even harder.

And then, there was a release. As though all along where she tightened inside heat and tingles were released with the tightness. Her legs went week and she melted into Jeremy’s arms as that wave of heat and tingles spread throughout her body in an all encompassing bliss.

Her body kept dancing, almost humping him in their grinding rocking motion as she ached to have him inside of her. She wanted to say she couldn’t take any more, but the scary truth was that she desperately wanted more. Then, before she could even open her eyes, or stop biting her lips to keep in the moan, another spark ran from the vibrations in her clit and the tightness returned almost twice the strength as the moment before.

Even her clit seemed to tighten this time, as even the outside of her pussy seemed to clench. Then deeper and deeper, tighter and tighter until the tightness pressed a moan from her mouth. And with that moan the explosive release made her unable to do anything but shake in his arms.

Seanne barely managed, “I have to have you now,” As she looked into his eyes.

Her gaze sent a shiver down his spine and her words left him with no hesitation. He turned off the vibrations so that she could walk and they headed directly towards the exit of the club.

* * *

Jeremy opened the door and let her step shakily into the passenger seat. No one had noticed them, they were just another couple dancing close in the crowd using sexually suggestive dance moves, and while he knew when she came, no one else had noticed anything but the passion between them. She had even managed, to his surprise to contain most of her moans. Now, however, that she was safely inside of the car, he could hear her letting the moans just happen. He smiled a mischievous grin as he turned the vibrations back on.

Seanne immediately grabbed onto anything she could get her hands on as her head tilted back, her back arched and her moans grew louder. As he stepped into the car, his hardness more then visible, actually obvious, he began to wonder if he would be able to drive at all while hearing her come next to him.

He started the car, watching her body out of the corner of his eye. She had placed her feet on the dash, laid her seat back, and was humping the air as each moment her moans got louder. Jeremy had intended to drive them both home, to get back to the trampoline, but when she hiked up her skirt and plunged her fingers into her wetness he couldn’t stand it. He pulled over and looked into her desperately wanting eyes.

Seanne came the second he looked at her. She had no idea what had gotten into her. She had gotten out of the club on shaky legs, then into the car, and then he had turned it back on and she couldn’t stand it. The vibrations were so intense, but she seemed to stay on the verge of an orgasm, not quite pressing over into one. She needed something inside so bad that as he vision blurred she lost all restraint and pressed her fingers in. She had came again, but still wanted more as the vibrations still remained on her clit with her fingers going wild inside.

Then his look had started another one and she had lost all bearing. She wasn’t sure what was real, everything seemed filled with the desire from her dream so much so that, like in her dream, she seemed to always want more. She could feel her insides tighten as they had done in the club, only now she could feel it on her fingers. The tightness pouring up into her, tighter, tighter, and then the release when she had seen his eyes.

Inside her fingers had found this wonderful place that seemed to make her get goose bumps every time she hit it, she was so overwhelmed by the sensation that she almost resisted him pulling her hand out, but then she saw his manhood hard and ready and she wanted nothing more then to be taken.

He grabbed her hands and put them over her head, pinning them to the top of her reclined chair as he climbed on top of her. She wanted to grab him and shove him into her, to finally be filled, but her hands were pinned. So instead she yelled with her moans and was almost sent into a climax from the intensity and blatentness of what came out of her mouth, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. Please baby, fuck me hard.”

At that moment the part of Seanne that she never let out poured into reality. She let herself become the pure desire from her dreams. She looked into Jeremy’s eyes.

Jeremy had never heard her say that before and it was as if he couldn’t resist her request. He wanted he so bad he couldn’t control his body anyway. He looked into her eyes as he first pressed himself into her. She was so wet that he slid in almost effortlessly other then the tightness which seemed to press against him with every inch it slid in. Both Jeremy and Seanne gasped for air as the sensation of penetration took them over. They looked into each other’s eyes as though both realizing that they were in the hands of passion and that everything that happened from here on out was out of their mutual control.

When Jeremy slid into her Seanne finally felt the thing she had been aching for. First her lips parted and then an extreme pressure opened her up, filled her. She felt every inch of his hardness slide into her travelling the same route her orgasms had, pressing her open, then deeper, then deeper. Until she felt pressure against the place her fingers had found. She had gasped while their eyes locked and her body began to move on it’s own. She let her breathless gasps become moans, as he slid in and out, in and out, faster and faster, his balls beginning to hit her butt.

Her hips began to move as he began to pound into her, harder and harder with each thrust. She wanted to hold onto something as the spark began again but he held her hands. She found herself screaming.

She felt her lips tighten as he thrust into her, making his thrust feel as though it was pressing her open all the way into her body. She felt the friction increase as the tightness rushed into her with his pulsing hardness. Then, while the tightness was still rushing in, he slid the other way, caressing every inch of her insides, his swollen head a sensation all through her lower regions. Then back in as the tightness rushed past the depths of her insides and clear through her body. Then the wave of heat and tingles as her body released into orgasm.

Seanne couldn’t tell what was happening, her eyes couldn’t open and her body seemed to be in his control, and she loved it. All through her orgasm he kept pounding into her so that in the midst of her release the tightness had returned. Every moment he slid outward her body tightened, back arched, insides growing tenser and tenser until she felt tightness all the way through her. And then he would thrust into her with such force that everything inside let go into another climax.

She felt his abs tighten and his body thrust. His hardness would push her lips open, press apart everything inside, opening her and then causing her to come. She would feel the explosion run through her ending in a scream and a complete relaxation inside. And then he slid outward, brushing against her g-spot as he did and somehow she tightened as he left, aching to be filled, tightening to the point of nearly coming, only to have her lips pressed apart again.

His hardness slid inside with a wave of bliss. She was sure he was penetrating her well past her belly button, the impact of him inside of her making her scream in ecstasy as she pulsed around his hardness, and then the release of complete bliss, heat and tingles inside. Seanne felt like she might pass out. She couldn’t take any more. He slid out, she tightened in his absence almost breaking his hold on her hands to grab his butt and push him back inside.

And then he thrust again. Pressing her open inside until she couldn’t tighten around him any more, her body holding onto every inch, which felt like it ran all the way through her. Seanne’s body shook from the growing intensity of her orgasms. Each one stronger then the last. Somehow she knew that this was all happening so fast, he was pounding into her with such speed and power that she could hardly believe it, and yet, when he slid out, she felt every inch, felt her body tightening aching to be filled again, to be pressed open into release.

Then, with one thrust he sent her to a new sensation. She was coming, tightening, but it was longer. He moved in and out as she tightened. She felt every stroke, in, out, in, out. Every second getting tighter. In out, tighter, in out, tighter. And then as he pounded her, she felt herself begin to come for just as long as it had taken to build up to it. She was so tight that with each thrust she could feel herself clenching around his hardness. Then, it was as if her body didn’t know what to do. Her lips tightened around his shaft as she released and came deep inside. Then the tightening travelled in releasing again. She was tight and relaxed at the same time somehow as he thrust into her pounding her one orgasm into many peaks.

Seanne became aware that she had no idea when she started coming and when she stopped. There had been one huge wet release but it didn’t seem to end. When it seemed that her body could let no more of the hot liquid out of her she found herself lost in a flood of tingles.

She couldn’t even scream. She gasped, breathing in only to be hit by a wave of pleasure. She barely managed to open her eyes to see Jeremy’s face.

Seanne’s look made Jeremy quicken his pace even more. He didn’t know what was happening, she seemed to have started screaming at some point and never stopped. His body pounded into hers and with each thrust he was feeling her insides moving in ways he had never felt before. He wasn’t sure if she was coming constantly or what, but it felt heavenly, like she was caressing him in every direction, better then anything a mouth could even do.

He felt himself moving into her, her body so warm, her insides so wet that he more then once felt her dripping down him. Every thrust felt incredible and he let himself keep going harder and harder, deeper and deeper as she tightened and pulsed around him. And then as her insides seemed to quiver and shake his own mouth opened and let loose a scream to join hers. It almost seemed like the spark he felt had started in her, her pulsing around him. It tightened around his head as something deep inside throbbed. A tingle shot from the tip of his dick , all the way through his pulsing hardness as her insides made every nerve on his shaft go wild. He felt his head spin and then the intensity of climax shook his body. There was an explosion of pleasure from below that travelled upward into his body. He looked helplessly into Seanne’s eyes as his body shivered and let go.

Seanne felt his pulsing inside of her and opened her eyes long enough to see the look of bliss on his face. Their moans began to move together as her own orgasm seemed to intensify because of his. Her pulsing joined the throbbing of his hardness and they both found it impossible to keep their eyes open. For a moment they were both one body joined in a sea of bliss. Moving as in a dance.

And then they collapsed into an embrace where they remained for a great while, just breathing together, Seanne’s head cradled in Jeremy’s shoulder as his was in hers. She smiled, looking at the lotus on his neck, in a dreamy bliss at the return of her dream lover.

For Seanne and Jeremy. Special thanks to Gini, Kim, and many others for discussions of "the misterious stranger" archetype.


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