For the rest of the week, every time you read anything sexual you will feel as though it were really happening to you. So much so that it will startle you, when you actually feel penetrated just from reading about it. So much so that just reading the word ‘sex’ will give you butterflies that don’t seem to go away.

Seanne walked on stage, saying her lines intensely, "Wait, don't go. . ."

The man who had stood up to leave the staged bedroom, turned and looked directly into her eyes, then, slowly, lustfully, looked over her body. Seanne's heart skipped a beat, there was so much intensity in his look that she somehow knew that a good deal of it was real and not acted, and she felt her body reacting to him as she said her lines even more in character from what she was now feeling.

"Please. . " the plea seemed to escape her lips in the manor of a half moan, half, gasp. She felt her nipples harden under the nightgown as she noticed that he was so hard it was showing through his pants, his desire for her far more then simply acted. She noticed herself getting suddenly tighter inside from the sight of his hardness, imagining tightening around him and she suddenly realized that her own desire was also much more then acted.

Chills ran down her spine as she realized that the stage kiss was coming up. Something deep in her wanted more then just a kiss. . .

She heard the crowd gasp as he moved forward, took her in his arms, and kissed her with such passion as is rarely seen, but the gasps of the audience was nothing compared to the sudden surrendering gasp that escaped her own lips as she melted into the embrace of his arms. She could feel his hardness pressed against her as they kissed, a strange uncontrolled hunger taking over the movements of their lips against one and other. She was gasping for breath in between moments of locked lips, but somehow she wasn't gasping for air near so much as wanting to somehow get more of his lips, his tongue, to taste him and feel his heat against her mouth.

She felt her hands begin to move over his body, grasping him tighter as he ran his fingers passionately through her hair, and down her back to her butt and pressed their bodies closer together, pressing his throbbing hardness against her wetness through all of the clothing. She could feel it so close to her through all the clothing and she felt a hunger build in her that she couldn't deny. What she felt through the cloths, she needed inside of her.

His lips pulled away from hers for a moment and she tried to catch her quickened breath as her heartbeat seemed to be pounding in her pussy. She felt herself begin to grind against his dick involuntarily and it felt so good she couldn't bring her hips to stop moving. He whispered in her ear, "if you want me as bad as I want you, do exactly as I say."

A breathless, "yes," escaped her lips as her insides became so tight and full of butterflies that she could feel every part of her pussy, somehow aware of her swollen lips aching to be parted, aware of her wetness, aware of her heartbeat in her clit. Deep in her stomach she felt fluttering and tingles with every breath, she waited for his command, wondering what he had in mind on stage. . .

"Get on the bed seductively and take off the nightgown."

Seanne felt herself responding and suddenly became aware of the ecstatic arousal of the audience. There was a sexual tension that permeated the whole auditorium, as though everyone there wanted badly to see where this was going. She backed away from her lover and as she did, bent down and unzipped his pants, backing towards the bed and pulling him by the zipper. He followed an amazed look of arousal on his face as she heard the audience's breathing quicken in time with her own.

She got on the bed and took off her nightgown suddenly aware that every inch of her body was being watched and desired as excitement, danger, and the sexual tension of the audience, their unspoken desire, flowed through her body as chills ending in her tight wetness.

The actor took off his shirt and threw it off into the audience in almost a violently triumphant manor. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed it land in the hands of a rather attractive girl whose eyes widened. By some instinct that she was not entirely aware of the girl in the audience brought the shirt to her face and smelled it, just as the actor came close enough to Seanne to allow her to smell his cologne: it made her light headed with desire.

Seanne suddenly became unable to look away from the man who climbed, naked, onto the bed with her. The beautiful movements of his body, his muscles in the stage lights, the wonderful smell of him, and the visible form of his desire, hanging hard between his legs, made her unable to notice the audience in any way but the feeling of excitement she got from them. The excitement of being watched and wanted by countless people seemed to make her aware of every wonderful movement of her body and of his.

He bent over her and effortlessly slid his dick deep into her, driving a moan from her lips that she didn't hold back: she liked that the audience would be overcome by the sound of her voice, seduced, and their desire then directed at her, so that she could feel it, making her desire somehow more then it could ever be by it's self. Her desire mixed with theirs to be so powerful that she lost control of her body by his second thrust.

She felt her lips tightening around his dick as he began to go wild. Gasps, and even moans sometimes audible from the audience made her wild, grabbing at the bed, at his body, her own breasts, and even reaching down to play with her clit as he pounded into her.

She practically yelled "I'm coming," as the explosion began inside of her and seemed to ripple through the crowd and then back through her doubling the sensation.

Seanne sat up in bed in mid orgasm, with the words, "I'm coming," escaping her lips in a gasp as her body shook and she rolled onto her side to try and contain the feeling pouring through her. It seemed to intensify by her legs pressing together in almost a fetal position as she felt the rush of wet heat. She was moaning uncontrollably and then as the orgasm grew calm, she lay there for a moment in the afterglow before getting up and taking her morning shower.

It had only been two days sense her birthday and she was surprised to be horny at all again after what had happened on her birthday. Most of the day afterward she had felt like she had had enough orgasms to last her a life time and other then a few moments of being turned on from remembering back, she had remained relatively sated all day.

Then, before she had gone to sleep, she had read a chapter in a romance novel, and for some reason, even though there was no sex in the chapter, she felt warmer then she thought she should have afterward. It was the strangest thing, she had read the word "Sex" in a sentence, something simple like "She wondered when it was she had last had sex," and she had stared at the word sex for a couple minutes, her mind wondering too much to continue reading.

She caught herself fantasizing about various things, moments of bliss from memories floating through her head until she had become aroused enough to know she had to stop, or come, or she would have a hard time falling asleep. She put the book aside and went to bed.

Then, this morning, she had awoken mid orgasm. She felt content again, but couldn't shake the feeling that last night she had been surprisingly horny just from thinking about sex.

She got out of the shower and went about her day, getting dressed, making breakfast, cleaning up a little bit. Then she grabbed her keys, locked the front door, and went to the car, ready to go about her errands for the day.

Seanne turned on the radio and listened to some music as she drove to the grocery store, enjoying going about her normal day. She breezed through her shopping, grabbing what she needed and then heading to the checkout, which had a long line as usual. She glanced over the magazines briefly, looking for something to entertain her while she waited behind a man who appeared to be stocking up in case of nuclear war.

She read the headlines to herself:

"Unemployment down, it may surprise you to know why."

"101 Winter Fashion Dos and Don'ts."

"Someone famous, sleeps with someone else famous behind someone else who's famous's back. Details inside"

"10 secrets to the best sex you've ever had."

Seanne felt herself blush as her stomach tightened and filled with butterflies. She read the words again, letting memories of the best sex she had ever had float through her mind. For a moment she could feel his words affecting her, telling her to come, for a moment she remembered the vibration on the dance floor. She felt her breasts getting heavier, her nipples hardened and she imagined her nipples in her dream lover's mouth. She suddenly felt that she wanted to let her hands wonder, but she kept them willfully at her sides as she felt her legs a little shaky and her breathing quicken. She could tell she was getting wet. . .

"Can I help you with anything Miss?" the words echoed in her daydream for a second and she caught a brief thought of answering the man's voice with, "Yes, you can actually, but not with what you're thinking."

She looked up at the man at the register, he was in his twenties for sure, brown hair, beautiful green eyes. She caught herself staring at him and realized she hadn't answered his question yet.

"Naw, I found the magazine I was looking for," She picked up the one who's article title had caught her eye and added it to her groceries, watching the checker's competent hands as he rang up and bagged her purchases. For a brief moment before departing she contemplated what good use she could put those hands to. . .

Seanne noticed as she walked away that she was very aware of her body, in almost the same way she had been aware of it in her dream: she felt like it was being watched, and enjoyed the attention. She could feel the slight sexual energy that moved through her as her hips moved with each step, her breasts bouncing as she walked. The sensual awareness of her body seemed to make her feel like a sex goddess of some sort as she walked and she enjoyed the sensation of just walking.

She got in her car and drove to a nearby cafe, figuring she would grab some coffee this morning while she read the article. She knew that she was going to see Jeremy later that day and some part of her, the same part that made walking a sensual pleasure, made her want to do something quite naughty to him when she saw him.

She entered the cafe, ordered something sweet, and sat down near a window where the lighting was good. She noticed as she sat down that it was a cloudy day, and while it had not been too cold outside, it hadn't been all that warm either. It looked like it might rain soon. She took a sip of her coffee.

Somehow, the coffee tasted better then usual, more vibrant, more alive, much like every step Seanne had taken while walking away from the good looking man at the grocery store. She crossed her legs almost subconsciously trying to contain the little tingle that shot between them as she thought back to his green eyes and how she had felt in response to his question.

She looked out at the rain as she took another sip of her coffee: it was warm and kept her hands and insides warm much like a lover would on a cloudy day such as this. She smiled at the thought, realizing how wonderful the sensual world was. The tastes, smells, movements, sights, everything in her somehow more awake because of the awareness brought to her body by her arousal.

She picked up the magazine and flipped to the table of contents, pausing briefly while reading the title of the article again, strangely aroused by it, and then flipped to the appropriate page and began to read the article.

Tip 1: Intensity.

Most people believe that an intense experience can only be achieved by some kind of ground shattering event like the first orgasm you ever had, or the first time you came multiple times. Most people think that in order to share an intense moment with their lover they have to do something new, or better then it has ever been done before. While this is one route to intensity, it isn't the only one, luckily, or it might be greatly difficult to top that one time you came until you thought you would pass out.

The other road to intensity is contrast. If you are in broad daylight a spotlight just isn't going to be that impressive in the midst of the sun. Comparatively, in pitch black, the lighting of a match can be blindingly bright. And after the match, a candle, then a flashlight. Each step up a blindingly powerful one from the one before. This is, in essence, the nature of a tease, and the nature of intensity.

If a person is blindfolded, deprived of their sense of sight, their other senses compensate by becoming more acute. Waiting, and not allowing the blindfolded person to know where, how, by what, and when, they are going to be touched, makes every touch seem more intense then the last.

One of our readers relates: "There was this one time my boyfriend blindfolded and tied me down naked then turned on a porn. I couldn't see anything or move, and after a while I found myself picturing the sounds I was hearing. I kept picturing what must be happening to make her moan like that, hearing the sound of him moving in and out of her, I soon found myself fantasizing that it was being done to me. Each little gasp I heard sending chills down my spine and the sound of them having sex making me picture him going in and out of me. I almost forgot my boyfriend was there as I felt my hips beginning to rock on their own. This seemed to go on for a long time, but I was totally into it. And then, out of the blue I feel his breath on my chest. It was the most amazing thing, it was like that breath was my whole world for a moment. And then he kept slowly turning up the intensity, after his breath, his lips then tongue. You get the idea."

Seanne bit her lip to stop the moan she almost let out. Never in her life had she felt so much from reading something. She wasn't even reading any more and still, she could feel the hot breath on her chest, making her nipples hard and causing her breasts swell with desire.

She became slowly aware of her body almost as though she were returning to it. Her breathing had quickened to the point that it was no surprise to her that she had nearly moaned. Her hips had rocked forward and back on their own while her crossed legs pressed against a now noticeable wetness and throbbing. Her back had arched as she imagined the sounds of sex, imagining how wonderful it would be to feel and hear a man sliding in and out of her own wetness.

She looked up, wondering if anyone had seen, almost hoping someone had as she remembered back to her dream, but for the moment no one seemed to have noticed her. She let out a sigh of relief and was surprised by the part of her that wished someone had seen.

A chill ran down her spine across her butt and seemed to finish with a tightening of her pussy as she realized that she could still almost feel the breath on her chest. Her back arched slightly, pressing her breasts forward as her head tilted back just a little, her chest almost trying to get a nipple into the mouth that was so close. . .

She felt the sensual movements of her body, her bra brushing lightly against her hard and aching nipples and making goose bumps run over her now heavy feeling chest. She wondered if she should keep reading or not, but figured that her imagination was just overactive today, it couldn't get much worse then what had already happened.

Another reader says, "There was this one time my boy friend and I were playing with a vibrator and he told me to tell him whenever I was getting close to coming. He would turn it all the way up until I screamed to him that I was going to come, and then he would turn it off entirely, watching me squirm to try and get the sensation back, so close, but not quite going over, then, when I moaned a desperate "why" he turned it back on again until I screamed I was going to come and he turned it off again. . .

Seanne was in a state of shock. Between her legs she felt a vibration on her clit that was getting more intense every second, she wanted to check to make sure she wasn't wearing the vibrating underwear but could barely move without loosing what control she had, which was barely keeping her from moaning.

Her face felt hot, blushing, as did every inch of her skin. She noticed she was squirming, somehow unable to keep her hips and legs still as the vibration made her clit ache with pleasure, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to coming with every second. She bit her lip to try and stifle the building moans as she put her head down on the table to try and hide the heat and pleasure on her face.

She felt her stomach tightening as her breasts brushed lightly, sensually against the table, her legs pressed together as the felt herself throbbing, tightening, between them, beginning to feel the pulling from her clit all the way inside that signaled her coming orgasm. And then, suddenly, the vibration stopped.

She lay there, head on the table for a while fighting between the urge to touch, to finish what had started and the want to sit up and pretend nothing had just happened. Her body took a while to calm down from it's state of near orgasm, her breathing slowly returning to normal, the throbbing inside getting to where she would be able to sit up without almost coming.

The cool of the table against her skin seemed to be a wonderful contrast with the heat of her body and she wondered what had just happened. She imagined Jeremy sitting in a car somewhere nearby with the remote control to her vibrating underwear giddy at the sight of her on the table trying to recover. She imagined him asking her teasingly if she was ok.

"Are you ok miss." She nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of a man's voice next to her, it was one of the waiters, not Jeremy, and she managed to stop the reply that seemed obvious to her: "I will be if you just turn that back on. . ."

"Yeah, I'm fine, just. . just a little hot," she managed trying to prevent herself from checking out the more then good looking waiter.

"Ok, I'll turn down the heat for you," he said as she almost wished he would turn the heat UP for her as she watched his muscular body walking away. He had great legs and butt, the thought to herself, the kind that would be good for thrusting. . .

She stood up, grabbed her stuff, and went to the bathroom, fully aware of her body from light head, to tingling toes. Not too long later she emerged from the bathroom, sure she wasn't wearing her vibrating underwear and just plain baffled and astounded by what could only be her overactive imagination.

She exited the cafe and felt the wonderful droplets of rain on her skin. It was a light mist, one that cools without soaking, and seems to caress your skin like a cooling kiss. She stood in the rain for a moment just feeling it's wonderful touch on her skin as she did. She was enjoying the rain somehow on so many levels, it felt good, and was almost lightly arousing, almost as if she were sensually in love with the world, or her own body, or the interplay between the two. It felt like a slice of heaven.

She got in her car, her skin cooled by the rain, and somehow even more aware of her body then before. She was aware of her arousal, the softness of her skin, the coolness of the rain, and the tightness of her stomach. Her seatbelt felt somehow good, tight like a lover's arms around her, as she pulled it over her head and put it on. Her hair brushed lightly against her neck, a strange interplay between the heat of her aroused body, and the damp coolness of the water between it's strands.

She started the car, tickled by the vibrating of the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. As she drove, loving the sensations that played over her body teasingly, certain things began to catch her eye.

Bill boards with good looking men made the tingling inside a little worse for a moment, as strangely did an advertisement for "Sex and the City." Then, what seemed worse, were the signs that said things like "what's cooking in your oven tonight. . ." or the herbal essences ones that made her sure she was witnessing the face of a woman coming.

She found her mind wondering at the strangest things, noticing how suit jackets made businessmen seem wonderfully broad shouldered. Noticing the raw sex appeal of Abercrombie and Fitch models that had nothing to do with their clothing. For a moment it seemed that the whole world was secretly sexual and just saying so quietly, subtly. From the sensual vibrations of her car and the memory of rain kissing her skin, all the way to how people wore cloths to accentuate their attractive parts. Sex seemed to be a teasing seduction everywhere.

Then she saw an adult book store, and decided that she was going to surprise Jeremy when he got home by having the rope, blindfold, and porn playing in the background, ready for him when he got there. She would role play the seductress, the woman in love with every sensation of their combined bodies, this time, she would choose the theme.

She got out of her car, still blissfully aware of her body, and strode into the adult book store feeling every sway of her hips. She walked through the entrance and began looking around, openly displaying her movements, and knowing, that the men in the store noticed her shape and the sensual control she had of her body. She liked the way she felt their eyes on her, just like in her dream.

She walked over to a rack of movies and picked up one at random, reading the back of it's cover:

Just imagine if you had the power to make others feel the same emotions you felt. If every time you became full of desire, everyone around you felt it too. If men and women reacted to your lusts with the same intensity as you. Welcome to the life of John and Jane Doe, two telepathic aliens cum to earth for all it's pleasures. Witness two hours of seduction, sex, orgies, and feel the power of their telepathic seduction yourself!

Seanne felt the tightness inside return with a vengeance as it seemed she pictured every word as she read it. She felt a flash of pleasure, and for a moment imagined being out of control in the middle of hundreds of other people having sex in some tropical paradise being driven by the power of desire. She picked the video and went to look at some of the toys, all to aware that her body was nearly trembling with desire.

She quickly found the rope and blindfold she was looking for and proceeded to the books section to have a quick look at their stories. She pulled one off the shelf at random and opened it to a random page. She read:

Samantha wasn't sure what was happening to her, she looked down and saw nothing, but what she felt, she couldn't deny: her insides tightened as she felt the wet touch of a tongue licking slowly, sensually, from the bottom of her pussy, parting her lips lightly, dipping inside a bit and then moving slowly up to her clit where it flicked her pleasure button lightly, making her moan.

Seanne gasped and leaned against a nearby shelf to try and steady her shaky legs as she suddenly found herself in exactly the same position as Samantha. Seanne bit her lip and read on.

Samantha looked down again, sure that there was no one there, but completely feeling what was by far the best oral sex she had ever had. She quickly forgot all her questions and simply reached for anything she could hold onto as she felt the warm, wet tongue, seeming to move all over at once, doing circles and moving up and down with the rocking of her hips. She no longer cared what was happening she simply hoped it wouldn't stop.

Seanne's body shook with a heat that seemed to surround her, the tongue on her own wet lips was doing at least as good of a job as she felt herself swaying, her hips moving, grinding against the wonderful feeling between her legs.

Samantha moaned as she felt herself nearing orgasm, her breathing quickening and turning into moans as she writhed on the couch. A voice nearby said, "I'm going to count from three to one, at which point you will feel a dick slide into you and you will come immediately from the feeling of penetration. Then, no matter what you do, you will still feel the dick inside of you, giving you the most pleasure you have ever felt from penetration and making you hornier every second, but until you are naked and bending over, feeling the thrusts into you doggie style, you will not be able to come. Until you come and can't take any more, it won't stop. Three, two, one."

Seanne dropped the book and moaned out loud as she felt a dick suddenly press her lips apart and slide powerfully, deeply, inside of her. She felt the full impact of it hitting her most sensitive insides and then the tightening around it and pulling as though she were rippling around the dick, somehow pulling it deeper inside of her. There was a rush of hot liquid as the explosion hit and she came with such force that she nearly fell over, only able to stand because of the shelf she braced herself against.

She felt herself somehow enjoying the fact that heads turned and then, realizing what had just happened, she grabbed everything but the book and headed to the cash register to check out quickly. She became incredibly aware that the dick was still moving inside of her with the first step she took and as she walked on shaky legs, feeling it slide in and out of her with a frightening perfection that made her want to come more then anything in the world.

Suddenly all of the eyes on her mixed with all of the titles of everything in the room and the sights of flesh exposed on the cover of every movie, magazine and book. She felt like she had fallen into an ocean of pure desire as the titles made her feel things she was astounded by:

"Cuming home"

"Triple penetration"


"Good Vibrations"

"Girls Gone Wild"

She made her purchases with shaky hands as chills ran down her spine wildly, feeling her hips moving out of her control every once in a while, grinding against what now filled her perfectly. She had never been so horny in her life, she nearly considered striping down and just coming until she couldn't take any more right inside the adult book store.

She handed the clerk the money, didn't wait for the change, and walked out of the store while being pleasured with every step. No one inside the store had ever seen anything like what had just happened and immediately three people tried to buy the book she had dropped.

Seanne got in the car and began driving, becoming hornier with every blissful thrust into her pussy. She wanted to come, but even with the vibrations of the car she couldn't seem to, it was dawning on her that she was going to have to feel this pleasure without release until she could get home and do as the book had told her.

She drove, splitting her attention between the dick moving inside her and the road. Every bump she could feel the hardness pressing her open as her stomach tightened around it. She was moaning with every breath, seeming to be constantly getting closer to coming but never getting there. The entire drive home she began to feel as though she were having the best sex of her life without the one part that she needed.

Her hips rocked, bringing her clit in contact with her seat as the engine vibrated, she felt as though by every sexual experience she had ever had, she should be coming uncontrollably at this point, but she only felt herself tightening and not releasing, pouring wetness out till her underwear were soaked but not getting the feeling she wanted more then anything in the world.

Finally she arrived at her house, shaking, sweating, and absolutely ravenous. She got out of her car, forgetting to even remove her keys from the ignition, stood up and took two shaky steps towards the door only to realize that she had locked the front door when she left in that morning.

She stumbled back to the door of her car and bent over, reaching in to grab the keys. She nearly didn't get back up. The second she bent over she could feel her legs press together, her back arch, her butt pressing against the body of her invisible partner. She screamed and shook, feeling his hardness press between her tight legs, opening her up and making her sure she would come.

She surrendered to his thrusts, screaming in pleasure with each moment that he shoved into her, grabbing onto the seat to steady her, but she quickly realized, that while she seemed to get ever closer to orgasm, she never seemed to quite get there. She knew she had to take her cloths off, to do as the book had said.

She grabbed her keys and slowly stood, feeling her wetness suddenly trickle down her thigh, feeling him while she was bent over seemed to make her too horny to even think straight. She couldn't bring herself to think of anything but the feeling inside and the goal of her house, stripping naked and bending over to finally feel the release.

With each step towards her destination she felt him thrust. With each step she felt her body shudder. With each breath she felt her breasts so heavy and swollen that she swore they would make her fall forward. She could feel her hips rocking, grinding against him with each step, her clit throbbing as the butterflies in her stomach became so intense she felt like she was floating off the ground. Her head spun with desire.

She reached the door, opened it with shaky hands, and walked inside with on shaky feet.

Without hesitation she finally let her hands go to her chest, first touching over her cloths, then tearing her shirt and bra off trying to get to the softness of her skin, to touch the goose bumps and to calm the raging fire in her nipples. She feel onto her knees from the intensity of finally touching them as the dick continued to move inside of her uncontrollably, seeming to move faster as she got closer to coming. She had never felt what she was now feeling in her life, feeling a desire so intense that it was actually hard to move, to do anything but touch her body.

She focused hard, knowing all to well what she had read she had to do:

no matter what you do, you will still feel the dick inside of you, giving you the most pleasure you have ever felt from penetration and making you hornier every second, but until you are naked and bending over, feeling the thrusts into you doggie style, you will not be able to come. Until you come and can't take any more, it won't stop.

She lay on the ground shaking wildly and touching every inch of her body knowing that she couldn't take any more and knowing that it felt so good to touch that she couldn't stop.

Finally she got up on all fours, crawled to her computer desk, shoved the chair out of the way, and, barely managing to stand, braced herself against the computer desk.

no matter what you do, you will still feel the dick inside of you, giving you the most pleasure you have ever felt from penetration and making you hornier every second, but until you are naked and bending over, feeling the thrusts into you doggie style, you will not be able to come. Until you come and can't take any more, it won't stop.

She noticed a letter to her on her computer screen as she stood, feeling the dick pound into her doggie, but still feeling her cloths on her bottom half.

She slid her hands shakily down her body while moaning and looking forward to read the first line of text on her screen.

Imagine me kissing you at this very moment, my lips locking with yours sending a tingle down your spine.

She slid the last of her cloths off while screaming and feeling Jeremy's kiss, and then bent over naked, ready to feel the release she had waited so long for.

Seanne came harder then she ever had in her entire life, feeling wetness pour out of her in a gushing river as it felt her whole body released all at once. So hard in fact that black closed in on the edges of her eyes and she fainted just after the climax.

To be continued . .

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