I've put these back up, so feel free to try them. I'm checking to see if there is enough interest out there to start making more of these again, so if you like these and want me to make more of them, please say so.

Hypnosis Audio Files

Begining Trance: Nymphomania and Heightened Sex.

Iíve recently created a hypnosis audio file that is designed to make reading stories much more intense, cause the listener to come on command, and make one a bit of a nymphomaniac for about a week. Itís really experimental and I donít know if it works, even though I have hypnotized people to do this sort of thing before, Iíve never made an audio file for it before. It has a trigger word (tight, tighter, tighten) that makes you pretty turned on in case you want to try this with a partner.

(I'm sory to all the guys but it is really designed for a female listener, eventually I may have one of my female friends record an equivelent for the men.)

So, if you are interested in being hypnotized and wouldnít mind the side effect of possibly coming on command, feeling any erotica you read as though it were real, and being a little more turned on then usual for about a week, click here. Or right click it and click on "save as" to download the audio file. Happy listening.

To go deeper into hypnosis simply listen to this file repeatedly, either every night before you go to sleep or a couple of times through in a day.

If you want to have some fun after listening to this, the story RP IV should be the most entertaning read as it is partially designed to work with this hypnosis file.

Hypnotic Fun With Phones/Feedback

If you have already listened to the first file on this page and are interested in either letting me know how it went, or interested in more, I have uploaded a file that should be entertaining and allow me to know how well the hypnosis files work at the same time. This one will work best shortly after having listened to the first one, but should work ok within a week of listening to the first one, and will require you to make a phone call that may be long distance. If it works you should have an orgasm the second you hear my voice, which should not only let me know how I am doing, but should be fun for both of us. click here.

Write an Erotic Story

This hypnosis is designed to make you write an erotic story, so if you have ever wanted to try your hand at it this should produce some interesting results as well as being very arousing. Once again, this will work best within a day of listening to the Nymphomania track on this page.

This does include some bondage elements and when done can result in being forced to come for long periods of time, what you write you will feel.

This also is set up for you to share your finished story, but you will have the option weather to share it or not when finished. Click here to download.

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