No Inhibitions V

John’s eyes met Alicia’s and their gaze locked. His lips whispered her name and she immediately felt helpless in his glance from clear across the bar. He was walking towards her, but all she could really see was his eyes, and she felt helpless in his gaze. She felt her whole being answering him, a strong voice inside wanted to scream: “yes, I will obey, I want to obey,” and she felt her mind go completely blank as he sat down.

Alicia was floating, her body a far away place as she gazed longingly into his eyes. Her desire to see his eyes was so overwhelming that she couldn’t even speak, she just looked. He began to talk, but she just gazed into his eyes, his words taking her higher and making her feel happy, content, relaxed, and blissful.

“Your mind is blank except for the want to look into my eyes. Your only thoughts are my words, which move so deep inside of you that you can’t tell where they are coming from or even consciously know what I am saying. You simply let yourself think, feel, believe, and do everything I say.

“Take in a deep breath and relax your mind and body. First your feet are relaxed, then your calves, then thighs, then your mid section, your stomach, your breasts, hands, arms, neck, head, and then thoughts. You are floating, feeling as though you are flying in a dream. You want to fly away to a blissful place deep inside of you. You want to float higher, to go deeper into the trance and to be more under my control.”

Alicia didn’t even notice that she said, “I will obey,” as she felt herself floating, completely lost in John’s eyes. Her mind was blank, she had no worries, no thoughts, only a desire to look in his eyes and to float higher.

“I will obey,” she said again. His eyes were a beautiful blue, places were as light as the summer sky, places as dark as the deep ocean, and places a light grey like the blue lining of storm clouds. She was flying over the ocean of dark blue, lost in the space between the storm clouds and the summer sky. She was flying and it was the best feeling in the world, other then maybe one thing. . .

“You want to fly so high that you don’t even know where you are, what is happening, or even who you are, floating so high that the only part of you left here is the part that thinks, feels, believes and does exactly what I say.”

“I will obey. . . . I will obey. . . I will obey. . . .”

John’s eyes were everywhere she looked in this free place between ocean and sky. She liked his gaze, it made her feel wanted and beautiful, and helplessly full of desire all at once. She wanted to do anything he said, to float around in this wonderful place and to just stare into the sparkling blue ocean of his eyes.

“I . . . . will. . . . obey.” Alicia whispered absentmindedly, loving the way John’s eyes looked.

“You are now flying even higher, going so deep, that when I wake you up, you won’t be sure I was ever even here, remembering everything after our eye contact as though it were a dream. You will be sure that you were really looking into my eyes and, at the same time, you will be sure that you just dreamt it.”

“I. . . . will. . . . obey. . .”

“Now, fly even higher then that.”

“I. . . . . . .will. . . . . . obey. . .”

“In the sky you see a small box up above you. You want to fly up to it.”

“I . . . . . . .will. . . . . . .obey. . .”

“Take the box in your hands and open it, there is nothing inside, but you want to put something inside. Take all of your inhibitions about sex, about doing things in public, about anything enjoyable, and put them in the box. They will stay in that box for the rest of the night.

“Now, also take your memory of me, and of your normal life and put it in that box. You will not know who I am, but you will be captivated by my eyes if you ever see me and I will still have hypnotic power over you. For tonight you will not be thinking about who you really are, just what you want. Your normal identity goes into the box. You have amnesia of your normal life and don’t know anything except what is happening right now. There is no job, no friends to be embarrassed in front of, nothing of your normal life at all remains, it all goes in the box.

“Now, take the box and throw it down into the ocean and let yourself loose the box, with all of your inhibitions and identity in it. I will give the box back to you later.

“Then, notice another box even higher above your head. Fly higher up to it.”

“I . . . . . . .will. . . . . . .obey. . .”

“Open that box. Inside are the sexiest cloths you have ever seen. Take them out and put them on. While you are wearing these cloths you are the sexiest woman alive. You are the most sensual person who has ever lived. Every movement of your body will be to seduce everyone around you and you won’t even have to try, it will just happen. When you walk, it will be sexy, when you talk, it will be sexy. While you wear these cloths you are the goddess of sensual beauty, love, and seduction. You will wear these cloths for the rest of the night and they are your new identity.

“You are now the feminine goddess of beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and partying. Every year for Mardi Gras you come down to Earth to have a good time and that is what you are doing here tonight, having a good time doing whatever you want to. You will tell everyone that your name is Alicia so that they don’t know your true identity as the ultimate seductress.

“While you are wearing these cloths you will be a terrible tease, a sensual seductress, a party girl, seducing everyone, but, you are also the goddess of sensual pleasure and so, while you are a tease to everyone, you are looking primarily for the best pleasure you can have. So you will enjoy yourself completely for the evening and that is your only goal at the moment.

“Above you is another box, you want to fly up to it.”

“I . . . . . . .will. . . . . . .obey. . .”

“Inside the box are beads from Mardi Gras, the kind you get in return for showing off your breasts. Put them on. You are now horny. All beads like this for the rest of the night will be aphrodisiacs. It is as though when a guy gives you beads, he also gives you his desire to add to your own and you become noticeably more turned on with every set of beads you put on. This makes sense for you as that is the way the goddess of seduction should feel with every token of desire she receives.

“Now, float just a little bit higher.”

“I. . . . . . . . will. . . . . . . . . obey.”

“You will still come every time I say the word “orgasm” as the word and the action are still the same thing for you. My eyes will still entrance you, but you will not know why. You will believe when you see my eyes that I must be the male god of pleasure come down for the same reason and so while you will enjoy teasing and interacting with other guys, after you see my eyes, and hear my voice make you come, you will only want to finish the night with me.”

“Now, just to make sure everything is strong in your mind. You are the goddess of pleasure for the rest of the night. You do not remember any other life, or me, or your inhibitions as goddesses of pleasure don’t have inhibitions. Beads are an aphrodisiac, you will get hornier every time you put them on. My eyes are the most seductive thing you have ever seen. And the word “orgasm” will make you have one. Will you obey?

“I. . . . . . . . will. . . . . . . . . obey.”

“Now, you will begin counting down from thirty. When you reach one, you will wake up. When you wake up you will believe you just got here to earth and are about to enjoy yourself. You will only vaguely remember my eyes. Count now and look off into the distance instead of my eyes.

“Thirty. . . . twenty nine. . . twenty eight. . .”

John stood up and walked away. . .


Alicia blinked for a couple of seconds then had a look around her, “where am I?” she thought. Then she saw the waitress nearby with beads around her neck. . . “Mardi Gras!” she nearly said out loud.

Alicia stood up with a smile on her face, this was her favorite day of the year, the day she got to just enjoy herself and no on here would have any problem with it, for that matter, they would encourage her. She looked around the bar and noticed a pool table.

She slid her chair under the table she had been sitting at and bent over the table to take one last sip of her drink. She knew that her butt was sticking high in the air in a very teasing manor and that the man at the table behind her was looking at the curves of her body beneath her very tight jeans. She stood up and turned, gave the still staring man a flirtatious wink and headed to the pool table, hips swaying as she walked.

Alicia walked up to the table where a rather attractive man was racking the balls. She put her hands on the table and bent over, letting her breasts press forward and her cleavage show. She smiled flirtatiously watching him having trouble controlling his eyes.

“Hi,” she said, loving how disarmed he looked, “Can I play?”

He didn’t even have a chance to answer, his friend answered for him, “Absolutely!”

She smiled and slid a cue out of the first man’s hands without any resistance, then bent teasingly over the table, her back arched and butt high in the air as she lined up the cue ball and broke to begin the game.

The two men never stood a chance. Alicia had their eyes captivated from the first movement of her body to break. She walked around the table and their eyes followed her teasing hips and butt automatically. She bent over the pocket they aimed at and let her cleavage hang visibly below her body, watching their eyes completely forget the ball.

Then, when she had beet them she walked out of the bar, hips still swaying as their jaws dropped. The first man said to the second, “Do you care that we lost?”

“Not one bit.”

Alicia took a good look around as she exited the bar, letting the colors and people sink into her consciousness. The air of the festival was as it always was, a sexual tension among a crowd of adventurous people who spent most of their normal lives repressing all of the desires that bubbled to the surface tonight. She liked the anonymity of the festival, she liked the fact that she could do anything she liked tonight and no one would know who she was.

Alicia saw a crowd of dancing people not to far away where a band was playing on a street corner. She smiled, and headed off to dance.


John nearly laughed out loud repeatedly at the two men Alicia played pool with. She had them captivated from the moment she walked up to the table. He smiled as he knew that she was enjoying teasing them and loved how free she seemed to be. She moved about like she was in charge of every sexual spark in the world, as a goddess of pleasure should, and it was the most splendid thing he had ever seen.

John knew as he watched her that she was truly now the incarnation of all feminine sexuality in all of it’s seductive forms. She let herself captivate, tease, and entice everyone around her and it was all so natural that it appeared to happen without her knowing. John smiled as he found himself very turned on by the way she bent over the table.

Then, she beat the two of them, and she beat them badly, and with a flirtatious smile, and a hug to each of the loosing men, she playfully walked out of the bar. John stood slowly, finished his drink and followed her at a safe distance. He had two things to do tonight: one, he had to watch out for her, to make sure that in her freedom she was safe, and two, he had to seduce her like a goddess deserved to be seduced. . . and he couldn’t wait to do that.

He pulled on the mask he had brought with him and headed for the door.


Not far from the crowd, on a balcony, a woman flashed the men below, and beads were thrown up to her. Alicia laughed out loud, but knew she would have some beads of her own by the end of the night.

Alicia danced her way into the crowd in such a way that men literally stopped to watch the movements of her body. She was letting sexual energy flow through her as she danced and it almost appeared to radiate off of her into the crowd around her. Her hips moved with a motion natural to sex, a teasing dance that all women instinctively know, but most are afraid to let themselves do. She met the men she passed with an unwavering seductive look in the eyes and a slightly bit lip as their vision was instinctively drawn from her moving body to her enchanting gaze.

Alicia smiled flirtatiously as many of the men she walked by were amazed that in spite of the incredibly hot movements of her body, it was her eyes that completely mesmerized them. Her eyes were filled with an uninhibited playfulness, a seductive sensuality that knew there was nothing wrong with the enjoyment of pleasure. It was that freedom that she radiated from every movement of her body, and that invitation to enjoy the moment that caught men’s eyes and held them to her own.

It wasn’t long before she found herself in the middle of the crowd swaying to the music, her body moving in such a way that she could feel the eyes of many around her caressing her skin. Alicia smiled as an attractive man made his way through the crowd dressed in colorful clothing, beads around his neck. He approached and everything was said by their eye contact. She put her arms around his neck and they began to dance as closely and provocatively as possible.

She felt her breasts rub sensual across his chest as his hands held on to her gyrating hips. They grinded and she felt herself more then a little turned on by his smell. And then, as the song ended, he took a step back and held out a string of beads. Alicia smiled and as the next song started sensually slid her shirt up over her breasts for a moment. His eyes visibly locked on her bra covered breasts for a moment and then with a smile he handed her the beads and his phone number and disappeared in the crowd.

Alicia took the beads and draped them around her neck in triumph knowing that man would be imagining her body for the rest of the night. Butterflies flowed up into her stomach at the thought of the desire she knew she had caused in him and she realized how much she enjoyed being wanted. She felt her nipples harden and a light wetness between her legs as she rolled the beads around her neck between her fingers. Alicia smiled as she decided she was going to inspire a lot of lusty gazes for the night.

She began to dance again, this time even more sensually, letting herself lock gazes with a dark haired man nearby. She made her way towards him, and then, arriving, turned and rubbed her butt teasingly against his body. Then, she turned, and began to dance with him, feeling him actually hard as she pressed against his body. She enjoyed both the sexual nature, and the pure excitement of just dancing all at once and then, with a mischievous smile and on a whim as she noticed another woman flashing the crowd, she whispered in his ear:

“I’ll trade you my bra for your beads.”

The man smiled the biggest smile she had seen in a long time and they made the trade on the spot. She slid her bra off under her shirt, only barely allowing him to see the soft lower part of her breasts. Then she handed him the bra and watched him dance away with it triumphantly. Alicia laughed and put another set of beads on before wandering back into the crowd to dance.

She noticed very quickly that she was dancing even more sensually as she played with the beads around her neck. She could tell that she was wet and more then a little turned on by how much she was loving looking at everyone around her as well as enjoying being looked at.

Without her bra she could feel her nipples pressing lightly through her shirt and the weight of her breasts swayed with her dancing in a way that almost teased her. She began to dance very closely with a man and another woman, pressing him between their bodies. She felt a light sweat on her skin from dancing so close and she realized she was getting hot in more ways then one.

Another man with gorgeous muscular arms and chest approached her, holding out beads teasingly. She smiled and pulled his arms around her and began dancing close, enjoying the contact with his strong arms. She danced with him for a while, sliding her hands up her belly and drawing her shirt up teasingly with it to the bottom of her breasts sensually, not quite yet letting him see the fullness of her hard nipples. And then, as the song ended she slid the shirt all the way up and flirtatiously waved to the cheer that came from a nearby group of men. She kissed her dancing partner lightly on the cheek, took his beads and headed out of the dancing crowd to cool down.

As she walked she slid the third set of beads over her neck and immediately realized that she wasn’t going to get any cooler for the rest of the night. She felt goose bumps rush over her skin and a light chill ran down her spine as she smelt an enticing scent of a man’s cologne not too far away. She smiled and knew that she was really going to enjoy herself tonight as soon as she found the right guy.

She began walking down the road, smiling at the colors and the music drifting down the street. She passed a couple of bars and shops and smiled at the playful naughtiness of a great many of the things going on around her.

She suddenly heard a chorus of men’s voices and turned to see five guys outside of a bar holding out beads toward her. Alicia walked towards them, her hips swinging and breasts pressed lightly forward, “Who? Me?” she said teasingly.

They cheered and she pulled her shirt high exposing her full breasts. Three of the men tossed beads to her and she blew a kiss to them collectively and continued down the road to another place where a band played, near the band was an outside bar, where she ordered a drink before sliding the beads around her neck.

As she slid the last set, now totaling six, around her neck, something caught her eye. She was staring at the fingers of the man next to her, how he held his glass and how his hands looked both strong and gentle. She felt her insides open up as she imagined how wonderful it would feel to have those fingers inside of her, to have him naked below where she sat, his fingers slowly sliding up into her. She felt her clit throb, imagining the feeling of light pressure as his fingers would part her wet lips and slide sensually inside, the coolness of his fingers from the ice in his glass, making her able to feel every inch they pressed up inside. She felt so much desire building up that she let her hips rock gently as chills ran up her spine.

She reached out and lightly touched his hand, feeling a spark leap from the contact all the way through her body from her fingers to her deep insides. “Do you want to dance?” she said, biting her lip as he turned and made eye contact with her.

She felt herself almost tremble as their eyes locked. She imagined his touch not on her hand, but between her legs as she stared into his brown eyes, his look of surprised desire mixing with the sensation of emptiness in her lower belly. She imagined the movement of his fingers wiggling in her wetness, back and forth as she would stare into his eyes and moan.

“Sure,” he said as Alicia bit her lip to hold back a gasp.

Alicia let his strong hand hold hers and guide her out to the dance floor, tingles rushing from his touch as they walked. And then, they began dancing. She had the sensation of never having danced like this before, although she was sure that the goddess of pleasure must have.

She was so close to him that the entire time she was aware of his hard dick pressed through their cloths against her body. She grinded against him sensually, seducing him and everyone around her with every move so intensely that people began to stop and watch. She felt his hands caress her, those same fingers tickling and teasing her all along her sides.

Alicia felt her body getting hotter and hotter, her nipples aching and her clit sending sparks through her with every moment she grinded against him. She was sweating again, but the light dampness on her skin was nothing compared to what was below her belly button. She let herself enjoy his body pressed up against hers as the song wore on. People watched, some cheering, and then as the song ended one of the faces in the crowd held out a string of beads.

Alicia smiled and showed her breasts, feeling the sensual nature of her body as she took the beads. She put them on as two men moved in and began to dance on either side of her, the man with the hands drifted back towards the bar, watching her as he went and her insides ached for his fingers, but she was having too much fun to stop dancing now, so she let him go to watch.

For a little while Alicia danced as her body got hotter and hotter, she could feel her underwear soaked and her head light as her body brushed against those around her. Then, as she began to grind against a very attractive blond man something caught her eyes.

Blue spheres like nothing she had ever seen before flashed through her vision, the most beautiful eyes. She felt for a moment as if she were floating, her desire almost multiplied by the sight of them. She almost didn’t notice that they were behind a colorful mask as she stared into them across the dance floor.

Alicia felt her whole body alive with desire in a way that made her ache deep inside. She felt as though she were going to float away in tingles and bliss and where she kept dancing with the man in front of her, she felt intense heat everywhere their bodies touched.

And then, she saw the lips under those incredible eyes mouth something, “orgasm.”

Alicia began to grind uncontrollably against her dancing partner as her pussy seemed to obey this strangers amazing eyes more then her own command to stay calm. Her lips throbbed and she felt wetness begin to rush as heat poured up into her lower belly. At first she told herself to remain calm, but as the electric tingles rushed from where her clit was grinding uncontrollably against her dancing partner all the way up through her body, she gave up on resisting and let the hot explosion pour through her.

Alicia was astounded as her eyes stayed fixed on this stranger who could make her come just from commanding her to. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud and grinded against her dancing partner in a way that made his dick throb noticeably against her leg. She felt her head spin and her legs go weak but a hunger for more kept her dancing more and more seductively by the second. And then, in a maddening way, the stranger’s eyes turned and his masked face disappeared in the crowd that it had come from.

Alicia nearly stopped dancing and chased after him, but she didn’t want to be rude to the man she was dancing with, nor did she want to stop the wonderful feeling of grinding against him, each movement reminding her of the orgasm she just had.

The song ended and she walked through the crowd, looking for the man who had made her aching desire into bliss just by a spoken word, but she could not find him and as she rolled the beads around her neck between her fingers her desire returned two fold.

Alicia sighed as she gave up looking, but could not get the image of his eyes out of her head, just the thought of what had just happened had her stomach so full of butterflies that she thought she might just float away. She decided that there was only one thing to do: bring him to her. She stood and thought for a couple of seconds, wondering what she could do to attract a lot of attention.

Then the answer came to her as a girl walked by. She wasn’t wearing a top at all, her entire upper body was painted in a decorative splash of colors that accented her eyes. The girl was drawing more then a little attention and the way she looked was so teasingly and playfully hot that Alicia even felt attracted to her.

“Excuse me, that’s awesome, where did you get that done?” Alicia asked her playfully.

“There is a guy on the corner a block that way that does it pretty cheep, and he’s really good.”

“I can see that, you look amazing, thank you.” Alicia smiled and headed down the street in the direction she had indicated.

When she found the man she turned toward a nearby group of men and walked up to them flirtatiously, “I want to get my bare chest painted, if all of you pitch in a couple dollars and some beads, I’ll do a strip tease right here, and then you can watch me get painted. Sound like a deal?”


Alicia nearly moaned and giggled at the same time as the man began painting her breasts. She didn’t realize that they were so sensitive, but at this point, that didn’t surprise her, she was so horny that she couldn’t sit still, her legs wanting to press together around her wetness.

The strip tease had been so natural, her body moving fluidly as their eyes had been locked on it’s entrancing movements, and all the while she had felt herself getting hotter and hotter as a small crowd gathered to watch her. She could see more then one of them hard through their pants as she removed her shirt and took their beads and money and then they had followed her here where the paintbrush on her nipples made her fingers want to wander and bring herself to an orgasm right there.

As he painted she let her fingers toy with the twelve sets of beads around her neck which somehow made her head spin and her clit throb. She met the eyes of each man in the crowd that watched, enjoying the attention and her sensual power over them and still looking for those eyes that had earlier caught her attention.

And then, as her eyes drifted flirtatiously from one man’s face to a masked face her eyes stopped and locked on the sparkling blue she had seen before. Alicia felt her back arch uncontrollably and her breasts pressed forward into the teasing strokes of the paint brush on her chest. She crossed her legs and almost laughed as she heard a cheer from the crowd, whom she had just presented her full pert breasts to.

Alicia bit her lip as the paintbrush ran teasingly around her full breasts and the eyes she stared at made her light headed. There was a sexual energy in the crowd that seemed to pour through her making her feel like the sensual goddess she was. She could have any man here by just looking them in the eyes, and yet, this man could freeze her glance to him and fill her body with such longing that she couldn’t think of anything but sex.

She felt her mind going blank except for a pure desire for him and as the desire built to the point of being unbearable she watched his lips mouth the word he had before, “orgasm.”

Alicia closed her eyes and smiled as she felt her heartbeat quicken and pound in her chest. The brush strokes sent goose bumps flowing over her entire body and then the wild intensity of bliss flowed from her nipples, down across her stomach and into her insides. She felt her breasts swell and her insides tighten as it almost felt as though the orgasm began where his brush teased her nipples.

Alicia bit her lip and moaned with a shiver as her clit throbbed to life, followed by pussy lips and then deep inside as she felt her body more then happy to obey his command. The throbbing intensified until there was a tight rush and then an explosion of blissful tingles and liquid heat between her legs.

Alicia let her hips grind against the chair flirtatiously teasing the crowd with her movements. She opened her eyes and saw more then one man shifting where he stood, wondering exactly what her light moan had meant. Alicia smiled and then locked eyes with the man who had just sent her over the edge again with just a word.

The man finished his painting and the crowd cheered as he took a bow. Alicia posed teasingly on the chair radiating the sexual energy of the crowd right back into it. She stood and paid the painter and then turned and winked at the men who had stuck around for the whole thing, pressing her painted breasts forward and sticking her butt out as she blew them a kiss. She smiled as she noticed a small pile of beads that had built up on a chair nearby in response to her teasing. She took them in hand as she looked up for her man in the mask, only to see him turning and walking towards a nearby dancing crowd.

Alicia didn’t stop to flirt any more, nor to even put the beads on, she just began a light run in pursuit of the man with the blue eyes. She heard a cheer from behind as she only slightly realized that her running was making her painted breasts bounce.

Alicia watched the man in the mask disappear into the dancing crowd before she could reach him. She nearly screamed at the game of cat and mouse she realized he was playing. He knew she wanted him and he was teasing her with even greater power then she was teasing the men around her.

Alicia stomped one foot as her pussy still throbbed from his words and she felt absolutely ravenous. “Fine,” she said to herself, “you want a chase? You’ll get a chase. But it’s you that will come to me.”

Alicia put the beads around her neck and walked into the dancing mob with such sexual ferocity that the crowd parted in front of her. Men and women watched the curves of her body sway to the beat with her walk as her bare painted chest drew such attention that Alicia could feel the crowd’s sexual energy slowly focus entirely on her.

She felt her head suddenly spin as she got the last of the beads on. Her pussy was literally throbbing to the beat as she walked and she realized that she wanted him so bad that she no longer could control the sexual energy pouring through her. She was going to seduce him right here and now because she was the goddess of feminine sensuality, and she got what she wanted tonight.

Alicia began what was a mix of belly dancing and salsa that came from within her effortlessly. It was the movements of sex to music and it was the way the energy inside her moved her. She ran her hands through her hair like a woman lost in sensual love making. She felt her hips gyrating as people began to form a circle around her.

She let her painted breasts sway and enjoyed their weight and the intensity of her hard nipples as people began to clap in time with the music and her frenzied dancing. Then Alicia stopped her hips, unbuttoned her pants, slid them down half way down her butt so her thong showed and then began a slow but forceful gyrating.

Alicia knew at that moment that she had caught the attention of the man with the blue eyes as the crowd’s sexual tension moved to a fever pitch. She felt all eyes on her and all the sexual energy around her flowed through her moving body, as though she were the focal point of some unspeakable desire.

Alicia slid her pants off and felt herself completely loose control of her body. She was so turned on that she knew here wetness would be visible not just on her thong, but on her thighs and the whole crowd seemed to throb with the throbbing of her insides. She did not yet see her man, but she needed some touch.

She felt herself lock eyes with a man nearby and then another and her fingers reached out and beckoned them to her. The two men surrounded her and she grinded against them both in nothing but her soaked underwear. They were good dancers and she could feel both of them hard against her.

She felt her whole body getting more and more sensitive with each passing moment as she felt a hundred people’s desire pouring through her, and then, she saw his eyes under the mask and her body felt like one giant g-spot. She watched his lips whisper the word in slow motion, “orgasm.”

Alicia didn’t even hide what happened next. She grabbed onto the man in front of her hard as she pressed her clit against his leg. She felt herself scream as she began grinding hard with the dancing movements of her body. She herd the men she was dancing with both utter “damn!” as she screamed with delight.

Alicia felt as though the entire crowd’s desire poured through her all at once, rushing up into her in a pulsing electric current. She felt her insides flood and throb and explode all at once as she came so hard that she couldn’t see straight.

Alicia felt as though the music flowed up into her as she felt herself come in time to the beats of the music that she danced to. Alicia knew that at the very least the men she was dancing with knew she was coming, and possibly many more, but that was the best part somehow, she was coming in this crowd of pure desire and there was nothing wrong with it.

She managed to regain enough control to open her eyes but not enough to stop grinding as she felt so close to another orgasm that her pussy seemed to have a mind of it’s own. She opened her eyes and nearly screamed as she saw her mystery man backing up out of the crowed, eyes still on her.

Alicia kissed each of her dancing partners on the cheek and then ran off in pursuit of the blue eyes that held her helpless in their power.

The two men watched her run off in nothing but a thong and an enticing painting. They looked at each other and at the pants on the ground, “Rock paper scissors?”



Alicia had given up not chasing, she wanted him more then anything in the world and she knew that in truth, she had already caught him, he was just choosing where to take her.

Alicia smiled as she ran, loving the attention of the people around her while she ran through Mardi Gras as the goddess of guiltless pleasure should: in nothing but a thong and paint.

She watched him turn to go into an apartment building, and she followed him, up the stairs and onto the roof where she finally caught him sitting and waiting for her in a hot tub on the roof.

Alicia stood and smiled as she felt her heartbeat not only in her chest, but in her nipples and between her legs.

“Who are you?” She asked breathlessly, not just because of the chase, but from the desire that made her chase in the first place.

His eyes locked hers in their gaze before he answered and Alicia felt helpless again, her legs weak, her pussy aching as she felt a drop run down her inner thigh, “It doesn’t matter who I am, all that matters at this moment, is what you want Alicia.”

Alicia felt herself floating in desire all of the sudden, as though there was nothing in the world except for her longing for him. She let out a little gasp as she heard music down below in the streets between the roof tops. She walked slowly and sensually towards the man in the mask who’s eyes she could not look away from.

“I want you, more then anything in the world. I’m so horny I can’t control myself.”

The lips below the beautiful eyes curled into a smile.

“How can you make me come like that, just by saying orgasm.”

Alicia moaned and her eyes widened as she felt her body immediately respond, a rush of hot tingles flowing through her and making it impossible to stand. She put her hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi and moaned out loud as she lost control completely, her fingers rushed down between her legs and began to move rapidly out of her control as her butt pressed high in the air.

Alicia was determined to jump him as soon as she could stand.

“I have more control of your pussy right now then you do. I can make it do anything I want. I am here to please the goddess of pleasure until she can take no more.”

Alicia looked up at him in a gaze of such intense desperate lust that he felt his dick throb.

“Prove it.” She said playfully.

“Ok, look over the edge of the roof here and down into the street where they are dancing, you can look away from my eyes for that. Your pussy will throb in time with the music and it will do so with such intensity that you won’t be able to keep still. You will begin humping the air uncontrollably drawn by your pussy.”

Alicia walked slowly to the edge of the roof and looked over. She felt the desire of the crowd return to her, flowing up into her with the beat of the music just as her orgasm had before. She was staring at the people dancing sensually close to one and other, lost in the rhythmic contact of their bodies. She could feel their sexual energy, their tension, their desire, and it throbbed inside of her.

She could feel a pulse in time with the music and it was flowing up into her with such intensity that she felt her whole body respond. She stared at the crowd imagining herself as the center of attention again, grinding against two hot men as an orgasm would pour through her.

He watched her bend over the side of the roof, her butt pressing high in the air as her legs pressed together. He couldn’t keep his jaw from dropping as he looked at the visible wetness of her thong pressed tightly to her pussy. He imagined being inside of her as she began to grind in the air uncontrollably.

Alicia slowly became aware of her body, coming back from her daydream of being down in the crowd and realizing that she couldn’t stop the movements of her hips, as though her throbbing pussy were pulling her body along behind it. She stood and turned to him astonished, hips still thrusting uncontrollably in time with the music.

“Ok, if you have more control of my pussy then me, make my pussy so horny that I can’t think of anything else, so horny that it controls me.”

Their eyes locked, “Alicia, your pussy is now in control and you are so horny you can’t think of anything but what it wants. Look at it and think only of it, until I say otherwise, you are now your pussy.”

Alicia’s clit throbbed. Her lips were so swollen they tingled. She was wet and wanted more then anything something to take advantage of that wetness, to part her lips and press inside. Her insides opened up and tightened in response to the thought of something being inside. Her clit throbbed.

Yes, she wanted something inside and something to rub against the outside. She wanted to press a dick so deep inside of her that it would stretch her open, and while her insides would flood and tighten around that hardness she wanted to press her clit hard against a body and feel the tingles that would erupt from it’s head.

She felt her wetness flowing, it was seeping out of her between her throbbing, tingling lips. She loved how hot her liquid desire was as it flooded her insides. She felt it coming from very deep inside, deep inside where her liquid desire built up pressure like a dam that was going to burst. She could feel the insides of herself tightening and releasing in waves, as though she were slowly pumping her wet heat out.

Where that pumping motion came from she could feel intense tingles, a pressure that she wanted to let go. She imagined something inside, pressing all the way in to that place and forcing it to tighten and let go, to let that dam burst.

“You are now aware of your body and everything around you and you remember who you are and what has happened tonight. Look in my eyes Alicia.”

Alicia barely managed to moan, “John. . .” as she was swept off her feat by his strong arms and set into the Jacuzzi.

“I have total control of your pussy right now. Orgasm. I want you to just enjoy your pleasure, I have been watching you all night and you are amazing. You look like a goddess of pleasure with your chest painted that way. Orgasm. I want you to know that you are now going to get what a goddess of pleasure deserves: sex on a roof above the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras, floating on the sexual energy generated by thousands of people. Feel their desire, and let yourself receive what you want.”

Alicia’s head was spinning as she knew John really did have complete control of her pussy. She felt as though the crowd below were somehow celebrating what was happening to her, as though their cheers and music was all a tribute to the blissful waves that poured through her every time John told her to come.

“Orgasm, and let yourself get lost in the feeling, somehow still wanting more, still aware of your pussy just as intensely as you were before, only now, aware of everything like that. Take a deep breath and know, that any time I want you to, you will come uncontrollably. Orgasm. What do you want right now more then anything?”

Alicia felt herself deeply aware of her pussy as she had been when that was all she could think about, “I want to be filled, and then I want to come till I pass out.”

“Orgasm. Then that is what you will get, bend over the railing and watch the crowd.”

Alicia did as she was told and immediately felt like she was flying. She felt her body completely under his control and then, felt his hands on her butt and his dick pressed closely against her. She took a deep breath as he held it just barley brushing against her underwear before sliding them off her body.

“When I slide inside of you, you will begin coming uncontrollably every couple of seconds and won’t be able to stop coming for the next hour,” John slid his hard dick inside of her.

Alicia felt an intense rush of heat as her first orgasm hit, and then another, and another. She was looking down over the crowd as all of their sexual energy flowed up into her as she began to drown in a sea of orgasms. She felt him inside of her, filling her as she had wanted to be filled and releasing her as she had wanted to be released into bliss. She found it impossible to stop the title waves of pleasure that poured through her. Each orgasm not a thing she could control, but responding to his complete control of her pussy. She couldn’t stop coming as she began to scream and people began to notice her, but she didn’t care, she felt like being a sex goddess tonight even if she wasn’t hypnotized to be one any more.

And so for over an hour, she moaned and screamed as the crowd below cheered, unable to join, but close enough to fuel her desire. She saw more then one person below masturbating and even a couple of people having sex as she really became the goddess of pleasure for all of those below her. As she uncontrollably indulged in guiltless uninhibited pleasure.

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

Orgasm. . .

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