Hypnotic Seduction: The Hypnotist Next Door II

"Get Hard for me, Do As I Say." were the first words I heard when I picked up the phone. I don't know if I can explain the change that happened in my entire being the moment I heard those words, it wasn't just a physical shift, but a shift of everything. As though the entire world were suddenly different, "As You Wish," I head my voice say as if it were a distant thing.

Images of Beth's beautiful naked body flooded through my mind. For a moment she was riding me, moaning and going wild as if her ecstasy was in complete control. Then she was bent over and I was desperately grabbing the wonderful curve between her waist and hips as I slid in and out faster and faster, my stomach pressing against her perfect ass. Then she was biting her lip, holding her breasts and staring into my eyes with a desire so contagious that I shivered.

Somewhere deep in my mind a switch had been flipped that made me helpless. Between my legs a throbbing came to life that made it impossible to think of anything but Beth's sweet, intoxicating voice commanding me to get hard. Below my balls, muscles tightened that made the head of my dick swell and I felt the full weight of my hardness pressing forwards, almost as if being drawn towards her.

I was so dazed that I wasn't sure what she was saying, but I didn't really care, I let her words move deep inside of me to tease and caress me from the place no woman ever had before: deep inside my imagination.

"As You Wish, I Cannot Resist," I said and hung up the phone.

I found myself walking to her apartment before I even knew what was happening. For that matter I was barely aware that I was actually walking to her apartment. To me, I was busy reading something she had given me when I had left her apartment days before, to me I was back in my bedroom just reading what she gave me to read every night, the words coming back to me perfectly:

"Take in a deep breath and Do As I Say.

As You Wish.

Take in another deep breath, relaxing your body and mind more and more with every breath you take. Nice, relaxing, deep breaths, going in and out and making you feel so light and relaxed.

The longer you read my words the hornier you are going to get and the deeper you are going to fall into a trance. Already you cannot resist, you can't even seem to stop reading. As though your eyes are moving on their own, each word you read, going deeper and deeper into your mind uncontrollably. You find yourself saying every word in your mind as you read, as though these words are your own thoughts. Sometimes it is your voice speaking them, and sometimes you even feel like my voice is in your head. As you wish, I Cannot Resist.

Feel your breaths going deeper and deeper and your body and mind becoming more and more relaxed. It's as if something deep inside of you wants to follow my command more then anything in the world. As though it's not you that is reading, but your mind on it's own, as if it's not you obeying, but your body on it's own. Go deeper, Do as I say. As you wish, I Cannot Resist.

The fact that you cannot resist seems to get more and more intense as you find yourself getting hard for me. "As You Wish," seems automatic and uncontrollable a thought of complete obedience, but the thought that you can't resist seems desperate and full of lust, as if you don't want to ever resist, as if deep inside of you, you are begging to obey because it makes you terribly horny. As if you almost want to say, "Please, I Cannot Resist," desperately.

Each time you read that phrase, "As You Wish, I Cannot Resist," it will go deeper into your mind, becoming more and more true. For that matter, by the time you have read that three more times you won't even be able to read it without your mouth moving and whispering it on it's own. Do as I say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

You are getting light headed now and desperately turned on. You can't stop thinking about me. You want to have sex so bad right now that you can't think straight. Somewhere deep in your mind you know that I am going to count from five to one, and when you read the number one, you will no longer be able to think anything other then my words. You will be thinking, feeling, and doing everything you read as though it is really happening to you. You will be so deep in a trance that you won't be able to resist anything you read here at all. Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

Get Hard and throb uncontrollably as I begin to move your imagination, focusing on my words more and more with every second that goes by. Let me have control of your deepest most vivid imagination. Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

You are at the door to a temple. This temple is your subconscious mind. By opening this door you will be going deep into your mind, to the places that dreams and fantasies come from. The deeper into the temple you go, the more real the temple will seem, and the more you will be unable to stop reading my words, as though your subconscious is doing it automatically.

When you open that door you will feel yourself suddenly become very light headed and your mind will go blank except my words, as if you are suddenly in a half dream. Your mind will open up to my words and they will flow inside.

Imagine your hand reaching forward and resting on the door knob. Turn the door knob slowly and feel your mind going blank. Open the door, Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

Suddenly you feel light headed and almost like you are floating. To your surprise you see me standing beside you in nothing but nearly see through silk. You feel so drawn to me that you almost forget about the door. Your eyes float over my body lustfully as I bite my lip and look into your eyes with my big green eyes. Then I turn and walk through the open door, my butt swaying hypnotically under the white silk. Follow me, Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

Inside the temple, your eyes stay on my body as you get hornier with every moment you look at me. You almost don't notice the huge picture on the floor of your own body that you are standing at the feet of.

Every step we take together across your body, you will find that I have control of that part of you. We walk onto your feet and the moment we are standing on them, you feel the muscles in your feet uncontrollably tighten and then relax. You no longer have control of your feet, I do, and I am making your feet completely relaxed. We take a couple steps forward as you realize I have control of where you are walking now, and we stand on your legs.

Five. The moment we are standing on your legs, you feel the muscles in your legs uncontrollably tighten and then relax. You no longer have control of your legs, I do, and I am making your legs completely relaxed. We take a couple steps forward and stand just below your belly button.

Four. The moment we are standing on your stomach, you feel the muscles in your stomach and pelvic region uncontrollably tighten and then relax, causing you to thrust your dick forward towards me. You no longer have control of anything below your stomach, I do, and I am making you completely relaxed and horny. What you also somehow know, is that I control when you are going to cum. You feel so relaxed that you don't know if you could cum right now, and yet you are so horny that you are constantly hard for me. We take a couple steps forward and stand on your chest.

Three. The moment we are standing on your chest, you feel the muscles in your arms and chest uncontrollably tighten and then relax. Uncontrollably take in the deepest, most relaxing breath of your life and let it out. You no longer have control of your body at all, I do, and I am making you relaxed and horny. I make your hands move to be able to still scroll and read. We take a couple steps forward and stand on your head.

Two. The moment we are standing there, you feel your entire body tighten and relax completely as your you feel your thoughts suddenly snap perfectly and uncontrollably in line with what you are reading. Your mind is as relaxed as your body and open completely. You are light headed and my words pour into you so deep that you aren't even sure where they are coming from or going to.

One. You follow me deep into the temple. On either side of you are large marble pillars lined with gold. You are staring at my body moving sensual under the white silk. You can see my legs moving teasingly and making my hips rock back and forth. You can see a gleam on my tighs and you know how wet I am right now. You can see the way the garment hangs lightly on my waist and my breasts sway, the heaviness of their curves visible to the sides of my body as I walk.

We reach another door, so deep in your mind that going through this door would leave you standing in the deepest workings of your mind. Open it and walk through with me. Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

There is white light and you feel like you are floating in it. You can see my body floating there in front of you in the white light. You feel completely content and want to obey more then you have ever wanted anything in your life before. My words are coming from this deep in your mind.

Every word you read right now makes you float more and get more light headed. You almost feel like you might pass out.

The words "Get Hard" will make you get hard uncontrollably.

Any time I say "Do As I Say." You will answer out loud, "As You Wish, I Cannot Resist," as you escort me this deep into your mind. You will then think, feel and do anything I tell you to uncontrollably.

Whenever I tell you that you can't cum, you will discover that it is true until I say otherwise. You will remain uncontrollably hard until you do cum. You are that way right now, hard but unable to cum till I tell you to.

You are in a partial dream state, dreaming what you are reading as if it is really happening to you. Everything you read from here on you will experience as though it is happening to you. Do As I Say. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist."

I found myself suddenly in Beth's bedroom sitting at her computer. I wasn't sure exactly how I got there except that she had told me to come over. Deep inside of my head something was repeating over and over again. I knew that what she had me reading every night before I went to bed had somehow gotten deep into my mind and was making me unable to resist her, but it was the most amazing feeling to not be able to resist this beautyful woman.

So I sat at her computer desk, staring at her screen even though I wasn't sure why. I was vaguely aware that I was either reading or she was speaking to me, but I wasn't sure which was the case because I could hear her voice in my head. She was taking me somewhere:

"We are now so deep inside your mind that you can feel my presence in your thoughts. You are surrounded in white light and my voice is caressing you, making you throb and tingle. You feel as if my voice is wrapping around you with the white light as you watch my body moving. I begin to do a strip tease as you get harder and go deeper into your mind, following every movement of my body with your eyes and aching for my touch and my command. The hornier you get the more you will let my words into your mind and the moment my words are in your mind they will make you hornier.

See me walking towards you and looking in your eyes as my hands slowly slide the white silk away from my breasts, showing my hard nipples and supple curves, you want to reach out and touch me so bad but you can't seem to take your hands away from the keyboard. You are so hard that you desperately want to touch yourself, but you can't seem to move because you are so relaxed. Feel yourself realizing that you really cannot resist my command at all, I am so deep in your mind that you decide to obey without even thinking about it.

Feel me reach out and begin to slide my soft hand across your hardness for you. Feel the jolt go through your body as I caress you better then you could even touch yourself. From just that touch you surrender everything, letting me pleasure you, caress you, as you find yourself constantly thinking that you cannot resist. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

Feel me begin to move things deep in your mind, making you constantly fantasize about my body. You can't seem to get the images of my naked body dancing out of your mind, you are obsessed with my body and it's seductive movements so much that you focus on that entirely, no longer aware of anything but the fact that you are being seduced and being touched.

You are now constantly imagining me from every angle as I stroke you slowly from the bottom of your balls to the tip of the head, and squeezing it gently when I get there. You are begging to Do As I Say deep inside your mind as you become so focused on my seduction and my touch that you aren't even fully aware of the changes I am making deep in your mind. As You Wish, I Cannot Resist.

If your hands were free right now you would find yourself masturbating wildly and uncontrollably, but you cannot resist my command. Go ahead and try to move your hands right now, the harder you try the more you will feel my control, and the more you feel my control the hornier you will get, the hornier you get the more you want to obey, until you can't even remember why you were trying to resist and just willingly submit to my command completely. As a reward for being such a good boy, you feel my lips slide gently over the tip of your dick and begin sucking lightly, teasingly, making you harder and harder.

You are so hot, so horny right now that you are unable to think straight as you constantly see my body in your mind, and yet the thing that surprises you is that you don't feel like you are going to cum yet. You will not cum till I tell you to, but you are stuck hard till then. I want to ride you before I give you pleasure.

Feel me suddenly climb onto your lap facing you so that my large breasts press into your face as your dick throbs against my pussy. I am completely naked now and you can feel me grinding against you, my wetness dripping onto your dick. You feel your head spinning with desire as I look at you, my big green eyes so full of lust that you are sure you are going to stand up and go out of control fucking me wildly, but you still can't seem to move.

Feel my thighs pressing against your legs, my arms wrapping around you, my breasts pressed against your face and my stomach moving like a belly dancer's back and forth to grind against you. Please, I Cannot Resist.

And then feel my wetness pressed up against the tip of your dick, the heat pouring into you and taking you over. It spreads as your breathing quickens, up into your body, you feel your body suddenly belonging to me, completely under my control. Smell my perfume, feel your head spin. Hear my voice in your ears, breathless and so horny I'm nearly moaning. I want you inside just as bad as you want to be there.

Then suddenly feel my lips part and slide down over your shaft. You feel surrounded by my heat, held by my pussy as I grind against you with your dick deep inside of me. You are amazed that you aren't cuming because of how good this feels to have my pussy rocking back and forth on your dick, but you find you still can't cum till I tell you to. Feel yourself suddenly wanting me to cum almost more then you want to cum yourself, feel yourself wanting to tell me to ride you to bliss because it feels so good to be where you are that you almost don't care about anything in the world right now. Throb for me, Do As I Say. As You Wish. Please, I Cannot Resist.

Then to your surprise feel my pussy muscles begin to tighten as I get even hotter inside. You can feel your shaft being milked by my pussy as I begin to cum, and yet you still don't cum. You can hear my voice in your ear, moaning because I love your dick so much, as I loose control in an orgasm.

You feel suddenly like you have accomplished the best thing in the world and you want to do it again as my voice makes you get chills, the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end and amazing heat pouring up through your shaft and into your body. It's almost as if you can feel my orgasm pouring up into you and you want to feel it again.

I begin to rock back and forth, cuming harder and harder as I loose control from how good you make me feel. My passion seems to pour deep into you, my moans getting wilder and wilder as you are sure you would fuck me like a wild man if you could move.

Your dick is throbbing as you can feel every part of my pussy tightening around it and sliding back and forth. You feel my fingers running all over your body, sending tingles up and down your spine. You find your breathing is getting faster and faster and you are even beginning to moan as my breasts press against you and I cum so hard you feel me throb around your hardness.

You are more turned on right now then you have ever been in your life, feeling your dick so hard and throbbing that tingles are pouring up into your body from below your shaft. You are starting to feel your hips thrusting on their own, uncontrollably, as you enjoy every sensation of our combined bodies.

And then, you feel my bliss becoming so intense that I can't take much more, you can tell because I am screaming and fucking you wildly. You feel your head spinning because of how amazing you feel right now as you know it is you making me this crazy. You can hear me yelling, "Oh my god," and "Fuck me, oh. . . oh. . ."

You find it is the hottest thing in the world to be wanted like this, feeling me out of control just from you being inside of me. You suddenly realize you have become the perfect lover, able to have sex forever if you wanted to. You could keep fucking me for hours and you would not cum till I told you to.

You continue to feel us having sex, as I move things deep inside your mind. The next time you have sex you will discover that you can't cum until she tells you to, no matter who she is, yet you will be this turned on, you will feel yourself suddenly become the perfect lover just for that one time having sex.

The next time you write to me, you will find yourself this turned on and as you type you will find that you are slowly typing from five to one, when you reach one, you will uncontrollably cum for me and tell me about it, just enjoying your orgasm. By reading any further you are agreeing to let all of this happen and you will not be able to resist my command ever again. By cuming now, you are making yourself permanently able to be hypnotized by me any time I tell you to Do As I Say. When you read the next paragraph, you will know for sure that you cannot resist.

Feel me release your hands and feel yourself loose control. Get so hard you can't control yourself at all. Your orgasm will wake you from this trance, leaving everything I have told you to be true.

Feel the bliss of being the perfect lover and my hot body fucking you wildly as I scream your name, and then suddenly you hear me screaming for you to join me: CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

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