Tantra 1

This is an attempt at an interactive fantasy. I am going to walk you through my variation of a tantric meditation. The more you interact with it the more you'll get out of it. This is an exploration of sexual desire and as such it works best if you have just read one of my other stories or if you are already in touch with your sexual desire (that is to say, if you are already turned on.) This can be read more then one time and still have an effect. Do any actions you feel comfortable with or imagine them if you aren't sure. Enjoy yourself, don't push yourself. This also works best if read slow, if every line is carefully read and felt.

First, relax and focus on your breathing. Let your body sit in a way that is comfortable and allows you to breathe easily. Take in a deep breath, let it fill your lungs all the way. Breathe in until you feel full, and then let it out. Feel the way your body feels. Focus on your lower regions where sexual desire comes from. Focus on your sexual desire.

Breathe in slowly and deeply again. Picture yourself naked somewhere that you feel safe, warm, comfortable and relaxed, but most of all, a place where you feel sexually confident. Let yourself feel the way your naked body feels: so full of sexual energy. Breathe in deeply, as though you were breathing in through your vagina, bring the air up through your stomach and into your lungs, let it fill your breasts, and then breath out through your shoulders and back and let it escape through your mouth.

Continue breathing like this. Every breath coming in through your lower regions and drawing your desire up into your body. Let every breath fill you up with this sexual desire. And let your naked body radiate this sexual energy into your safe comfortable place. Let yourself feel good.

Picture a man in that place with you. The first thing you notice is his eyes. His eyes are gentile, soft, loving, but they are also full of the same desire that is now radiating into this place from your body. He sees you and looks at you as if to say, "what can I do to please you."

Let your eyes move down from his eyes, across his hair, his features. Let your eyes wander across his muscular shoulders, down his strong arms, and to his masculine chest. Let your breathing carry your growing desire up into your body. Let yourself want him, as you saw in his eyes that he wanted you.

Let your eyes move down from his chest, to his six pack, and then, right below that his erect penis. Let yourself get butterflies in your stomach. Let that tightness come in and breath it's pleasure into your body. Let the warmth build in your stomach and begin to spread.

The man comes towards you. His hands look ready to please. He sits next to you, looking deep into your eyes. You can feel his body radiating that same feeling that is building in your stomach. His warmth nearby makes your skin tingle. You can feel his muscular body close to yours. Your breathing starts to make your whole stomach warm and the warmth starts moving into your nipples. It also spreads to your thighs where it makes your legs want to come together. The tingling of your skin mixes with the warmth in your body and sends shivers across your skin which move to your clit and into your body as well as up to your head and neck and onto your scalp.

You can feel your breathing quicken and your heart begin to race from his presence. What will he do to you? Where will he touch you? Let yourself get in tune with your body. Feel your pulse pound in your chest, feel it in your nipples, feel it pulsing in your clit. Most of all, feel the pulsing that begins to happen in chaotically in your lower stomach. Feel the pulses and let them spread into your whole body through your breathing. Let your head buzz.

Now look at him and let him inspire that pulsing in your stomach. Let yourself want him. Let yourself see the way he looks into your eyes, the way his whole body bulges. Let your self want to seduce him. Let your desire overflow. Let the waves in your breathing and in your stomach start moving through out your body.

Take your hand and softly place your fingers on your knee, in between your legs. Draw his attention to your hand and watch the way his desire pours from his watching eyes into your hand and into your skin as you slowly caress from your knee towards your inner thy and towards your vagina. Do it slowly and feel how your body tingles in response, how you send waves of pleasure up into your body and how your clit wants you to move all the way to it.

Feel your stomach pulse in response to the slow caressing movements and watch his dick throb as you do so. What he feels, you feel. What you feel he feels. Let your combined desire fill your safe place. Let your breathing quicken and your heart race at the simple touch of your fingers on your inner thigh. Let your legs want to close, let them ache to be touched, and let yourself caress them. Breath in the pleasure flowing from your touch.

When you get close enough that you either want to stop or go all the way, stop, and start on your other knee. Caressing towards your clit. Take your other hand, and while your first hand makes it's slow journey up your thigh, touch your stomach lightly. Caress up your stomach as your breathing carries the tingle into your breasts. Watch his eyes follow your hand. Let him grab your hand and slide it onto your breast and squeeze lightly. Let him grope you with your hand under his. Feel his desire for you, feel your desire for him. Look into his eyes.

Let your inhibitions go and enjoy the feelings now cascading through your body. Lick your lips to beg him to kiss you and feel the way your lips tingle. Let your skin get goose bumps. And then let him slide down your body, placing your hand on your heaving breast as he moves his mouth over your clit. Feel him breathing onto your clit in time with your own breathing, as if he were breathing pleasure into you ,as your hand gets dangerously close to your vagina on your inner thigh. Then, let him lick your vagina where your fingers touch your wetness. Let him lick his way through your lips, bringing moisture with him, to the top as your fingers do the same. Feel your insides tighten up as though to beg for something inside. Feel that desire pulse all the way through you and begin moving your body. Let your hands begin moving on their own. Let his tongue, your fingers, move through your wetness to the top of your vagina and find your clit. Let your legs move closet together, let your back arch, and when you find your clit, let that tingling spread into your even now quickening breathing.

Let him lick little circles on your clit to please you. Let him please you and enjoy the tickling, tingling, coming from his tongue. Let yourself simultaneously feel the pleasure of his touch and let that pleasure inspire you to want it more. Let your palm rest on your stomach as your fingers move in a way that feels best to you. Watch his rippling muscles, watch his speeding tongue. Watch him look you in the eyes and feel yourself rippling inside. Let your breathing go wild. Let your pleasure move you, let it arch your back, move your legs, make your breasts heave. Feel your hand grabbing your breast. Feel your body pulse out of control. Feel the tingling and the warmth spread. Let your head spin. Let your insides pulse with pleasure as he licks your tingling clit.

Focus on your desire in your lower regions. Let that desire spread without end. Let your whole body tingle and pulse and wave. Let your skin have waves of pleasure. Let the desire build and build. Let your stomach pulse and feel yourself warm and letting your pleasure seep out in wetness. Let every part of your body come alive with pleasure. Let his movements fill you with those waves of warmth and tingling.

Now let him stand up and place his hard dick at the entrance of your vagina as two of your fingers slide down and go ever so slightly inside of you. Feel him tease you and feel your body pulse, tingle and desire him in response. Feel the way you try to open up, to draw him into you. Feel your back arch and your hips move, trying to pull him into you. Feel as each tease sends a new sensation into your body.

Let him slide suddenly into you. Feel yourself tighten around him, draw him in, and expand to let him fill you. Feel him slide all the way out and stand at the entrance again, let yourself want him again. Then let him plunge into you. Let your fingers rub against the top of your insides, just past the swollen part at the entrance and onto the ridges. Let him move slowly back and forth on those ridges as deep as he can and back till he touches that swollen part. Let him move back and forth until he hits that spot that, at first makes you feel like you might pee. Let that spot begin to feel good, let that spot begin to be your source of pleasure. Focus there and feel the way it makes you pulse as he moves in side of you in the way that feels best.

Breath in through that spot. Let every movement on that spot fill your whole body. Let your body shake, and let yourself feel the pulses originating from his movement inside of you. Let each pulse make you feel good and let each moment of pleasure make you want more. Let yourself fill with desire. Let yourself move with intensity. Let the waves make your eyes roll back in your head. Let your back arch and your but move to press him against your spot. Let yourself feel like you are filling with liquid, like you are going to explode. Feel your body contract and move. Get lost in the sensation. Let your breathing escape in moans. Let the pee feeling develop into the most powerful sensation of pleasure and let that pleasure ripple through you.

Let your head buzz, your breathing become insane. Let your body feel like it is lighting on fire from the heat your bodies are creating. Let your whole body be on fire with pleasure. Don't be afraid of powerful new sensations, let them wash over you, move you take control of you.

Let yourself want him to do things to you. Let yourself imagine the way his body is moving, and to feel it. Let your desire take control of your thoughts. Let yourself completely go, abandon restraint and imagine the best things he could do to you, then move into position, close your eyes, and let him do what you want him to.

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