Chance Happenings II

He takes you to the bar, and buys you a drink. You are still in your bathing suit and it is not only water that is drying on your body. You talk to him for a while, knowing full well that the bar is a prelude to either of your rooms and just the thought of what might be to come makes your insides twitch in expectation. Your anticipation of what that is going to be like remains in your mind as you discuss things at the exotic bar by the pool.

"So why are you in Hawaii?" You ask casually still glancing every so often at the muscular arms that first caused your attraction to him at the Jacuzzi.

"Actually, that's something I should tell you because I have an appointment later on tonight." He looks at his watch and then up at you. Then towards the door with a look of surprise on his face. You turn to see the woman who watched you in the Jacuzzi walking in the door. "I'll be right back." He says buying a drink quickly and walking over to her.

They talk for a little bit and you can see her cheeks get red and her nipples harden through her swimsuit as she realizes who the two of you are. You can see now that she has freckles and her face turns a radiant red when she is turned on. Justin talks to her briefly, writes something down on a napkin and hands it to her, then comes back over to you.

"Would you mind accompanying me to my room, while I explain why I am on the island?" He says with a kind of sexy playfulness in his eyes.

"Sure," you say as you head out the door and towards the hotel, wondering what might be in store for the night.

"Last year I had a girl read some of my writing who was at the time trying out for a porn movie. She actually does them rather regularly now and I thought visiting her on a movie shoot would be a great experience to write about. I mean, what is more sexually charged then that?

They are doing one of the shoots here in Hawaii and I figured this would be a good excuse for a vacation. She is bringing some of the cast by to my place later tonight so we can meet in person before I see her on the set."

He opens the door to his room to let you walk through first. He walks over to the couch and you can see the moon over the ocean through the window behind him. Already the thoughts are pouring through your head about what might happen with him in this room, with that moonlight pouring onto your naked bodies through that window. . .

"They gave me some cool stuff too." He picks up a box on the coffee table, "at any rate there is going to be a little get together her tonight and I want you to be here, I think you might enjoy it." He goes to the kitchen area of the room and starts getting out some alcohol.

"Shoot, he says looking up at you. I forgot to get ice for the drinks. Would you mind getting some from the ice machine down the hall while I get my make shift bar together?" You say, "Sure," and head down the hall to the ice machine.

This has been quite a night, first the Jacuzzi, now this group of people in a hotel room? And what of later tonight, sleeping with him, how long will you two make love? You feel yourself getting tight inside just thinking about all of the things that could happen tonight. Your nipples are hard and not just from the cold of the ice machine as you get the ice.

You turn around to head back to the hotel room and run head long into someone heading to the ice machine. "I'm sorry," the blond hared teen says, "I wasn't watching. . .wh. . " You immediately recognize him, he watched you from the other Jacuzzi. He is obviously staring at your chest and unsure of what to say. The unmasked desire in his eyes only seems to intensify the feelings inside your stomach and you find yourself thinking of the look on his face as he came while watching you.

"Don't worry about it," you say, thinking it might be fun to bring him back to the hotel room, if for no other reason then having the look of someone caught in the act of passionate embrace around for the rest of the nigh. It's so sexy to see him visibly unable to control his eyes and thoughts, not to mention his now visible erection, just from your presence, "Tell you what, come have a drink with me and some friends, we might as well meet now. I'm Kimberly."

"Mike," he says trying to unsuccessfully to hide the fact that he is hard just from this encounter. You walk with him back to the room, he carries the ice for you.

When the door opens you see that the woman from the pool is already inside siting on the couch. She is blonde with blue eyes as she looks up to see you walk in. She blushes bright red, and you wonder what she must be thinking.

"Look who I found in the hall," you say, and introductions are made. The woman's name is Shelly, and her and Mike seem to share the same shy, but intrigued, blush. They both seem to be holding back some intense desire spawned by the evenings earlier events and they seem to not have the experience to hide it. It's actually sexy the way they seem to be bursting at the seems with something they can't bring themselves to voice.

There is a knock on the door, Justin goes to answer it as you sit on the couch next to the other two guests. In the box in front of you, you can see some lube that advertises that it makes you tingle, a couple different vibrators, one that looks ridiculously complex, some pheromone sprays, one male one female, some movies, and a horde of other stuff.

The door opens and in walk two women and two men. The first of the women is dark hared and big chested and gives Justin a hug as she walks in. She walks confidently into the room smiling at everyone and is introduced as Emily. She is followed by a rather hyper looking, very fit woman named Chelsea. The men, both muscular and very attractive, are Jake, who has brown hair and a different, but attractive smirk, and Rick, who is a black hared very Italian looking man.

There are introductions as Emily walks to the VCR and pops in a tape while drinks are poured. Jake sits down next to you on the couch and says hello, while Chelsea sits on your other side and begins to look through the box curiously.

Emily explains that this is a tape that was made 2 months ago, and she figured it would be a good example of what would be happening tomorrow. It begins to play, starting with a group of people doing an aerobics work out, some of the people in the room are in the video.

Already there is a sexual tension in the room. Shelly and Mike are immediately surprised that there is a porn playing blatantly on the TV with all these people around , and you can see Mike's utter intense sexual overload at the realization that some of the people on the movie are in the room. Shelly seems to sit on the couch focused on the TV, she looks around every once in a while as if she would never admit to watching this sort of thing normally; as though to make sure no one notices that she loves what is happening on the screen.

You are feeling the sexual tension too. Will this just be a prelude to sharing a bed with Justin, or is this something in and of it's self? You find yourself wondering about these people, what things they might know how to do during sex.

Jake is talking to you about how long it took to film the movie, he apparently is into the film aspects of it as well as the actual sex, but all you are noticing is that you are talking to a porn star while you are already far too turned on. He is strong, very attractive and the smirk he seems to smile with makes you want to kiss his lips to straighten them out. Your nipples are hard and you are far to aware that while he talks he looks at them periodically. You find yourself thinking that you would love to show them to him. To just abandon all sensibility and just take your bathing suit top off, so that you could see how big he is when he is hard.

The people on the video are starting to get naked as Chelsea pulls out the pheromone sprays from the box. She laughs and then sprays the male one at you and the female one at Jake. Jake stops talking for a second and looks at her, "what is that stuff?" You notice your nipples harden to a point where they ache as you smell something good.

"Pheromones," she says as someone in the video moans, making the hair on the back of your neck stand up and causing a shiver of built up sexual tension flow down your spine. He takes one of the bottles from her and looks surprised for a second, "Don't spray that," he says, "It's the same chemical your body produces to signal to the opposite sex that you are horny. That stuff will turn you on like no other smell will."

You notice that he isn't kidding as Chelsea sprays it again playfully. Just the smell of that stuff has already gotten you feeling hot. Your eyes start to drift and you notice that Jake's pants are bulging, looks like it works on him too, you think, trying to divert your eyes. But you can't really, he is huge, like a porn star should be. You can hardly stand the feeling of tension in your stomach, you want him in you.

You manage to force yourself to look away towards the TV, where Jake is siting naked next to a great many other naked people, some of them starting to caress and touch one and other. His dick is right there on the screen, and it's huge! You can feel yourself getting wet again so you look over to where Shelly is siting on the couch, she is flushed and you notice her nipples hard from watching the video.

You can tell that she is wet, just from watching the movie, you can tell because her bathing suit bottoms are visibly wet and her hand hovers not far from her crotch. She must usually masturbate to this sort of thing, that explains her like of the incident at the Jacuzzi. . . the Jacuzzi. . . you realize that your own fingers are resting on your own inner thigh, you are turned on just as bad as she is.

Jake and Chelsea are having a sort of spray war with the pheromone bottles, and the cross fire is right in your face. You see Shelly's legs rubbing together ever so slightly and realize that your own thighs are aching to be touched or to be wrapped around something. You look over at Justin who is talking to Emily, as they both watch the video from the kitchen. He is visibly hard through his swim trunks and his eyes are full of desire. You find yourself thinking back to the moment he appeared at the Jacuzzi while you came. . . you feel your insides tightening up from remembering how wonderful that felt. Your eyes caress his body as he stands there, the smell of the pheromones making you light headed and dreamy. You notice that you are actually sweating from wanting him so bad as your mind goes back over the events in the Jacuzzi. . . how he felt inside. . .how Mike had watched.

You look over at Mike. He looks away from you quickly, he had been staring at you, no doubt undressing you with his eyes, imagining you how he had seen you this morning. His cheeks are red and he too is visibly hard.

Jake and Chelsea have finished with the pheromone bottles, he is watching the movie and she is rummaging through the box again. Someone on the movie comes, she is moaning loud enough to draw your attention to the video, where Emely is being fucked hard from behind by Rick. You notice that your bathing suit is starting to get soaked as you imagine yourself being fucked by Rick like that. Your insides are aching to be filled but can you really do anything about it? What would happen if someone in this group were to masturbate or something?

You look around from face to face, from person to person. There isn't a single person in this room who's eyes aren't radiating desire. Not a pair of nipples aren't hard, and the men keep adjusting themselves.

Your head starts to spin. Your body is so warm, and even tingling now. The room smells like sex, the pheromones making you hornier with every breath you take in. People on the TV are coming, lots of moans of pleasure are filling the air. No one is talking any more, they are just looking lustfully at the screen. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears as you realize this entire room is only a hair's length from erupting into a state of total sex. You watch the screen lustfully watching one of the men caress and grab a girl's breasts. You feel almost high imagining as though that breast was yours.

You can feel your clit throbbing as you try to keep your hands from moving to please it. You are having a hard time keeping your fast, deep, breathing from being obvious. You look at Rick siting across the room from you, he is calm collected, but still visibly bulging in his pants. You see Michel, he is so red, he is looking around the room almost unsure what to do with himself. His desire seems to be bursting at the seems. He looks to the bathroom and you realize he is trying to figure out how to relieve his sexual tension, thinking of retreating to where no one will see him.

You can feel yourself get tighter inside. You know you are wet, your nipples are so hard they hurt. You can feel that tingling coming from your clit every time you try to readjust your legs. Your thighs tingle when they rub together. People are coming on the movie, and you can hardly stand it, each of their moans making you want to moan yourself. You are floating higher and higher into bliss, wanting it more and more. You can hardly sit still anymore. You can feel your hands want to touch down below. You can visibly see the guys trying not to touch themselves.

You almost don't hear Chelsea, "I haven't tried this thing before.' You look over to see her studying the ridiculously complex vibrator. She looks at it and then at the screen then around the room. You can tell she is trying to decide if it is appropriate. You imagine what that would feel like inside. Her eyes catch yours. Someone comes on the video. You take a breath of the pheromone dense air. She licks the vibrator while staring into your eyes. You turn to see Jake, and how hard he is, and then to see his dick on the screen. Your breathing has a mind of it's own. You feel like you are in total bliss. You want to come so bad.

You can hardly stand the sexual tension in this room. You start imagining yourself coming every time someone comes on the screen. You are undressing all the men in the room with your eyes and you can hardly stand the periodic looks that Chelsea is giving you while studying the vibrator. Your insides are . . .too tight. . . breathing. . . your head spinning. . . you feel light headed. . . your eyes defocus. . .you see a dick pounding into someone and imagine it as you, you can practically feel it pounding into you. . . .your mind reels and your head spins. . . the dick slides hard and deep into you. . . you can feel it hitting your G-spot, making you feel like you have . . .to . . .pee. . .but, it. . .feels so. . .good. . . you can feel your insides. . . closing. . . around his hardness. . .you really feel like he . . . is. . .

Suddenly you gasp for air. There is a woosh in your vagina, you can feel liquid pour out. You let out a moan, nearly a stifled scream as your hips move involuntarily on the couch. Your eyes roll back into your head. You can feel yourself open up with all the intensity of sex. Your vision is blurred, you try to focus it, only to see Chelsea's smiling face as she stops holding back. She is staring at you as she slides her shorts out of the way and hungrily slides the vibrator inside of her. You are still pulsing, moaning, only now you are joined by the sound of vibration and her moaning. All of this on top of the action on the screen.

Your eyes manage to focus on Mike, the blond hared teen who watched you the first time, he is touching himself through his pants almost involuntarily as his amazed gaze shifts from you to Chelsea who is now enjoying the full power of the vibrating dildo as she watches the TV.

You can see the levy of desire break in each person's eyes as though your overflow has now spilled into the rest of the room. You watch as Justin reaches over and kisses Emily passionately, one hand sliding up her shirt and the other taking off his swim trunks, you can see the dick that was so recently inside of you taken into her hand.

Someone on the movie is coming as Jake smirks at the scene and pulls out his hardness and starts stroking it. Chelsea screams in delight as Shelley takes off her bathing suit bottoms to touch herself. Rick's eyes are focused on you as he takes off his pants to reveal his massive pornstar manhood. You stare at it, imagining it inside of you while Chelsea moans again from the vibrator, her sounds and Rick's sight mix in your mind. You imagine him inside of you while you scream . . .like. . .her. . .as he fills up your insides. . .your vision blurs again. . . leaving you with the thought of him. . . moving inside you. . . making you . . . your breathing quickens. . .drawing the feeling up into. . .your whole. . .you can't think straight. . . you are. . .

There is another massive release in your vagina and suddenly you are screaming while you feel your bathing suit become soaked. Your skin is hot, your whole body shaking inside. You are in a state of total bliss as your head tilts back and you find yourself removing your cloths frantically. Your eyes roll back into your head again, and close. You are laying back your vagina in the air waiting for anything to fill it's pulsing. Chelsea screams again, you know she is watching you, then you hear her say seductively, "you have to try this thing."

You open your eyes in time to see her dip the vibrator in the special lube and then slide it effortlessly into you. You feel your insides fill with the multidirectional vibration as the lube makes you tingle. Something is going wild on your clit.

You look around the room to see Jake masturbating over you and Chelsea, as Rick begins to eat out Shelly, she is obviously out of her mind, as she has never been through anything like this she is blushing and looking at Rick like he can't possibly be real. You look up to see Justin bend over Emily and lick her from behind as she braces her near naked body against the counter. Michel is now staring at you blatantly jacking off.

The vibrator suddenly fills your vagina with a sensation of waves of climax all headed different directions. Your insides try to close around it only to find that they vibrate even harder. Chelsea looks at you, her eyes full of lust for your body as she pounds the thing into you.

Your insides open up suddenly and you can feel liquid rush. You hear someone screaming, you think it's Shelley, she is joined by Mike, and then involuntarily, by your own voice. One orgasm seems to trigger another and you find yourself coming with them. Your whole body shudders and quakes as electric flows of pleasure course up through your body.

You can't see straight, but you are sure that Jake is putting lube on his dick. Suddenly you feel him shove into your ass, his strong hands gripping your hips as your legs rise onto his chest. Chelsea climbs on top of you so that her wet pussy sits only inches from your face as she keeps the vibrator inside your vagina.

There is a mix of sensations, your vagina vibrating all over and his dick in your ass pounding pleasure deep into your insides.

You feel your ass tighten around him as your pussy pulses around the vibrator. You can't even tell where you are coming from as both your pussy and your ass seem to clench around the pleasure inside. You find yourself licking Chelsea's clit as she vibrates your insides to heaven. You grab onto her ass for dear life as you reach your climax and feel everything inside explode. Your screaming seems to set off other people's screaming, you can't even see who, but you can hear them, their sounds surrounding you, filling your ears with the same pleasure that is rippling through your lower regions.

You realize that one of the people coming is Chelsea as you see her pussy pulse from your tongue, you notice that another is Jake as his dick pulses in you and lets loose cum all over your ass. You seem to be coming for an eternity. Your eyes are so defocused that you can't even tell at first where Chelsea's warm body or Jake's dick have gone. You sit up to find Chelsea staring at you as Jake eats her out. You realize that your coming has actually pushed the vibrator out of you and it sits dancing in your juices on the floor.

You look around the room: Mike is staring at you still, jacking off like a mad man, he has obviously already came, but he seems to be trying for another. Shelly has completely surrendered to Rick, her eyes staring into space as she moans from his massive manhood pounding into her. Her breasts bouncing from the force of his thrusts.

Justin is laying on the kitchen floor, Emily siting on his face as his dick sits erect with nothing over it. You find yourself climbing over the couch, naked and filled with the lust of the room. As you walk your wetness drips between your legs. You can see Emily's body rocked by her orgasm and you almost have one in response. You climb onto Justin's erect dick and slide it into your pussy as Emily turns around to face you.

She grabs your breasts with the perfect touch only a porn star could know as Justin's dick fills your insides. You are rocking back and forth on him violently as his hands and Emily's hands move over your entire body. You look into her eyes. . .your mouth opens with hers. . .you can feel every movement his dick makes inside of you. People come in the background, as the sounds of sex fill the air everywhere. . .your insides clench. . . Emily gasps for air from Justin's tongue. . . you can't seem to move. . .your back arches. . breathing quckens. . .you see Emily's absolute pleasure in her eyes. . .you know yours look the same. . .you are screaming with the others. . .and you nearly fall off of him as your orgasm shakes your entire body. Your eyes go black around the edges.

You can't think straight for a second and when you come to your senses you are kissing Emily's breasts as your hips rock insanely on Justin's cock. You breath in deeply and as Emily kisses your neck she begins to come again, you notice that Justin has put his fingers inside of her. The sound of her moans right in your ear sends you over again.

You can hear Shelly screaming, "fuck me, oh god, yes, fuck me," a sure sign that all her inhibitions have been completely shattered by this experience. You realise you are screaming similar things as your insides are filled with the pouring out of liquid. You turn your head to see that Chelsea is now riding Mike and he looks as though he is in a combination of utter shock and bliss. She moves on top of him with a speed and grace that is likely beyond anything his imagination ever invented. You gasp for air, your head spinning as you feel as though your body is floating. You can feel yourself pulse around Justin's dick.

Your body nearly goes limp from this climax and you fall onto Justin's body as Emily gets off. You feel your breasts press against his chest as you look into his eyes with a look like you aren't sure you can take more. He smiles and begins moving his hips up and down. Pounding into you at a rapid pace from underneath. Your body sinks into his, your butt raising high into the air as your eyes close, unable to stay open any more.

You kiss his neck as your hands grip onto his muscular arms. Your whole body explodes, you aren't even moving any more, so exhausted, so full of bliss. You can feel his pounding making your breasts press hard against him. You can hardly scream, just breathing as you pulse so completely that you aren't sure where your clit is.

Before you can finish coming you feel a hand on your ass, then a dick, then the force of someone pressing deep inside of you. You know it's Rick, his hardness filling you completely as Justin keeps pounding you from underneath. Then you feel a presence and barely manage to open your eyes, you see Jake smirk and then his hard dick in your face. You take it into your mouth as you are fucked from all sides.

You manage to keep your eyes open long enough to see that everyone else is masturbating to the sight of you. You come immediately from the sight and can't keep your eyes open.

Your entire world is consumed by the pounding into you. You aren't sure when one climax ends and one begins. The dick in your pussy makes you feel full inside, tight, tingly, like you have to pee. It moves in and out making your body shake with every thrust. Moving at different times your ass seems to be pulsing with pleasure as though you had two vaginas. Your ass clenches as though you may push him out and it feels as though your ass it's self is coming. The dick in your mouth only makes each breath full of the idea of pleasure.

All three places move with a power of their own. Each one setting of an orgasm that seems to flow to the other places. Your body is covered in hands. Your insides pulse. . .pulse. . .pulse. . .every breath. . . full of pleasure. You are screaming, shaking, pulsing, and you can't control your body. It is totally in the control of the pleasure and the men pounding that pleasure into you.

Suddenly you can hear all three men moan. You can feel Justin pulsing inside of you as you feel his warm liquid pour into you. Rick is pulsing in your ass as the same warm liquid fills you there, you can feel Jake's come in your mouth as every part of your body quivers in a massive full body orgasm. You can hear many people coming. You feel yourself loosing consciousness, floating into the complete bliss as though it were an ocean you could swim in. Your body convulses and all you can feel is the rippling of an orgasm everywhere.

You collapse onto Justin's body and you get the sense of people getting dressed. You are floating in such a state that you couldn't care if the world ended, your body a temple of pure bliss. You can feel Justin carry you to the bed and set you there gently. There are "good nights" said and as you lay naked in the moonlight Justin massages your still tingling body, as you feel like you are on some sort of drug.

"Sleep now, and tomorrow, we will see what happens," he whispers softly, his voice echoing in your mind and making your body tingle.

You drift off to sleep in total bliss cuddling with him as he massages you, wondering what might await you tomorrow.

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