Chance Happenings III

You awake from the warmth of the sun streaming in through the hotel window. It warms your naked body as you lay there, content not to move for quite some time. As you open your eyes and roll over to where Justin should be you find him missing, but in his place is a single red rose lies on his pillow.

You smile and stretch, the sun on your skin making you wonder if you really do want to get up at all this morning. You look at the clock. Ok, so it isn't morning anymore, it's 12:30. You lay out, letting the sun from the window warm your soft skin as you smell the red rose. You sigh and get out of bed, still smelling the rose as you drape a sheet around you for warmth.

You open the double doors into the living area of the hotel suit, and you see Justin cooking, wearing nothing but an apron. He smiles and sets a plate on the table for you. "Good morning." He says, "Sleep well?"

"Yes, very well," You say sliding into the chair at the table. He sets a plate for him across from you and removes the apron. He sits down fully naked and pours you a glass of orange juice. You catch yourself looking at his naked body and remembering the events of the last two days, your nipples get hard and you let the sheet fall off of your breasts. You watch his eyes look at your exposed chest hungrily. "The video shoot has been moved to tomorrow," he says, "something about some of the camera equipment being broken during transport to the island, so we have the day together. So if you are interested, I booked us on a little cruise around the island and we have dinner reservations at a nice restaurant that overlooks the ocean."

He smiles, the breakfast is good, and you two spend the next 10 min eating while glancing at each other's naked bodies, a hunger for something other then food slowly building in both of you. You can feel your pussy lips become sticky as you shift a little in your chair. You can feel them getting swollen as he looks at your body, and then your eyes, seductively. He finishes before you do and while you finish your food he walks over to your chair and slips under the table. You smile as he tickles your inner thighs with his tongue and the food slowly becomes less interesting.

He caresses your stomach and the lower halves of your breasts with his fingers, making your body tingle. Your hips shift in your chair, trying to bring his tongue to your swollen clit. Your insides pulse ever so slightly as he licks around your vagina, but refuses to touch the parts you are now desperately wanting touched. You lean back in the chair, abandoning the rest of breakfast for the hunger that now screams in your lower regions.

He looks up at you and smiles, then licks the spot between your ass and the bottom of your vagina. He takes his fingers and spreads your lips open and then slowly, ever so slowly, begins to lick from there towards your clit.

You can feel the soft wetness of his tongue on the bottoms of your inner lips, and then the middle, teasing your pulsing insides which now ache to be filled. He licks so softly inside, his touch lingering long after he has moved to a different area. And then, he takes his fingers and touches right above your clit, sliding the skin up ever so slightly to reveal it's swollen head.

He breathes softly on your sensitive flesh and then licks it once, quickly and lightly. A shiver runs through your body. He does it again, this time a little longer. A tingle shoots up your back and neck. Then, without warning he begins licking circles on your clit as fast as he can. You can feel the tickle building unbearably as you begin to squirm in the chair. Your breathing quickens and your insides tighten. You grab his hair as he grabs your butt and pulls his face closer to you, licking you. Your eyes roll back into your head and you moan as your insides tense and release, letting loose your climax. He stops, and gets up, kissing your chest, and then your forehead. "More later," he says, "We can't miss the boat."

He walks to the bedroom as you sit dizzily in the chair wanting more. You catch yourself thinking, "he can't just leave me here after only one!" your hunger for penetration maddening. He comes back into the room wearing his bathing suit and carrying yours. You can see he is still hard through his shorts. He hands you your bathing suit and begins helping you put it on. As he does, every touch, every brush against your sensitive skin, makes you tingle. You think about simply seducing him and forgetting about the cruise, but you decide to see where this is going and as he leads you into the hallway of the hotel you realize that you are going to be wanting him for the rest of the day because of that little tease in the hotel.

He drives you to a dock, all the time in the car the vibrations of driving making your already tight stomach tingle inside. You talk to him about things, life in general, stories of childhood, stories about work, friends, sex, life all the while every so often noticing his body, and watching him notice yours.

The boat is a sail boat, and the two of you lay out on the deck, letting the wind, the sun, and sea spray caress your bodies as you watch the shores of beautiful Hawaii pass by. The gentle swaying of the ocean rocks you gently as a mother rocks a child. Both of you lay leisurely out in the sun, letting the time slide by.

He holds you and cuddles with you as the sun sets over the ocean, keeping your warm with his own body, kissing you ever so softly on the neck and cheek as his hands come dangerously close to your breasts, and caress your stomach dangerously close to your clit, but never seem to reach them. As the sun sets with you in his arms you are wondering if you even want to bother with dinner, you want to find a place where he can move his hands to where you and he obviously both want them.

You disembark onto the shore and back into the car and he takes you to a seaside restaurant where they allow people in swimwear. You realize that you are actually hungry again, as you smell the food. You also notice that there is a band of some sort playing, they seem to drift back and forth between a nice Jazz, a lively Swing, and some soft background music.

You order food and as you eat you two talk about many things. Then as he is talking about California and what living there is like, he stops confusedly in mid sentence.

"I'm sorry, I seem to have completely lost my concentration." He says looking into your eyes, "Your beauty is intoxicating, it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else," He smiles, softly and blushes a little. "You want to dance?" He says.

He takes you out onto the floor in front of the band, and begins to teach you how to swing dance. Apparently he has been doing this for over a decade. By the end of the night he is flipping you in mid song, his strong signals for what he wants you to do leaving no question as to where you should go. You nearly forget about everything else in the world for a while as you dance with him. Hugging one and other closely as the songs are slow, and swinging as they are fast.

You find yourself walking from the car back to the room in the moonlight, holding him closely because you want to be near him in the warm Hawaiian breeze. You are dreamy, and thinking both of the desire to have sex and the fun you have had otherwise. He opens the door for you and lets you go into the room, the same moonlight that last night poured through the window, now does again. And as he walks you towards the bedroom in the dark you can see the sliver waves of the ocean crashing under the moon.

You notice light coming from between the double doors and as he opens them you find yourself surrounded by roses and lit candles. There are dozens upon dozens of them as well as rose petals covering the bed. He picks you up and sets you softly on the bed kissing you as you fall into the combination of moon and candle light.

He slowly takes your cloths off, and then his own, as the two of you kiss for quite some time. You can feel with every breath of sweet air your stomach becomes tighter, the familiar feeling of wetness beginning to form between your legs. His lips and yours meet in embrace after embrace, tingling with passion as you have trouble balancing your desireful breathing with the thirst for his lips.

He backs away from you for a short second, grabbing a nearby rose. You find yourself thinking of all the movies that this has happened in as he takes the roses soft blossom and caresses your cheek with it, it's velvety petals making your skin tingle. He slowly caresses from your cheek to your neck, to the tips of one of your erect nipples. Your body shudders, shakes inside as your want for him makes your head spin.

You go to reach out for him, to grab him, but he whispers softly, "no touching until I say." Your head spins, as you bite your lip and shift your legs to try and relieve some of the tension between your thighs. As you do you notice that your wetness is nearly dripping from you. You find your fingers caressing your color bone, wanting to grab your breasts, but you hold them back as he smiles, caressing slowly down your stomach with the rose.

As he reaches your belly button you find your back arching, trying to make the touch of the rose somehow be more solid so that it won't tingle so much. You watch your breasts moving up and down with your breathing as your mouth opens to let out a little gasp of air. He drags the velvet of the rose petals across your sensitive hip bone and then to your inner thigh. Your hips begin humping the air, trying to give the tightness inside something to press against. Your breathing quickens as you start getting light headed.

He looks into your eyes, taking the rose around your vagina, but once again, just teasing. As your vision blurs your eyes roll back into your head, your back arching and your legs tensing. All of your skin seems to tingle as he brushes the rose softly across your clit and you come instantly.

You grab onto the bed sheets, trying to find something to hold as you feel yourself pulse liquid out from inside. Your hips move wildly as you can't control your body's movements.

You can't stand it any more, and you grab your breasts and press them together, you have to be touched. You look into his eyes as he picks up a piece of ice from the ice bucket you filled the other night, which has been set next to the bed. He sticks the piece of ice in his mouth, and as you hold your breasts tightly he kisses your clit. The cold makes you tingle suddenly inside, shiver, and tighten. You get goose bumps all over your body, and as his tongue slides the nearly melted ice cube into your slit.

You feel your lips try to close on the coldness as he licks your clit and suddenly you are coming again, the shivers turn into pulses and the warmth gushing from inside feels hot in comparison to the ice. Your whole body tingles, the Goosebumps turning into shivers of pleasure as you kneed your breasts and moan loudly. Your eyes close on their own and you are filled with the rippling of bliss.

Before you can come to your senses, as your body still tingles from the orgasm and as your eyes remain closed, you feel him kissing up your pulsing stomach. He wraps his arms around your waist and you find yourself grinding your clit against his chest and running your fingers through his hair. Your pulsing insides ache to be filled as he kisses your erect nipples softly, looking into your eyes with his own blue spheres.

He smiles and then lifts you gently with his hands and flips you onto your stomach, he kisses your back softly and then your butt, which rises in the air to meet the touch of his lips. Then he licks between your legs all the way through to your throbbing vagina. Your back arches and your butt moves higher into the air to let anything at all inside.

The rose petals rub softly against your breasts as your body moves, begging him to come inside. Then, suddenly you can't feel his tongue, or any part of him, you begin to turn to look back as he grabs your hips and shoves deep into you from behind, pushing you open inside.

He thrusts deep and hard as you scream and grab onto the bed. He lays on top of you, pressing your whole body against the rose petal covered mattress. You feel your breasts rubbing wonderfully against those petals as he moves in and out of you. You quickly realize that you can bring your legs closer together, closing your lips tight around his thrusting cock. You tighten your legs, your butt moves up into the air and your back arches as your moaning becomes a screaming..

He doesn't stop thrusting like this and as you start drifting into bliss you come again, this time with him. He is thrusting wildly into you from behind, pressing your body hard against the softness of the mattress. Your pulsing is met with the pulsing of his dick inside of you. You can hear him scream as you melt into rose petals, moaning in time with him.

You feel your body relax, dreamy in the mixture of the candles and the moonlight. He lays atop you and you can feel your breathing and his moving in time, both of your bodies hot from their activity. He pulls out and begins massaging your back.

He does this for about 10 minutes, moving from your back to your neck to your legs and butt. Playing softly with your hair. Blowing softly on your skin. Kissing your back periodically. Your whole body starts to tingle, almost if it isn't sure to be relaxed or sexually aroused. He kisses your ear, then caresses all the way down your back.

Then, slowly spreading your legs he massages your inner thighs and your butt. He kisses along your inner thighs, and then softly slides his tongue into your slit again. He slides it slowly in and out and your insides fill with warmth. Your body, not yet done with the feelings from your last orgasm tingles softly. He slowly turns you over and rubs your breasts, then licks the nipples again, your body completely surrenders to his touch as he pulls you to the edge of the bed with his strong arms.

You are so relaxed from the massage that you are barely moving, but you are so horny from what has already happened and the way his muscles ripple in the candle light that your breathing moves rapidly through your tensionless body. He puts your feet over his shoulders and then, holding his dick in his hands rubs it softly on your clit, it's swollen purple head making you tickle and tingle. He smiles at you as your relaxed body begins to shake and move.

He takes his cock and rests it softly at the entrance to your vagina, and then places his fingers on your clit and rubs in fast but smooth circles across it. Your relaxed body seems to relax even more as your insides seem to tense up, your eyes loose focus, and your mouth opens to breathe.

You can feel your hips rocking gently, trying to grind your clit harder against his fingers, as your relaxed, hot body seems to drift into a dreamy state of ecstasy. Your pulsing begins to fill your body from below as he whispers, "come for me baby."

You can feel your back arch and your butt slide back and forth on the rose petals. Your body seems to relax into an orgasm, your eyes going black around the edges. You only barely notice that your breathing has become so quick and shallow that you are making soft, short , high pitched moans in response. As you climax he grabs your legs and thrusts deep into you with your feet on his shoulders.

You can feel him press your pulsing insides open and your orgasm intensifies. You can hardly breathe as your body becomes waves of pleasure. He moves in and out, rapidly, hard and fast. And you begin to be unsure of where one orgasm ends and the next begins. His hands grip you tightly, puling your hips towards him and then letting them slide back, only to thrust in again.

You can feel his hardness moving inside of you. Pressing open your lips, pressing open your deep insides, pressing on the sensitive top of your inner vagina. You can feel his balls slapping your ass as he shoves in as hard and fast as his muscles will allow.

You can feel every thrust in met with a pulsing inside, your insides tingling, accepting him into you, and then closing as he pulls out, only to be pressed open again nearly immediately by his thrusting. Your eyes manage to open for a second only to see his eyes staring deep into yours. Your back seems to be arching constantly now, trying to contain the pulsing inside. You aren't sure how many times you come, and you don't know if you care as you reach that state of bliss.

You aren't sure how long he keeps at this. As you come you find your eyes focus on a rose, and then defocus from a climax, they focus on a candle, and then close from the pleasure coursing through your body. Every thing in the world seems to be part of this wonderful feeling, and you feel somehow happy as he pounds this feeling into you.

Your notice the double doors open, and through them you can see yourself being taken by three men on the border between the kitchen and the living room. Your memories almost seem to mix with reality as your vision is blurred again. You can see him eating you out at breakfast as your insides explode and cover his dick in liquid.

He starts to come and you notice you can't even scream any more as he moans loud enough for the both of you. Your battered insides climax again, around him and both of your juices release simultaneously.

He pulls out slowly, and lays next to you, caressing your skin softly. He covers you in the sheets and lays next to you spooning with you as you fall asleep in the moon and candle light as the warm hawaiian breeze moves through the window and out over the restless, silver ocean waves.

Chance Happenings IV

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