It'd been a long day at work. I was so tired I just wanted to crawl in to my bed and take a nap. However, I promised my best friend in the whole world Jana that I'd go do something with her tonight. I know I could cancel but something's really been on her mind of late & she's probably ready to talk about it.

I hear the rapping, followed by "where are you hiding" and a chuckle. She walks in to my bedroom. We're such good friends I think nothing of being nude in front of her. I know what's coming next - it's a standing joke between us & sure enough - she sighs and says, "wish my tits looked like yours". I say, "Oh Yea, Lil' Miss 36 full C, never has to wear a bra". We both end up laughing and hugging each other. Then she slaps my ass and say move it. She goes in to the kitchen to finish putting stuff in our picnic basket, while I get dressed in loose shorts and a tee. I pack the beach bag and we head for the car.

We drive to the beach and find our favorite hidden cove in time and set up the blanket and open the wine before the sun sets. It's our favorite time of evening sitting quietly watching as the sun sets over the water in beautiful hues of pink, purple, orange, & blue.

We sit sipping our wine, enjoying the peace that comes from companionable silence. The waves lull our minds, as the cares of our hectic worlds are carried out to the sea. She sighs wistfully. I slide around so that she is between my legs as I start to massage her shoulders and neck, trying to comfort and ease her stress until she is ready to talk. I pull out the lotion as she takes off her top. I begin to spread the lotion across her upper back, shoulders, and neck. Right as I get to the top of her shoulders something weird happens.

She leaned back to give me a drink of her wine as my hands were on the top of her shoulders. The wine spilt down, my chin. She leans her head back and licks it off my chin and lips, which caused my hands to slip down over her bare breasts. We both kinda gasp at the shock of what happened, holding still as statues. We've never gone this far with each other. She smiles and lets out a half moan, telling me what great hands I have. Then continues to lick and kiss on my lips and chin. Her nipples harden under my touch and I make little circles around them with my slippery fingers.

Her head leans back against my chest and my own nipples harden against her back. I feel the warmth start to spread across my body and down my arms. As I massage her breasts touching her in the way I like to be touched. I feel the same tingling in my own nipples. The heat starts to radiate down to the center of my stomach, as I tweak her nipples between my finger and thumb. She puts her hands over mine and we massage her breasts together. Our breathing as quickened.

She starts kissing me darting her tongue between my lips - nibbling on my full bottom lip. We then start french kissing, our tongues twirling and dancing together. She starts fondling my breasts over my shirt and then slides her hand underneath. I can feel the heat from her hands add to the heat of my body. She reaches behind me hugging me tight as we kiss and unsnaps my bra. She stops kissing me as she quickly pulls my shirt & bra together over my head. Tossing them in the sand.

We both start fondling and licking and kissing each other every where we can reach. She bends her head down and sucks one of my nipples full in her mouth. We both moan out loud, not caring if we are heard. She moves down my body, her lips feel like fire as they move down my skin that has been cooled by the wind. My nipples get even harder as the wind caresses my nipples like the breath of a lover. Her finger finds my outer lips and teases them before she finds my clit and starts flicking it with her nail. I moan out loud as the spasms start building inside of me tightening my muscles. Her mouth then moves to replace her fingers as she first kisses then starts licking my clit - sending me over the edge. My body arches against her mouth and I feel like I'm never going to stop cumming as she continues to finger and lick me. She then moves back up my body, laying on top of me and kisses me full on the mouth so I can taste myself on her lips.

I roll her over and do the exact same thing to her that she did to me. As I reach her belly button though I flick my tongue inside and her body arches against me. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and then slowly lick from the bottom to the top - flicking the tip of my tongue against her clit, before sucking it in to my mouth. I then slipped my fingers in to her damp pussy, moving in and out slowly in time with my tongue flicking across her clit. She was wriggling around and I gently nipped her clit with my teeth, as I pushed my fingers deep inside moving them slightly apart. This caused her to scream as her body arched against mine and her sweet juices filled my mouth, dribbling down my chin.

Her hands were still gripping my hair as she pulled me back up towards her mouth. We were both breathing hard and couldn't wait to taste each other's juices. As our tongues moved around, we each took turns sucking on each others tongues, tasting the mingling nectars of our juices.

We are fondling each other enjoying the after effects of our mutual orgasms, feeling as one person when suddenly we hear a throat clearing and a deep masculine voice exclaiming, "Well, Well, just what do you young ladies think you are doing?". We both jump apart and turn towards that voice together. We didn't realize it, until we saw the look on his face, but we must have been looking at him with such hunger in our eyes that he had to have think he was gonna be dinner. Then the fact that he was wearing a uniform, registered to us both and together we let out a throaty groan. He said, "I'm going to have to take you both in for public nudity and lude behavior". We were both feeling apprehensive and had started to blush. We both looked at each other with and mouthed "oh no, what's gonna happen to us?"

Ocean Lovers 2

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