With authority in his voice, he told us to stand up. We both did on trembly legs, as he quickly looked us up and down. He laughed and said, "obviously you don't have any concealed weapons.". He had us pick up our clothes and hand them to him. He then handcuffed us together and made us walk in front of him to the beach station. Thankfully at this time of night it was deserted, or we would have been really embarrassed. It was bad enough walking nude in front of him. Our swollen clits and the excitement of being caught had us both cringing as we walked. Our swollen clits, being caressed by our lips, was causing another orgasm to build up with each step.

Officer Rob, smiled at the two women walking nude in front of him. He watched as their asses swayed. Knowing full well that each step in the sand was causing their clits to be rubbed. Their excitement was obvious as the wind carried the musky scent of them back to him. He was so hard himself by the time he told them to open the door to the station he didn't know if he'd be able to contain himself.

Once inside he laid their clothes down on a table. Grabbed a clipboard and asked for their first names. Pointing at me - he said you first. I told him my name was Gin. He then asked for the usual information, date of birth, etc. My voice was shaky but I answered all his questions. I was so turned on still it was hard to not squirm under his direct stare. He then turned to Jana and I could tell he had the same effect on her. It was like our awareness of each other was heightened to a new level. I knew how turned on she was and she seemed to know the same about me. This alone made us both grow wetter.

He then came up behind us and said now I'm going to frisk you, don't move. Jana watched as his hands skimmed down my side, sliding down the sides of my breasts caused my body to react in an obvious state of arousal. He then leaned down and ran his hands down my short legs and up the inside of them. I swear my pussy moved towards his hands begging him to touch it. His hands stopped just below the fullness of my vaginal lips though. I'm not sure if I groaned out loud or just thought it. I could hear Jana's breathing had picked up. Her eyes were big as he did the same to her. I felt juices run down my leg as his hands came up the inside of her longer legs. Again he stopped just before he reached the private lips. This time I did moan out loud and so did Jana. He asked if he removed the handcuffs would we be good. We both looked at each other and smiled as we said, "Yes Sir, we'll be very good".

Whether it was the look in our eyes or what, we may never know. The next thing we heard was him saying, "maybe you should show me how good" as he winked. We both moaned and literally threw ourselves against him. He french kissed both of us as our hands roamed over his body, both of us reaching his hard cock at the same time. We both caressed him through his pants, feeling the throbbing heat of his cock. He stepped away from us and the air instantly felt cooler against our over heated skin. He undressed quickly and we just stared hungrily at his arousal. He stepped back toward us putting an arm around each of us. We kissed his face, jaw, down his neck. It was like we were working as one.

We both kissed our way down his body, stopping to lick and suck on his nipple, then working our way down his rippled abs. We both reached his cock at the same time. With one hand on his thighs, caressing up to his tight ass and back down, we licked up and down his shaft letting our tongues meet.

As we pulled back we kissed each other, using the hand that wasn't on his body to touch each other. I started sucking on him first, then Jana, he looked down in amazement. He couldn't believe that these two women were working as one, as soon as one hot mouth would leave his cock the other would be sliding over it, so that not one stroke was missed. The thought of two women was enough to make him cum, but two women who were holding each other while sucking him was enough to make his balls tighten. He wanted to hold out as long as he could though. He watched the blonde bob her head up and down her perky tits barely moving and then the red head with her big tits bouncing up and down.

Jana and I were both breathing hard and getting wetter as we sucked this hard cock almost in unison. Every time she had him in her mouth I could feel him throbbing against my tongue. While she sucked him I reached over and sucked her nipple in to my mouth. Then I lifted up my head and started sucking on his hard cock as her mouth came off. She sucked my nipple as I sucked him. We both felt his legs stiffen at the same time. While I sucked him deep in to my mouth, Jana sucked my nipple deep in to hers. I reached down and pulled on her nipple. After a few more of my expert strokes and me milking his cock with my mouth he came in a gush. I let the steamy hot cream fill my mouth swallowing several times as he filled my mouth. I was on a mission to suck every last drop from him. Finally he started to go limp in my mouth. I let go of him and with a grin - turned to Jana and started kissing her so she could taste the sweet saltiness of his cum. We started fondling each other as we kissed. He sat back and watched us as we stopped kissing to move in to a 69 position. We both licked and sucked as if we were dying of thirst. Lapping up each others juices - sucking on the others clit. We were moving together in unison, licking and nibbling at the same time as if we had the same mind. Eventually our bodies arched against each other as we came hard. My juices seemed to gush out as hers seemed to just slowly flow out like warm honey. When we got up Officer Rob was hard again and his dick lurched at the site of our lips and chins wet with our juices. We crawled over to him and he took his time licking the juices off our lips and chins.

Ocean Lovers 3

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